The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Console Codes Commands List Guide (2023)

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This is a Console Codes List Guide for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Console Codes Commands List Guide (1)

How To Use Cheat Codes

To use cheat codes from the developers console command you must –

Press the tilde ~ key

In the upper left hand corner of the keyboard.

The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Console Codes Commands List Guide (2)
The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Console Codes Commands List Guide (3)

To use a code such as “kill” you need to get close to the NPC you want dead then press ~ tild key, then mouse click the NPC & type “kill” and then hit enter for it to die.

Be sure to test this one on a guard or something to make sure you know how to do it. Then move on to other cheats.

The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Console Codes Commands List Guide (4)

WARNING: Make a save before using any commands and keep that save. It’s
possible that commands create a glitch for later down the road. You just never know.

The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Console Codes Commands List Guide (5)

Best Cheats

Get all the spells:


*NOTE: Yes, every spell, so anything in the Isles or from Knights if you have
those expansions.*

Spell Making screen:


Enchanting screen:



setpcfame [number]


setpcinfamy [number]


(click on target with mouse) kill

Revive NPC:

(click on target with mouse) resurrect

Unlock chest/door:

(click on target with mouse) unlock

Close Oblivion Gate:

(get in an oblivion gate) CloseCurrentOblivionGate

Change appearance (save before just in case):


Remove Bounty:

player.setcrimegold 0 (or) player.payfine

(Video) Oblivion Best Console Command Cheats ALL WEAPONS/ARMOR/EVERYTHING Tutorial

*NOTE: Replace the 0 with a number to give yourself a bounty.*

Full Health:


Acts like a full heal. Useful when you’re about to die, or an ally is, and you don’t have any spells or potions to heal with. Will only work with later updates.

Set Level:

player.setlevel [1-255]

Add points to stat:

player.setav [stat] [number]

NOTE: I think 244 is the limit. Try acrobatics to add some fun.

NOTE: a “stat” is either an attribute or a skill. You could modify your luck,health, speed.

Add Gold:

player.additem 0000000f “999”

Add 100 Lockpicks:

player.additem 0000000a “100”

Add a skeleton key:

player.additem 0000000b “1”

Add 100 hammers:

player.additem 0000000c “100”

NOTE: replace the “###” for all four above with whatever if you wish.

Selected Items

For all codes, type: player.additem “##code##” 1

player.additem 00036359 25
Will give you 25 Daedric Boots.

Long List of Codes

Press CTRL + F (or whatever your Find command is) to search for a particular item if you need find something faster in the list below.

Soul Gems Codes

Oblivion Soul Gems Codes

Listed here and on the following pages are the give item soul gems codes for use with the player.additem cheat code.

Azura’s Star – 00000193
Black Soul Gem – 00000192
Black Soul Gem – 000382E0
Black Soul Gem – 0003C7FC
Black Soul Gem – 0001EC14
Colossal Black Soul Gem – 000C6988
Colossal Black Soul Gem – 00015208
Common Soul Gem – 00015B8B
Common Soul Gem – 000382D4
Common Soul Gem – 000382D5
Common Soul Gem – 000382D6
Grand Soul Gem – 00015B8E
Grand Soul Gem – 000382DB
Grand Soul Gem – 000382DC
Grand Soul Gem – 000382DD
Grand Soul Gem – 000382DE
Grand Soul Gem – 000382DF
Greater Soul Gem – 00015B8C
Greater Soul Gem – 000382D7
Greater Soul Gem – 000382D8
Greater Soul Gem – 000382D9
Greater Soul Gem – 000382DA
Lesser Soul Gem – 00023D69
Lesser Soul Gem – 000382D2
Lesser Soul Gem – 000382D3
Petty Soul Gem – 00023D67
Petty Soul Gem – 000382D1

Clothing, Rings, & Amulet Codes Part 1

Listed here and on the following pages are the give item codes (for clothing, rings, and amulets) for use with the player.additem cheat code.

Acrobatics Pants – 00048981
Acrobat’s Amulet – 00098457
Aegis Robe – 0000552C
Ahdarji’s Ring – 00035E95
Amulet of Absorption – 0009843E
Amulet of Axes – 00098453
Amulet of Illusion – 00092AC6
Amulet of Interrogation – 000C04D6
Amulet of Kings – 000250A0
Amulet of Luck – 00091AD5
Amulet of Reflection – 0009845B
Amulet of the Ansei – 00187BBF
Ancotar’s Ring of Protection – 00030135
Apron of Adroitness – 00094ECB
Apron of the Master Artisan – 000CA122
Aqua Silk Hood – 00071022
Aqua Silk Robes – 00071021
Arch-Mage’s Hood – 00064FE0
Arch-Mage’s Robe – 00064FDF
Arnora’s Amulet – 00093551
Arnora’s True Amulet – 00053787
Astia’s Necklace – 000CBD53
Base Amulet of Absorption – 0009843D
Base Amulet of Illusion – 00092AC5
Base Amulet of Luck – 00091AD4
Base Amulet of Reflection – 000937FA
Base Necklace of Mercantile – 00092AAD
Base Necklace of Personality – 00091AD1
Base Necklace of Seawalking – 00098443
Base Necklace of Speechcraft – 00092AB6
Base Necklace of the Sea – 00098440
Base Ring of Acrobatics – 00091C3C
Base Ring of Aegis – 00098437
Base Ring of Agility – 00091AC8
Base Ring of Alchemy – 00092AB9
Base Ring of Alteration – 00092ABC
Base Ring of Athletics – 00091C2A
Base Ring of Blades – 00091C2D
Base Ring of Block – 00091C30
Base Ring of Blunt Force – 00091C33
Base Ring of Brawling – 00091C36
Base Ring of Conjuration – 00092ABF
Base Ring of Destruction – 0009DED3
Base Ring of Detect Life – 00091AB6
Base Ring of Endurance – 00091ACE
Base Ring of Feather – 00091AB9
Base Ring of Fire Shield – 00091ABD
Base Ring of Firewalking – 00098419
Base Ring of Fortitude – 0009845D
Base Ring of Freedom – 00098425
Base Ring of Frost Shield – 000937EF
Base Ring of Health – 00091C21
Base Ring of Heavy Armor – 00091C39
Base Ring of Intelligence – 00091AC2
Base Ring of Light – 000937F2
Base Ring of Light Armor – 00091C3F
Base Ring of Magicka – 00091C24
Base Ring of Mysticism – 00092AC8
Base Ring of Nighteye – 000937F5
Base Ring of Nihilism – 0009841F
Base Ring of Restoration – 00092ACB
Base Ring of Retribution – 00091AAF
Base Ring of Security – 00092AB0
Base Ring of Shadows – 00091AAE
Base Ring of Shock Shield – 0009843A
Base Ring of Sneak – 00092AB3
Base Ring of Speed – 00091ACB
Base Ring of Steelskin – 00098422
Base Ring of Storms – 0009842B
Base Ring of Strength – 00091ABF
Base Ring of the Archer – 00092AAA
Base Ring of the Armorer – 00091C27
Base Ring of the North – 0009841C
Base Ring of the Viper – 00098428
Base Ring of Vigor – 00091AD7
Base Ring of Willpower – 00091AC5
Beggar’s Shirt – 00064F7E
Belted Braies – 0002B90B
Belted Vest – 0002B90C
Black & Burgundy Outfit – 0001C887
Black Band – 0002FF34
Black Hand Hood – 000651D3
Black Hand Robe – 000651D2
Black Hood – 00064FE3
Black Robe – 00064FE2
Black Wide Pants – 00064F7B
Blackheart’s Ring – 0002C633
Blacksmith’s Apron – 000229A6
Blacksmith’s Pants – 000229A7
Blackwood Ring of Silence – 00098175
Blue & Green Outfit – 0001C884
Blue Collar Shirt – 0000C59E
Blue Silk Shirt – 00064FE5
Blue Silks – 00064FE4
Blue Suede Shoes – 0002319E
Blue Velvet Outfit – 0002319D
Boots of Springheel Jak – 000148D4
Braided Leather Sandals – 0002B90D
Brass Pearl Ring – 00038017
Brass Ring – 00038011
Brass Topaz Ring – 00038018
Breeches – 00028587
Bronze Amulet – 0003802D
Bronze Necklace – 00038027
Brown Shirt – 000229AD
Buckled Shoes – 00028733
Burgundy Linen Shirt – 00000B86
Burgundy Linens – 0001047C
Burlap Vest – 0002C0F8
Chameleon Robe – 0000844D
Child Overalls – 000CAAA1
Circlet of Omnipotence – 00088FED
Clogs – 0002858E
Coarse Linen Shirt – 0001C82E
Coarse Linens – 0001C82C
Collared Shirt – 00028732
Colovian Signet Ring – 00032DA0
Copper Amulet – 0003802E
Copper Necklace – 00038028
Copper Pearl Ring – 00038019
Copper Ring – 00038012
Copper Ruby Ring – 0003801B
Copper Topaz Ring – 0003801A
Councilor’s Hood – 000CA12C
Cowl of the Druid – 000CA121
Cruelty’s Heart – 000347E3
Dark Green Shirt – 000229AA
Dark Shirt – 00064F7D
Doeskin Shoes – 0001C883
Draconian Madstone – 0007304D
Draconian Madstone – 0001C172
Dreamworld Amulet – 00089008
Dreamworld Amulet – 0002CDC6
Ebony Diamond Ring – 00038026
Ebony Emerald Ring – 00038025
Ebony Ring – 00038016
Elemental Ring – 00098450
Emperor’s Robe – 00023D33
Emperor’s Robe – 0000BC2D
Emperor’s Shoes – 00023D53
Ernest’s Best Shirt – 00064F76
Ernest’s Fancy Pants – 000CBD37
Ernest’s Shoes – 000CBD39
Eye of Sithis – 00082DE0
Feather Shoes – 00048991
Fishing Waders – 0002ECAC
Flame Ring – 0009844C
Flax Tunic – 0002C0FA
Forester’s Shirt – 00064F79
Fortify Fatigue Pants – 00048992
Fortify Magicka Pants – 0000552D
Frost Ring – 0009844D
Gold Amulet – 00038031
Gold Diamond Ring – 00038024
Gold Emerald Ring – 00038023
Gold Necklace – 0003802B
Gold Ring – 00038015
Gold Sapphire Ring – 00038022
Gold Trimmed Shoes – 0001C888
Grand Amulet of Absorption – 0009843F
Grand Amulet of Illusion – 00092AC7
Grand Amulet of Luck – 00091AD6
Grand Amulet of Reflection – 0009845C
Grand Necklace of Mercantile – 00092AAF
Grand Necklace of Personality – 00091AD3
Grand Necklace of Seawalking – 00098445
Grand Necklace of Speechcraft – 00092AB8
Grand Necklace of the Sea – 00098441
Grand Ring of Acrobatics – 00091C3E
Grand Ring of Aegis – 00098439
Grand Ring of Agility – 00091ACA
Grand Ring of Alchemy – 00092ABB
Grand Ring of Alteration – 00092ABE
Grand Ring of Athletics – 00091C2C
Grand Ring of Blades – 00091C2F
Grand Ring of Block – 00091C32
Grand Ring of Blunt Force – 00091C35
Grand Ring of Brawling – 00091C38
Grand Ring of Conjuration – 00092AC1
Grand Ring of Destruction – 00092AC4
Grand Ring of Detect Life – 00091AB8
Grand Ring of Endurance – 00091AD0
Grand Ring of Feather – 00091ABB
Grand Ring of Fire Shield – 00091ABE
Grand Ring of Firewalking – 0009841B
Grand Ring of Fortitude – 00098418
Grand Ring of Freedom – 00098427
Grand Ring of Frost Shield – 000937F1
Grand Ring of Health – 00091C23
Grand Ring of Heavy Armor – 00091C3B
Grand Ring of Intelligence – 00091AC4
Grand Ring of Light – 000937F4
Grand Ring of Light Armor – 00091C41
Grand Ring of Magicka – 00091C26
Grand Ring of Mysticism – 00092ACA
Grand Ring of Nighteye – 000937F7
Grand Ring of Nihilism – 00098421
Grand Ring of Restoration – 00092ACD
Grand Ring of Retribution – 000937F9
Grand Ring of Security – 00092AB2
Grand Ring of Shadows – 00091AB2
Grand Ring of Shock Shield – 0009843C
Grand Ring of Sneak – 00092AB5
Grand Ring of Speed – 00091ACD
Grand Ring of Steelskin – 00098424
Grand Ring of Storms – 0009842D
Grand Ring of Strength – 00091AC1
Grand Ring of the Archer – 00092AAC
Grand Ring of the Armorer – 00091C29
Grand Ring of the North – 0009841E
Grand Ring of the Viper – 0009842A
Grand Ring of Vigor – 00091AD9
Grand Ring of Willpower – 00091AC7
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal – 00022E81
Greater Amulet of Interrogation – 000C04D7
Green Brocade Doublet – 000229B0
Green Felt Linens – 00028731
Green Robe – 0007101B
Green Robe Hood – 0007101C
Green Silk Garment – 000229B1
Green Velvet Shoes – 000229B2
Green Wool Shirt – 0002ECB0
Grey Robe – 0012DD1E
Grey Robe Hood – 0012DD1F
Heinrich’s Pants – 000CBD3D
Heinrich’s Shirt – 000CBD3F
Heinrich’s Shoes – 000CBD47
Highwayman’s Shirt – 00064FE6
Hood of the Apprentice – 0006A82D
Huntsman Leather Pants – 00000857
Huntsman Moccasin – 0001C82B
Huntsman Vest – 00000883
Imperial Breeches – 000CA125
Indarys Signet Ring – 000335A8
Jade Amulet – 00189CFE
Jade Amulet – 0003802F
Jade Necklace – 00038029
Jade Ring – 00038013
Jade Ruby Ring – 0003801D
Jade Sapphire Ring – 0003801E
Jade Topaz Ring – 0003801C
Jewel of the Rumare – 000856EF
Jeweled Amulet – 00038032
Jeweled Necklace – 0003802C

Clothing, Rings, & Amulet Codes Part 2

Listed here and on the following pages are the give item codes (for clothing, rings, and amulets) for use with the player.additem cheat code.

King of Worms’ Hood – 001885CC
King of Worms’ Robes – 001885CA
Knights of the Thorn Medallion – 000335A9
Kylius Lonavo’s Ring – 00189181
Laced Leather Pants – 000229AB
Lesser Amulet of Interrogation – 000C04D5
Lesser Chameleon Robe – 00048990
Light Armor Vest – 00048982
Light Brown Linens – 000229AE
Mage’s Hood – 00064FE1
Mage’s Robe – 00064F7F
Manduin’s Amulet – 000347C8
Mankar Camoran’s Robe – 000BE31F
Mantle of the Woodsman – 000CA129
Marksman Quilted Doublet – 00048983
Mercantile Black Outfit – 00048984
Mind and Body Ring – 000366C1
Monk Robe – 0001E7FF
Mundane Amulet – 00038B07
Mundane Ring – 0009844B
Mythic Dawn Hood – 0008D755
Mythic Dawn Robe – 00024DE2
Necklace of Mercantile – 00092AAE
Necklace of Personality – 00091AD2
Necklace of Seawalking – 00098444
Necklace of Speechcraft – 00092AB7
Necklace of Swords – 00098452
Necklace of the Sea – 00098442
Necromancer’s Amulet – 0007BE2B
Necromancer’s Hood – 001885CB
Necromancer’s Robes – 001885C9
Nistor’s Boots – 000CA12B
Oiled Linen Shoes – 0001C82F
Olive Vest – 0002C0F4
Pants – 00000015
Patched Vest – 0002ECAD
Phylactery of Litheness – 000385A0
Pigskin Shoes – 000229AF
Pinarus’ Shirt – 000CBD51
Plaid Shirt – 00064F78
Quilted Doublet – 0001C831
Quilted Shoes – 0001C886
Red Silk Hood – 00071020
Red Silk Robes – 0007101F
Red Velvet Blouse – 00003A94
Red Velvet Garment – 00003A93
Red Velvet Outfit – 000A498E
Resist Cold Pants – 0000844E
Resist Disease Burgundy Linen Shirt – 00048989
Resist Fire Burgundy Linens – 0004898A
Resist Normal Weapons Quilted Doublet – 0004898B
Resist Poison Blue & Green Outfit – 0004898C
Ring of Acrobatics – 00091C3D
Ring of Aegis – 00098438
Ring of Agility – 00091AC9
Ring of Alchemy – 00092ABA
Ring of Alteration – 00092ABD
Ring of Athletics – 00091C2B
Ring of Blades – 00091C2E
Ring of Block – 00091C31
Ring of Blunt Force – 00091C34
Ring of Brawling – 00091C37
Ring of Burden – 0002E5AC
Ring of Conjuration – 00092AC0
Ring of Destruction – 00092AC3
Ring of Detect Life – 00091AB7
Ring of Eidolon’s Edge – 0004F9E5
Ring of Endurance – 00091ACF
Ring of Feather – 00091ABA
Ring of Fire Shield – 00091ABC
Ring of Firewalking – 0009841A
Ring of Fortitude – 00098417
Ring of Freedom – 00098426
Ring of Frost Shield – 000937F0
Ring of Health – 00091C22
Ring of Heavy Armor – 00091C3A
Ring of Intelligence – 00091AC3
Ring of Khajiiti – 00027110
Ring of Light – 000937F3
Ring of Light Armor – 00091C40
Ring of Magicka – 00091C25
Ring of Mysticism – 00092AC9
Ring of Namira – 0001C10A
Ring of Nighteye – 000937F6
Ring of Nihilism – 00098420
Ring of Perfection – 00098446
Ring of Restoration – 00092ACC
Ring of Retribution – 000937F8
Ring of Security – 00092AB1
Ring of Shadows – 00091AB1
Ring of Shock Shield – 0009843B
Ring of Skimming – 00098456
Ring of Sneak – 00092AB4
Ring of Speed – 00091ACC
Ring of Stamina – 00098447
Ring of Steelskin – 00098423
Ring of Storms – 0009842C
Ring of Strength – 00091AC0
Ring of Sunfire – 0001E0FA
Ring of the Archer – 00092AAB
Ring of the Armorer – 00091C28
Ring of the Gray – 0000CCC8
Ring of the Iron Fist – 00098458
Ring of the North – 0009841D
Ring of the Viper – 00098429
Ring of the Vipereye – 0001C4DA
Ring of Thieves – 00098455
Ring of Transmutation – 000CA126
Ring of Treachery – 00098449
Ring of Vigor – 00091AD8
Ring of Vitality – 0009844F
Ring of War – 00098448
Ring of Willpower – 00091AC6
Ring of Wizardry – 0009844A
Ring of Wortcraft – 000CA128
Robe of Creativity – 000CA127
Robe of Defense – 00005529
Robe of Deflection – 00005519
Robe of Glib Tongues – 000478A5
Robe of Protection – 00005527
Robe of the Apprentice – 000C8536
Robe of the Conjurer – 000748AB
Robe of Warding – 0000551C
Rough Leather Shoes – 000229A8
Rugged Pants – 00064F7A
Russet Felt Outfit – 000352BA
Russet Felt Shirt of Blade Turning – 0000844C
Russet Felt Shoes – 000352BB
Sack Cloth Pants – 00027318
Sack Cloth Sandals – 0002731A
Sack Cloth Shirt – 00027319
Security Russet Felt Shirt – 00048985
Shield Ring – 0007B7A6
Shirt – 00000017
Shirt with Suspenders – 00064F77
Shoes – 00000016
Shop Keep’s Shirt – 000CBD33
Short Britches – 00064F7C
Silver Amulet – 00038030
Silver Emerald Ring – 00038021
Silver Necklace – 0003802A
Silver Ring – 0003801F
Silver Ruby Ring – 00038014
Silver Sapphire Ring – 00038020
Sneak Blue Suede Shoes – 00048986
Sorcerer’s Ring – 00098454
Spectre Ring – 000CA12A
Speechcraft Green Brocade Doublet – 00048987
Spelldrinker Amulet – 00095A71
Stitched Green Shirt – 0002C0F6
Stitched Leather Shoes – 000229AC
Storm Ring – 0009844E
Tan Linens – 0001C830
Tan Robe – 00071019
Tan Robe Hood – 0007101A
Tattered Pants – 0003EAAB
Tattered Robe – 0007101D
Tattered Robe Hood – 0007101E
Tattered Shirt – 0003EAAC
The Deceiver’s Finery – 000348A5
Thick Cowhide Shoes – 00000BEA
Ulfgar Family Ring – 0001ECE4
Veil of the Seer – 000CA124
Vest of the Bard – 000CA123
Vest of Warding – 00005530
Waterwalking Gold Trimmed Shoes – 0004898F
Weatherward Circlet – 0006BD75
Wedding Ring – 00022E6D
White Mage’s Robes – 000A498F
White Mage’s Shoes – 000A4990
White Monk Robe – 00071047
Wrist Irons – 000BE335

Spell Codes Part 1

Listed here and on the following pages are the spell codes for use with the player.addspell cheat code.

Absorb Attribute: Agility – 000A936D
Absorb Attribute: Endurance – 000A936E
Absorb Attribute: Intelligence – 000A9788
Absorb Attribute: Luck – 000A9789
Absorb Attribute: Speed – 000A978B
Absorb Attribute: Strength – 000A978C
Absorb Attribute: Willpower – 000A978D
Absorb Fatigue – 000A936B
Absorb Health – 000A9367
Absorb Magicka – 000A936C
Absorb Skill: Acrobatics – 000A978E
Absorb Skill: Alteration – 000A9790
Absorb Skill: Athletics – 000A9792
Absorb Skill: Blade – 000A9793
Absorb Skill: Block – 000A9794
Absorb Skill: Blunt – 000A9795
Absorb Skill: Conjuration – 000A9796
Absorb Skill: Destruction – 000A9797
Absorb Skill: Hand to Hand – 000A9798
Absorb Skill: Heavy Armor – 000A9799
Absorb Skill: Illusion – 000A979A
Absorb Skill: Light Armor – 000A979B
Absorb Skill: Marksman – 000A979C
Absorb Skill: Mercantile – 000A979D
Absorb Skill: Mysticism – 000A979E
Absorb Skill: Restoration – 000A979F
Absorb Skill: Security – 000A97A0
Absorb Skill: Sneak – 000A97A1
Aegis – 000A97AB
Alluring Gaze – 000A97AC
Arctic Blow – 000A97F2
Baronoff’s Bloody Icicle – 0006D67C
Beast of Burden – 000A9803
Beguiling Touch – 000A97AE
Black Winter – 0006D67D
Blazing Spear – 000A97E1
Blizzard – 0003C3D8
Bloodhunt – 0006D680
Bound Boots – 000A97B4
Bound Bow – 000A97B5
Bound Cuirass – 000A97B6
Bound Dagger – 000A97B8
Bound Gauntlets – 000A97BA
Bound Greaves – 000A97B9
Bound Helmet – 000A97B7
Bound Mace – 000A97BB
Bound Shield – 000A97BC
Bound Sword – 000A97BD
Bound War Axe 000A97B3
Buoyancy – 0001FBB4
Burdening Touch – 000A97C1
Burning Touch – 0004C91E
Calming Touch – 000A97CA
Candlelight – 000A9827
Captivate – 0001C4AD
Chameleon – 000A97CB
Cloak – 000A97CD
Cold Touch – 000A97EF
Command Creature – 000A97CE
Command Humanoid – 0003C3F8
Commanding Touch – 000A97D0
Consume Health – 000A9369
Convalescence – 0006D7AF
Corrode Armor – 000A97A3
Corrode Weapon – 000A97A5
Cure Disease – 0003C3FA
Cure Paralysis – 0003C3FB
Cure Poison – 0003C3FC
Curse of Weakness – 000A97D2
Daylight – 000A9829
Deathly Visage – 0006C681
Debilitate – 000A9838
Defend – 000A978A
Detect Pulse – 0006D67F
Devour Health – 000A936A
Dire Enervation – 0003C3F1
Dire Wound – 0004C914
Disintegrate Armor – 000A97A4
Disintegrate Weapon – 000A97A6
Dismiss Undead – 000AA06B
Dispel Other – 0003C3F5
Dominate Creature – 000A97CF
Dominate Humanoid – 0003C3F9
Dominating Touch – 000A97D1
Drain Skill: Alteration – 0003C3E9
Drain Skill: Blade – 0003C3EC
Drain Skill: Conjuration – 0003C3ED
Drain Skill: Destruction – 0003C3E8
Drain Skill: Hand to Hand – 0003C3EA
Drain Skill: Heavy Armor – 0003C3EB
Drain Skill: Restoration – 0003C3EE
Ease Burden – 000A9800
Electric Shell – 000A982A
Electric Touch – 000A97FB
Electrocution – 000A97F9
Encumbering Touch – 000A97C3
Enemies Explode – 00014720
Enthralling Presence – 000A97FF
Entropic Bolt – 000A97B1
Entropic Touch – 000A97D3
Eyes of Eventide – 000A982F
Eyes of Midnight – 000A9830
Fearful Gaze – 000A97D6
Fire Ball – 000A97E7
Fire Shield – 000A9808
Fire Storm – 000A97E8
Flame Shield – 000A9807
Flame Tempest – 000A97E9
Flame Touch – 000A97E4
Flare – 000A97DF
Flash Bolt – 000A97E0
Fortify Agility – 000A9811
Fortify Endurance – 000A9A12
Fortify Fatigue – 0003C405
Fortify Health – 000A9820
Fortify Intelligence – 000A9813
Fortify Luck – 000A9814
Fortify Magicka – 0003C407
Fortify Personality – 000A9815
Fortify Speed – 000A9816
Fortify Strength – 000A9817
Fortify Willpower – 000A9818
Frenzy – 000A9819
Frost Bolt – 000A97EC
Frost Shell – 000A981D
Frost Touch – 000A97F0
Ghostwalk – 000A97BF
Glacial Wall – 000A981F
Grasp of Terror – 000A97D8
Greater Convalescence – 000C7661
Greater Dispel – 000A9832
Greater Dispel Other – 000A9835
Greater Fortify Agility – 000A9809
Greater Fortify Endurance – 000A980A
Greater Fortify Fatigue – 0003C406
Greater Fortify Health – 000A9821
Greater Fortify Intelligence – 000A980B
Greater Fortify Luck – 000A980C
Greater Fortify Magicka – 0003C409
Greater Fortify Personality – 000A980D
Greater Fortify Speed – 000A980E
Greater Fortify Strength – 000A980F
Greater Fortify Willpower – 000A9810
Greater Life Detection – 000A97DA
Greater Magicka Drain – 0003C3E4
Greater Soul Trap – 000AA050
Guard – 000A97A9
Hail Storm – 0003C3D6
Hailstone – 000A97EB
Heal Greater Wounds – 000AA03A
Heal Legendary Wounds – 00083714
Heal Major Wounds – 000A9822
Heal Minor Wounds – 00027442
Heal Superior Wounds – 000AA03B
Heat Blast – 000A97E2
Heat Shell – 000A9806
Heroic Touch – 000AA035
Heroism – 000AA034
Hindering Touch – 000A97C2
Hush – 00027441
Ice Blast – 000A97EE
Ice Bolt – 000A97ED
Ice Shield – 000A981E
Ice Storm – 0003C3D7
Illuminate – 000A319D
Immobilize – 000A9839
Immolating Blast – 000A97E3
Inspiration – 000AA032
Inspiring Touch – 000AA033
Leech Health – 000A9368
Legendary Dispel – 000A9834
Legendary Life Detection – 000A97DE
Legendary Magicka Drain – 0003C3F4
Legendary Soul Trap – 000AA052
Legendary Spell Absorption – 000AA056
Legendary Spell Reflection – 000AA053
Lighten Load – 000A9801
Lightning Ball – 0003C3DA
Lightning Blast – 000A97FD
Lightning Bolt – 000A97F8
Lightning Grasp – 000A97FC
Lightning Shield – 000A982B
Lightning Storm – 0003C3DB
Lightning Surge – 000A97F6
Lightning Wall – 000A982C
Magicka Drain – 0004C90F
Major Dispel – 000A9831
Major Enervation – 0003C3F0
Major Life Detection – 000A97DB
Major Respite – 000A9823
Major Wound – 0004C913
Mesmerizing Grasp – 000A97AF
Minor Dispel – 000A97DC
Minor Enervation – 0003C3EF
Minor Latch Crack – 0001CEED
Minor Life Detection – 0009D1E9
Minor Magic Resistance – 0008D1EA
Minor Respite – 00027443
Minor Wound – 0004C912
Moonlight – 000A9826
Movement Mastery – 000AA067
Mute – 000AA04C
Night Mother’s Caress – 0006D67A
Open Average Lock – 000A9836
Open Easy Lock – 000A9824
Open Hard Lock – 000A9837
Open Very Easy Lock – 000A97FE
Oppressing Grasp – 000A97C4
Pacification – 000A97C7
Pack Mule – 000A9802
Paralyze – 000A983A
Protect – 000A97A7
Protect – Other 00071090
Psychic Motion – 000AA065
Rage – 000A981A
Rebuke Undead – 000AA06A
Remote Manipulation – 000AA064
Repulse Undead – 000AA069
Restore Agility – 000AA03C
Restore Endurance – 000AA03F
Restore Intelligence – 000AA042
Restore Luck – 000AA040
Restore Personality – 000AA044
Restore Speed – 000AA049
Restore Strength – 000AA047
Restore Willpower – 000AA04A
Scorching Blow – 000A97E6
Sea Stride – 000AA071
Searing Grasp – 000A97E5
Serenity – 000A97C6
Sever Magicka – 0003C3DC
Shadow – 000A97CC
Shadow Shape – 000A97BE
Shield – 000A97AA
Shock – 000A97F4
Shocking Burst – 0003C3D9
Shocking Touch – 000A97FA
Shroudwalk – 0006D678
Silence – 000AA04D
Snowball – 000A97EA
Soothing Touch – 000A97C9
Soul Trap – 000AA04F
Spark – 000A97F3
Spectral Form – 000A97C0
Starlight – 000A9825
Summon Clannfear – 000AA057
Summon Daedroth – 000AA058
Summon Dremora – 000AA059
Summon Dremora Lord – 0003C413
Summon Faded Wraith – 000AA062
Summon Flame Atronach – 000AA05A
Summon Frost Atronach – 000AA058
Summon Ghost – 000AA05C
Summon Gloom Wraith – 0004C419
Summon Headless Zombie – 0003C414
Summon Lich – 000AA05D
Summon Scamp – 000AA05E
Summon Skeleton – 000AA05F
Summon Skeleton Champion – 0003C417
Summon Skeleton Guardian – 0003C415
Summon Skeleton Hero – 0003C416
Summon Spider Daedra – 0003C418
Summon Storm Atronach – 000AA060
Summon Xivilai – 000AA061
Summon Zombie – 000AA063
Superior Convalescence – 000C7662
Superior Dispel – 000A9833
Superior Life Detection – 000A97DD
Superior Magicka Drain – 0003C3F3
Superior Soul Trap – 000AA051
Superior Spell Absorption – 000AA055
Superior Spell Reflection – 000AA039
Superior Wound – 0004C915
Telekinesis – 000AA066
Terrifying Presence – 000A97D9
Torchlight – 000A9828
Touch of Fear – 000A97D7

Spell Codes Part 2

Touch of Frenzy – 000A981B
Touch of Rage – 000A081C
Turn Undead – 000AA068
Unwelcome Guest – 0006D67E
Voice of Dread – 000A97D5
Voice of Rapture – 000A97B0
Void Gazer – 0006D67B
Water Breathing – 000AA06C
Weak Fireball – 0001EF7F
Weakness to Fire – 0003C40D
Weakness to Frost – 0003C40E
Weakness to Magicka – 0003C40F
Weakness to Poison – 0003C411
Weakness to Shock – 0003C412
Weight of the World – 0007108A
Will of Sithis – 0006D679
Winter’s Grasp – 000A97F1
Withering Bolt – 000A97B2
Withering Touch – 000A97D4

Armor Codes Part 1

(Video) Oblivion Command Codes-Part 1

Listed here and on the following pages are the give item armor codes for use with the player.additem cheat code.

Cuirass of the Bear – 0004899F
Cuirass of the Blood Legion – 0002C223
Cuirass of the Cameleon – 00048997
Cuirass of the Cave Viper – 0004967C
Cuirass of the Cobra – 000489AE
Cuirass of the Diplomat – 00049660
Cuirass of the Elephant – 000489AD
Cuirass of the Farlands Trader – 000A577E
Cuirass of the Fox – 000489A4
Cuirass of the Herald – 00049521
Cuirass of the Jugger~naut – 00049692
Cuirass of the Pit Viper – 0002C23B
Cuirass of the Ranger – 00049378
Cuirass of the Spy – 00049359
Cuirass of the Thief~catcher – 0004914F
Cuirass of the Undefeated – 0002C21B
Cuirass of Vitality – 0004966A
Cured Shield – 0004914C
Daedric Boots – 00036359
Daedric Cuirass – 0003635B
Daedric Gauntlets – 0000C582
Daedric Greaves – 0003635A
Daedric Helmet – 000733F4
Daedric Shield – 000733F0
Darksplitter Helmet – 00049696
Deathmarch Greaves – 0002C21A
Deepdweller’s Shield – 00049668
Deer Skin Gauntlets – 00048999
Deer Skin Helmet – 0004899B
Defender’s Shield – 00049670
Dondoran’s Juggernaut – 000CA10F
Dremora Caitiff Boots – 0003E9BA
Dremora Caitiff Cuirass – 0003E9BE
Dremora Caitiff Greaves – 0003E9BF
Dremora Caitiff Helmet – 0008B882
Dremora Caitiff Robe – 00066A34
Dremora Caitiff Shield – 0003E9C0
Dremora Churl Boots – 0003E9B9
Dremora Churl Cuirass – 0003E9BD
Dremora Churl Greaves – 0003E9BC
Dremora Churl Robe – 00066A33
Dremora Kynmarcher Boots – 0003E9B3
Dremora Kynmarcher Cuirass – 0003E9B4
Dremora Kynmarcher Greaves – 0003E9B5
Dremora Kynmarcher Helmet – 0008B88C
Dremora Kynmarcher Robe – 00066A38
Dremora Kynreeve Boots – 0003E9AF
Dremora Kynreeve Cuirass – 0003E9B0
Dremora Kynreeve Greaves – 0003E9B1
Dremora Kynreeve Helmet – 0008B88A
Dremora Kynreeve Robe – 00066A36
Dremora Kynreeve Shield – 0000C57E
Dremora Kynval Boots – 0003E9BB
Dremora Kynval Cuirass – 0003E9C1
Dremora Kynval Greaves – 0003E9AE
Dremora Kynval Helmet – 0008B888
Dremora Kynval Robe – 00066A35
Dremora Markynaz Boots – 0003E9B6
Dremora Markynaz Cuirass – 0000C580
Dremora Markynaz Greaves – 0003E9B8
Dremora Markynaz Robe – 00066A39
Dremora Valkynaz Robe – 00066A3A
Dwarven Boots – 00036347
Dwarven Ceremonial Shield – 000C5610
Dwarven Cuirass – 00036349
Dwarven Gauntlets – 00036346
Dwarven Greaves – 00036348
Dwarven Helmet – 000733F1
Dwarven Shield – 000733EE
Dwarvenskin Shield – 0002C220
Eagle Feather Shield – 000489AA
Ebony Boots – 00036353
Ebony Ceremonial Gauntlets – 000C5615
Ebony Ceremonial Shield – 000C561E
Ebony Cuirass – 0002AD85
Ebony Gauntlets – 00036352
Ebony Greaves – 00036354
Ebony Helmet – 000733F3
Ebony Shield – 000733EF
Elven Boots – 00014F13
Elven Ceremonial Cuirass – 000C55FE
Elven Ceremonial Helmet – 000CAB65
Elven Ceremonial Shield – 000C7984
Elven Cuirass – 0002299C
Elven Gauntlets – 0002299E
Elven Gauntlets – 00014F10
Elven Greaves – 0002299D
Elven Helmet – 00014F12
Elven Shield – 000229A0
Emperor’s Boots – 0001FECE
Emperor’s Cuirass – 0003ABB9
Emperor’s Gauntlets – 0001FED0
Emperor’s Greaves – 0001FED1
Emperor’s Helmet – 0001FED2
Emperor’s Robe – 0000C4D5
Enchanterbane Helmet – 00049514
Escutcheon of Chorrol – 0006BDFE
Extinguishing Shield – 0004951E
Eyes of Akatosh – 0004951B
Fence Cuirass – 00049154
Ferocious Cuirass – 0004968C
Fin Gleam – 00082DD8
Fire Greaves – 00049512
Fire Ritual Greaves – 00049699
Firewalker Greaves – 00049176
Fists of the Drunkard – 000CA11A
Flamewalker Greaves – 0002C229
Fleetfoot Boots – 00049360
Flowing Greaves – 0004939C
Footpad’s Boots – 00049156
Forgemaster’s Gauntlets – 00049523
Fortress Shield – 00049653
Frost Shield – 00049656
Frozen Shield – 00049693
Fur Boots – 00024767
Fur Cuirass – 00024766
Fur Gauntlets – 00024765
Fur Greaves – 00024764
Fur Helmet – 00024768
Fur Shield – 000977BE
Gauntlets of Blinding Speed – 00047891
Gauntlets of Brutality – 00049691
Gauntlets of Brutality – 0002C217
Gauntlets of Force – 0004F3F3
Gauntlets of Gluttony – 000CA11C
Gauntlets of Infiltration – 00049155
Gauntlets of Life Detection – 00049167
Gauntlets of Life Seeing – 0004935C
Gauntlets of Life Sight – 0004937C
Gauntlets of Lockbreaking – 000A5780
Gauntlets of Might – 00049669
Gauntlets of Passing – 000A5781
Gauntlets of Potence – 0004951F
Gauntlets of Punishment – 0002C221
Gauntlets of Revelation – 00049507
Gauntlets of Survival – 0004969A
Gauntlets of the Battle~mage – 00047894
Gauntlets of the Equinox – 0004936C
Gauntlets of the Forge – 00049524
Gauntlets of the Fray – 00049671
Gauntlets of the Gladiator – 00049654
Gauntlets of the Horker – 000489AB
Gauntlets of the Hunter – 0004F3F0
Gauntlets of the North – 0004965D
Gauntlets of the Pugilist – 0004789B
Gauntlets of the Rat – 000489A5
Gauntlets of the Scout – 0004914A
Gauntlets of the Sentinel – 00049665
Gauntlets of the Tundra – 0004915C
Gauntlets of the Weaponmaster – 0004788C
Gauntlets of the Woodsman – 000489A3
Gauntlets of Vigor – 00049500
Gauntlets of Winter – 0004F402
General’s Cuirass – 00049655
General’s Shield – 00049369
Glass Boots – 00036341
Glass Ceremonial Cuirass – 000C560B
Glass Ceremonial Gauntlets – 000C560D
Glass Ceremonial Shield – 000C560E
Glass Cuirass – 00036343
Glass Gauntlets – 00036340
Glass Greaves – 00036342
Glass Helmet – 000733E6
Glass Shield – 00036344
Gloves of the Caster – 00047893
Greaves of Canyon Striding – 00049364
Greaves of Fire Resistance – 0004936B
Greaves of Fluid Motion – 000493A4
Greaves of Free Movement – 0004936F
Greaves of Freedom – 0004F404
Greaves of Grace – 0004937D
Greaves of Legerity – 00049169
Greaves of Movement – 0004938A
Greaves of Poise – 00049398
Greaves of Proficiency – 00049365
Greaves of Protection – 00049382
Greaves of Purity – 000493AB
Greaves of Quickness – 0004914D
Greaves of Resilient Flesh – 000478A3
Greaves of Shaded Rest – 00049387
Greaves of Skill – 00049152
Greaves of Spell Absorption – 0004917E
Greaves of Spell Consumption – 00049376
Greaves of the Acrobat – 0004916E
Greaves of the Cat – 0004899D
Greaves of the Deep Dweller – 00049679
Greaves of the Everlasting – 0004937F
Greaves of the Flame – 0004965C
Greaves of the Foot~soldier – 0004916F
Greaves of the Kiln – 000493A1
Greaves of the Laborer – 0004966B
Greaves of the Monkey – 000489A1
Greaves of the Rhino – 000489A2
Greaves of the Sun – 000478A1
Greaves of the Tree Runner – 00049381
Greaves of the Tumbler – 00049151
Greaves of the Unstoppable – 0004969C
Greaves of the Warmonger – 0004968B
Greaves of Well-Being – 0004788F
Grounded Boots – 000478A2
Guard Helmet – 0002767C
Hammerfell Shield – 0004950A
Hand of Akatosh – 00049657
Hands of Midnight – 00082DDF
Hands of the Atronach – 000CA118
Hardened Shield – 000493A9
Heavy Raiment of Valor – 000355FA
Helm of Ferocity – 000CA11B
Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw – 000A5659
Helm of the Deep Delver – 000CA119
Helmet of Arkay – 00049506
Helmet of Enlightenment – 00049363
Helmet of Exposition – 00049396
Helmet of Life Detection – 00049168
Helmet of Life Seeing – 0004935D
Helmet of Life Sight – 0004937B
Helmet of Magicka Resistance – 0004936D
Helmet of Night Eye – 00049175
Helmet of Power – 00049522
Helmet of Spell Resistence – 0004F403
Helmet of the Apprentice – 0004915D
Helmet of the Deep – 00049664
Helmet of the Drowned – 000496A5
Helmet of the Flood – 0002C24E
Helmet of the Hunter – 0004F3F1
Helmet of the Lemur – 000489AC
Helmet of the Mage – 0004789E
Helmet of the Mind – 00047890
Helmet of the Owl – 000489A0
Helmet of the Scout – 0004914B
Helmet of the Sentinel – 00049666
High Rock Helmet – 00049503
Horselord’s Cuirass – 0004F3FB
Huntsman Gauntlets – 000A577B
Ice Cuirass – 000478A0
Imperial Dragon Boots – 000ADDA3
Imperial Dragon Cuirass – 000ADD50
Imperial Dragon Cuirass – 000ADDAA
Imperial Dragon Gauntlets – 000ADE26
Imperial Dragon Greaves – 000ADE27
Imperial Dragon Helmet – 000ADE2A

Armor Codes Part 2

Imperial Horseman Helmet – 0009416A
Imperial Palace Cuirass – 00064F75
Imperial Watch Boots – 0018AE4B
Imperial Watch Cuirass – 0018AE4C
Imperial Watch Gauntlets – 0018AE4D
Imperial Watch Greaves – 0018AE4E
Imperial Watch Helmet – 0018AE4F
Imperial Watch Shield – 000653F7
Infiltrator’s Gauntlets – 00049172
Inquisitor’s Gauntlets – 0002C214
Inquisitor’s Helmet – 0002C212
Insulated Shield – 000493AA
Iron Boots – 0001C6CF
Iron Cuirass – 0001C6D1
Iron Gauntlets – 0001C6D2
Iron Greaves – 0001C6D0
Iron Helmet – 000733EB
Iron Mountain Shield – 00049681
Iron Shield – 000733ED
Ironheart Cuirass – 00049502
Knights of the Thorn Shield – 0012DD1D
Kvatch Cuirass – 0002767A
Kvatch Shield – 000352CD
Leather Boots – 0002319B
Leather Bracer – 000229A9
Leather Cuirass – 0002319A
Leather Gauntlets – 00023199
Leather Greaves – 00023198
Leather Helmet – 0002319C
Leather Shield – 00025058
Legion Boots – 00028ADE
Legion Cuirass – 00028ADF
Legion Gauntlets – 00028AE0
Legion Greaves – 00028AE1
Legion Helmet – 00028AE2
Legion Shield – 000352D3
Leyawiin Cuirass – 0002767B
Leyawiin Shield – 000352CF
Light Iron Shield – 00032D49
Light Iron Shield – 000733E0
Light Raiment of Valor – 0003563E
Lightfoot Boots – 00049508
Lightning Run Boots – 00049399
Lightning Strider Boots – 0004F405
Lightning Strider Shield – 0002ADCF
Lion’s Paw Gauntlets – 0004F3FA
Mage Fighter’s Greaves – 00049683
Magebane Greaves – 0002C247
Magehunter’s Helmet – 00049178
Magekiller Greaves – 000496A4
Mage’s Helmet – 0004916D
Mageslayer’s Helmet – 0002C235
Magnifying Gauntlets – 000A5782
Marathon Greaves – 0004916B
Masque of Clavicus Vile – 000228EE
Master Forge Gauntlets – 0004966E
Merchant’s Cuirass – 00049171
Mercury Shield – 00049678
Miner’s Boots – 0004966F
Mirror Shield – 0004789F
Mithril Boots – 0002C0FC
Mithril Cuirass – 0002C0FE
Mithril Gauntlets – 0002C100
Mithril Greaves – 0002C102
Mithril Helmet – 000733E4
Mithril Shield – 000977C0
Monkeypants – 000CA112
Monolithic Shield – 0002C244
Moonlight Gauntlets – 0004F3FE
Moonlight Shield – 0004F3FD
Moonshadow Gauntlets – 0002C224
Moonshadow Shield – 0002C226
Mountaineer’s Gauntlets – 0004967A
Mountaineer’s Shield – 00049673
Mudcrab Shield – 000489B2
Nighteye Helmet – 00049368
Nimble Greaves – 0004935F
Nord Gauntlets – 00049177
Nordslayer Gauntlets – 0002C233
Ogre Skin Shield – 0002ADCE
Orcish Boots – 0003634D
Orcish Cuirass – 0003634F
Orcish Gauntlets – 0003634C
Orcish Greaves – 0003634E
Orcish Helmet – 000733F2
Orcish Shield – 00036350
Outrider Shield – 00049163
Peak Climber’s Boots – 0004968F
Pinarus’ Iron Cuirass – 000CBD4F
Pit Boots – 00008A78
Pit Cuirass – 00008A76
Pit Gauntlets – 00008A79
Pit Greaves – 00008A77
Pit Helmet – 00008A7A
Quartz Cuirass – 000493A3
Quicksilver Boots – 000CA113
Rasheda’s Special – 000CA114
Reflecting Helmet – 000493A2
Retributive Justice – 00049511
Riverwalking Boots – 00049164
Rough Leather Boots – 0015985B
Rough Leather Cuirass – 0015985C
Rough Leather Gauntlets – 0015985D
Rough Leather Helmet – 0015985F
Rough Leather Shield – 00047AC8
Royal Cuirass – 00049516
Rugged Cuirass – 00049501
Ruined Akaviri Shield – 0001C161
Rusty Iron Cuirass – 000661C1
Rusty Iron Gauntlets – 000661C2
Rusty Iron Greaves – 000661C3
Rusty Iron Helmet – 000661C4
Rusty Iron Shield – 000661C5
Salamander Scale Shield – 0004899C
Salubrious Cuirass – 0004F3F6
Savage Gauntlets – 00049689
Saviour’s Hide – 00027107
Seastrider’s Helmet – 0002ADD1
Shaman Helmet – 0004968D
Shield of Animus – 0002C228
Shield of Elsweyr – 0004950E
Shield of Frost – 00049157
Shield of Grounding – 00053D79
Shield of Justice – 00053D76
Shield of Lightning – 000496A3
Shield of Mirrors – 000493A0
Shield of Nature’s Vengence – 00049385
Shield of Reflection – 0004F400
Shield of Retribution – 00049677
Shield of Retributive Strike – 0004F3FF
Shield of Returning – 0004936A
Shield of Shattering – 0004939F
Shield of Storms – 00049375
Shield of Summer – 00049366
Shield of the Divine – 0004965A
Shield of the Elements – 0004789D
Shield of the Empire – 00049510
Shield of the Flame – 00053D74
Shield of the North – 00053D75
Shield of the Pathfinder – 00049675
Shield of the Red Moun~tain – 0004935E
Shield of the Sun – 00049658
Shield of the Tower – 00049519
Shield of the Turtle – 00053D78
Shield of the Unbroken – 000496A2
Shield of the Undefeated – 00049663
Shield of the Unrelenting – 00049690
Shield of the Untamed – 00049698
Shield of Vengence – 0002C227
Shield of Vindication – 0004915A
Shield of Winter Solstice – 00049383
Shrouded Armor – 000347F7
Shrouded Hood – 000347F4
Silica Boots – 000493AC
Skingrad Cuirass – 0001DC4B
Skingrad Shield – 000352D1
Skyrim Gauntlets – 00049513
Slavemaster’s Greaves – 0002C239
Smelter Shield – 000494FF
Smuggler’s Boots – 000A5783
Sniper Gauntlets – 00049153
Snowblind Gauntlets – 00049694
Snowblind Shield – 00049695
Solid Shield – 00049374
Spell Breaker – 000897C2
Spellbinder Greaves – 0002ADD0
Spellblocker Shield – 0004915B
Spelltaker’s Greaves – 00049391
Spiked Shield – 00049697
Stalwart Cuirass – 0004F3F4
Steel Boots – 000229A5
Steel Cuirass – 000229A2
Steel Gauntlets – 0001C6D8
Steel Greaves – 000229A3
Steel Helmet – 000229A4
Steel Shield – 00023923
Storm Stomper Boots – 0004969E
Stormhammer Boots – 0004967D
Stormhammer Shield – 00049682
Stormlord’s Shield – 0002C245
Stormrider Boots – 0004938C
Stormrider Shield – 00049390
Sunburst Gauntlets – 0004950D
Swamp Boots – 00049687
Sylvan Barkshield – 0004938F
Sylvan Scout Boots – 0004937E
Tempered Greaves – 0004939D
The Gray Aegis – 0002996A
Thiefhunter’s Gauntlets – 0004951C
Threefold Shield – 00049386
Tiger Fang Shield – 000489A9
Tireless Greaves – 00049361
Tower of the Nine – 000CA116
Umbra’s Ebony Boots – 0000A307
Umbra’s Ebony Cuirass – 0000A308
Umbra’s Ebony Gauntlets – 0000A309
Umbra’s Ebony Greaves – 0000A30A
Umbra’s Ebony Helmet – 0000A311
Umbra’s Ebony Shield – 0000A312
Unyielding Cuirass – 0004936E
Valdemar’s Shield – 00187BBC
Viperbane Cuirass – 00036355
Vvardenfell Trader’s Cuirass – 000A577D
Warforger’s Gauntlets – 0002C21D
Warmage’s Helmet – 0004966D
Warmaster Gauntlets – 0004968E
Waterwalking Boots – 0004917F
Weaponbane Cuirass – 0004967B
Weaponward Cuirass – 0004915E
Winterbane Shield – 0004F3FC
Witchfinder’s Shield – 0004965B
Witchhunter Helmet – 0004965E
Wizard’s Helmet – 00049150
Armor of Tiber Septim – 0001FECF

Weapon Codes (Part 1)

Listed here and on the following pages are the give item weapon codes for use with the player.additem cheat code.

Akavari Sunderblade – 000CA154
Akavari Warblade – 000CA155
Akaviri Dai-Katana – 0009DAC5
Akaviri Katana – 00024DCA
Akaviri Katana – 000977C9
Akaviri Warhammer Burden – 000387B5
Ancient Akaviri Katana – 000E78E5
Apotheosis – 000CA153
Axe of Hazards – 0003CCFF
Axe of Icy Darkness – 0003BF64
Ayleid Long Sword – 00014F14
Ayleid Mace – 00014F15
Battle Axe of Absorption – 0003841F
Battle Axe of Beguilement – 0003539C
Battle Axe of Blizzards – 0002308B
Battle Axe of Cold – 000220A8
Battle Axe of Damnation – 000353C2
Battle Axe of Decay – 0003B407
Battle Axe of Deception – 0003539A
Battle Axe of Depletion – 000387AE
Battle Axe of Diminishing – 0003D7D3
Battle Axe of Dispel – 0003D7CB
Battle Axe of Dissolution – 0003B40A
Battle Axe of Embers – 0003DAE7
Battle Axe of Enfeeblement – 0003CD09
Battle Axe of Feeding – 0003B402
Battle Axe of Fire – 0003DB0C
Battle Axe of Flames – 0003DB03
Battle Axe of Freezing – 000225D9
Battle Axe of Frost – 0003DB8F
Battle Axe of Jinxing – 0003AB6F
Battle Axe of Lightning – 0002C278
Battle Axe of Putrification – 0003B40C
Battle Axe of Rending – 0003B40E
Battle Axe of Sapping – 0003D7E2
Battle Axe of Scorching – 0003DAFA
Battle Axe of Shocking – 0002B8D6
Battle Axe of Siphoning – 0003B3FF
Battle Axe of Soul Snares – 000353CA
Battle Axe of Soul Traps – 00035397
Battle Axe of Souls – 00035C27
Battle Axe of Sparks – 0002B561
Battle Axe of Storms – 0002C286
Battle Axe of the Blaze – 0003DB15
Battle Axe of the Dynamo – 0002BFFA
Battle Axe of the Glacier – 00022738
Battle Axe of the Inferno – 0003DB1E
Battle Axe of Transmogrify – 0003B403
Battle Axe of Voltage – 0002BDDD
Battle Axe of Weakness – 0003AB43
Battle Axe of Winter – 000230D9
Battleaxe of Hatred – 000CA152
Baurus’s Akaviri Katana – 0006B843
Black Bow – 000908AD
Blackwater Blade – 0000C201
Blade of Fiery Light – 0003BF60
Blade of Woe – 00091905
Blizzard Bow – 0003CD06
Boreal – 0003CD05
Bound Axe – 00026276
Bound Bow – 0002627D
Bound Dagger – 0002627C
Bound Mace – 00026274
Bound Sword – 00026273
Bow of Blizzards – 0002308D
Bow of Burning – 0003DAF2
Bow of Cold – 000220F6
Bow of Curses – 0003AB87
Bow of Despair – 0003AC88
Bow of Embers – 0003DAE9
Bow of Fire – 0003DB0D
Bow of Flames – 0003DB04
Bow of Freezing – 000225DA
Bow of Frost – 0003DB91
Bow of Gloom – 0003AC89
Bow of Harm – 0003AB6C
Bow of Infernal Frost – 00082DE4
Bow of Infliction – 000CA156
Bow of Jolts – 0002B585
Bow of Lightning – 0002C27A
Bow of Numbing – 0003DB7B
Bow of Quietus – 0002B558
Bow of Scorching – 0003DAFB
Bow of Shocking – 0002B8D7
Bow of Silence – 0002B559
Bow of Sparks – 0002B562
Bow of Storms – 0002C287
Bow of the Blaze – 0003DB16
Bow of the Dynamo – 0002BFFB
Bow of the Glacier – 00022854
Bow of the Inferno – 0003DB1F
Bow of Voltage – 0002BEB2
Bow of Weariness – 0003AB6B
Bow of Winter – 000230DD
Broken Sword – 0002D72B
Brusef Amelion’s Sword – 000091FB
Burden of Agnosticism – 00014953
Burden of Anger – 0001494F
Burden of Arrogance – 00014950
Burden of Flesh – 00014952
Burden of Secrecy – 00014951
Burden of Sin – 00014954
Burz’s Glass Mace – 000C7610
Caelia’s Steel Longsword – 0006AA99
Calliben’s Grim Retort – 000CB6F3
Captain Kordan’s Saber – 000CA158
Ceremonial Dagger – 0008DA4A
Chillrend – 00068C01
Claymore of Blizzards – 00023095
Claymore of Brittleness – 0003D7BB
Claymore of Burning – 0003DAF3
Claymore of Cold – 0002224D
Claymore of Depletion – 0003AB75
Claymore of Depletion – 0003D7E8
Claymore of Disintegration – 0003D7C7
Claymore of Dispel – 0003D7CC
Claymore of Embers – 0003DAEA
Claymore of Fire – 0003DB0E
Claymore of Flames – 0003DB05
Claymore of Fracturing – 0003D7BF
Claymore of Fragments – 0003D7B8
Claymore of Freezing – 000225F6
Claymore of Frost – 0003DB73
Claymore of Jinxing – 0003AB74
Claymore of Jolts – 0002B586
Claymore of Lightning – 0002C27B
Claymore of Numbing – 0003DB7C
Claymore of Pain – 0003D7DE
Claymore of Sapping – 0003D7E3
Claymore of Scorching – 0003DAFC
Claymore of Shattering – 0003D7C3
Claymore of Shocking – 0002B8D8
Claymore of Sparks – 0002B563
Claymore of Storms – 0002C289
Claymore of the Blaze – 0003DB17
Claymore of the Dynamo – 0002BFFC
Claymore of the Glacier – 00022A2B
Claymore of the Inferno – 0003DB20
Claymore of Voltage – 0002BFF3
Claymore of Weariness – 0003D7DA
Claymore of Winter – 000230DE
Club – 00159829
Cursed Mace – 00026F98
Daedric Battle Axe – 00035E77
Daedric Bow – 000733DD
Daedric Bow – 00035E7C
Daedric Claymore – 00035E78
Daedric Dagger – 00035E72
Daedric Longsword – 00035E76
Daedric Mace – 00035E75
Daedric Shortsword – 00035E73
Daedric War Axe – 00035E74
Daedric Warhammer – 00035E79
Dagger of Absorption – 0003841A
Dagger of Blizzards – 00023098
Dagger of Brittleness – 0003D7BC
Dagger of Burning – 0003DAF4
Dagger of Cold – 0002257F
Dagger of Depletion – 0003D7E9
Dagger of Diminishing – 0003D7D4
Dagger of Discipline – 000C891F
Dagger of Disintegration – 0003D7C8
Dagger of Dispel – 0003D7CD
Dagger of Embers – 0003DAEB
Dagger of Enfeeblement – 000389E6
Dagger of Fire – 0003DB0F
Dagger of Flames – 0003DB06
Dagger of Fracturing – 0003D7C0
Dagger of Fragments – 0003D7B7
Dagger of Freezing – 000225FC
Dagger of Frost – 0003DB74
Dagger of Jinxing – 0003AB6E
Dagger of Jolts – 0002B588
Dagger of Lightning – 0002C27D
Dagger of Numbing – 0003DB7D
Dagger of Pacification – 0003BF61
Dagger of Pain – 0003D7DF
Dagger of Paralysis – 0002B560
Dagger of Sapping – 0003D7E4
Dagger of Scorching – 0003DAFD
Dagger of Shattering – 0003D7C4
Dagger of Shocking – 0002B8D9
Dagger of Sparks – 0002B564
Dagger of Storms – 0002C28D
Dagger of the Blaze – 0003DB18
Dagger of the Dynamo – 0002BFFD
Dagger of the Glacier – 00022A2C
Dagger of the Inferno – 0003DB21
Dagger of Voltage – 0002BFF4
Dagger of Weakness – 0003AB3F
Dagger of Weariness – 0003D7DB
Dagger of Winter – 000230DF
Dalvilu Cermonial Dagger – 0001ECE5
Debaser – 0001D0B4
Defiler – 0003CB6B
Destarine’s Cleaver – 000CA159
Dragon’s Bow – 0003CD04
Dremora Bow – 000872AA
Dremora Claymore – 0003E9C4
Dremora Heavy Bow – 000872AB
Dremora Light Bow – 000872A9
Dremora Longsword – 0003E9C3
Dremora Mace – 0003E9C2
Dwarven Battle Axe – 00035DCD
Dwarven Bow – 00035DCE
Dwarven Bow Replica – 000C7979
Dwarven Claymore – 00035DCF
Dwarven Claymore Replica – 000C5606
Dwarven Dagger – 00035DD0
Dwarven Longsword – 000732B6
Dwarven Mace – 00035DD2
Dwarven Shortsword – 00035DD3
Dwarven War Axe – 00035DD4

Weapon Codes (Part 2)

Dwarven War Axe Replica – 000C5602
Dwarven Warhammer – 00035DD5
Ebony Battle Axe – 00035E6F
Ebony Blade – 00027109
Ebony Bow – 00035E7B
Ebony Claymore – 00035E70
Ebony Dagger – 00035E6A
Ebony Dagger Replica – 000C5616
Ebony Longsword – 000732DE
Ebony Mace – 00035E6D
Ebony Mace Replica – 000C561F
Ebony Shortsword – 00035E6B
Ebony Shortsword Replica – 000C798A
Ebony War Axe – 00035E6C
Ebony Warhammer – 00035E71
Ebony Warhammer Replica – 000C5604
Elven Battle Axe – 00035E67
Elven Bow – 000229BF
Elven Claymore – 00035E68
Elven Dagger – 00035E63
Elven Long Sword – 000977CD
Elven Long Sword Replica – 000C55FF
Elven Mace – 00035E66
Elven Shortsword – 00035E64
Elven Shortsword Replica – 000C7985
Elven War Axe – 00035E65
Elven Warhammer – 00035E69
Enchanted Dagger – 0003FBCE
Essence of Regret – 00014963
Fine Iron Battle Axe – 0003A85F
Fine Iron Bow – 0003A860
Fine Iron Claymore – 0003A861
Fine Iron Dagger – 0003A862
Fine Iron Longsword – 0003A863
Fine Iron Mace – 0003A864
Fine Iron Shortsword – 0003A865
Fine Iron War Axe – 0003A866
Fine Iron Warhammer – 0003A867
Fine Steel Battle Axe – 0003A856
Fine Steel Bow – 0003A857
Fine Steel Claymore – 0003A858
Fine Steel Dagger – 0003A859
Fine Steel Longsword – 0003A85A
Fine Steel Mace – 0003A85B
Fine Steel Shortsword – 0003A85C
Fine Steel War Axe – 0003A85D
Fine Steel Warhammer – 0003A85E
Frostwyrm Bow – 000C55E4
Ghost Axe – 0003CD07
Gift of Flame – 0001494C
Gladiator’s Sword – 0003E45B
Glass Battle Axe – 00035E60
Glass Battle Axe Replica – 000C5608
Glass Bow – 000733DC
Glass Claymore – 00035E61
Glass Dagger – 00035E5B
Glass Dagger Replica – 000C7973
Glass Longsword – 000732DD
Glass Longsword Replica – 000C5601
Glass Mace – 00035E5E
Glass Shortsword – 00035E5C
Glass Shortsword Replica – 000C7989
Glass War Axe – 00035E5D
Glass Warhammer – 000977CB
Glenroy’s Akaviri Katana – 00022F82
Goblin Shaman Staff – 00066C45
Goblin Totem Staff – 000AA01F
Goldbrand – 00027105
Greater Staff of Anarchy – 00091322
Greater Staff of Apathy – 000912EC
Greater Staff of Blundering – 000912D4
Greater Staff of Burden – 000912BF
Greater Staff of Calm – 000912C2
Greater Staff of Catastrophe – 000912E3
Greater Staff of Charm – 000912C8
Greater Staff of Confusion – 000912F2
Greater Staff of Corrosion – 000912FC
Greater Staff of Demoralize – 000912F6
Greater Staff of Dispel – 000912FF
Greater Staff of Domination – 000912D1
Greater Staff of Fatigue – 000912DA
Greater Staff of Feeblemind – 000912D7
Greater Staff of Fire – 00091326
Greater Staff of Fireball – 00091329
Greater Staff of Fragility – 0009131F
Greater Staff of Frailty – 000912EF
Greater Staff of Frost – 0009132C
Greater Staff of Ice Storm – 0009132F
Greater Staff of Lethargy – 0009131C
Greater Staff of Light – 00091332
Greater Staff of Lightning – 000914B6
Greater Staff of Open – 00091335
Greater Staff of Ruin – 00091302
Greater Staff of Severing – 000912E6
Greater Staff of Sickness – 000912DD
Greater Staff of Silence – 000914BC
Greater Staff of Stopping – 00091338
Greater Staff of Storms – 000914B9
Greater Staff of Sundering – 00091316
Greater Staff of Taming – 000912CE
Greater Staff of Telekinesis – 000914BF
Greater Staff of the Dazed – 00091310
Greater Staff of the Doomed – 00091313
Greater Staff of the Grave – 000914C2
Greater Staff of the Oaf – 00091305
Greater Staff of the Pariah – 000912E9
Greater Staff of the Plague – 00091308
Greater Staff of the Weary – 0009130A
Greater Staff of Weakness – 000912E1
Hatreds Soul – 00014D6A
Heat of Sinfulness – 00014960
Honorblade of Chorrol – 00028BA0
Hrormir’s Icestaff – 00002DDF
Immolator – 0003CD01
Iron Battle Axe – 00000D7F
Iron Bow – 00025231
Iron Claymore – 0001C6CD
Iron Dagger – 00019171
Iron Longsword – 000977D1
Iron Mace – 00000D82
Iron Shortsword – 00000C0D
Iron War Axe – 00000D81
Iron Warhammer – 00019172
Languorwine Blade – 00028277
Lesser Staff of Anarchy – 00091323
Lesser Staff of Apathy – 000912ED
Lesser Staff of Blundering – 000912D2
Lesser Staff of Burden – 000912D8
Lesser Staff of Calm – 000912C0
Lesser Staff of Catastrophe – 000912E4
Lesser Staff of Charm – 000912C6
Lesser Staff of Confusion – 000912F3
Lesser Staff of Corrosion – 000912FA
Lesser Staff of Demoralize – 000912F4
Lesser Staff of Dispel – 000912FD
Lesser Staff of Domination – 000912CF
Lesser Staff of Fatigue – 000912DB
Lesser Staff of Feeblemind – 000912E0
Lesser Staff of Fire – 00091324
Lesser Staff of Fireball – 00091327
Lesser Staff of Fragility – 00091320
Lesser Staff of Frailty – 000912F0
Lesser Staff of Frost – 0009132A
Lesser Staff of Ice Storm – 0009132D
Lesser Staff of Lethargy – 0009131D
Lesser Staff of Light – 00091330
Lesser Staff of Lightning – 000914CA
Lesser Staff of Open – 00091334
Lesser Staff of Ruin – 00091300
Lesser Staff of Severing – 000912E7
Lesser Staff of Sickness – 000912DE
Lesser Staff of Silence – 000914BA
Lesser Staff of Stopping – 00091336
Lesser Staff of Storms – 000914B7
Lesser Staff of Sundering – 00091317
Lesser Staff of Taming – 000912CC
Lesser Staff of Telekinesis – 000914BD
Lesser Staff of the Dazed – 00091311
Lesser Staff of the Doomed – 00091314
Lesser Staff of the Grave – 000914C0
Lesser Staff of the Oaf – 00091303
Lesser Staff of the Pariah – 000912EA
Lesser Staff of the Plague – 00091306
Lesser Staff of the Weary – 00091309
Lesser Staff of Weakness – 000912D5
Long Sword of Brittleness – 0003D7BD
Long Sword of Depletion – 0003D7EA
Long Sword of Flames – 0003DB07
Long Sword of Freezing – 0002263D
Long Sword of Voltage – 0002BFF5
Longsword of Absorption – 0003841D
Longsword of Blizzards – 000230A6
Longsword of Burning – 0003DAF5
Longsword of Cold – 00022580
Longsword of Depletion – 000387AC
Longsword of Diminishing – 0003D7D5
Longsword of Disintegration – 0003D7C9
Longsword of Dispel – 0003D7CE
Longsword of Embers – 0003DAEC
Longsword of Enfeeblement – 000389E8
Longsword of Fire – 0003DB10
Longsword of Fracturing – 0003D7C1
Longsword of Fragments – 0003D7B9
Longsword of Frost – 000B0705
Longsword of Jinxing – 0003AB70
Longsword of Jolts – 0002B589
Longsword of Lightning – 0002C27E
Longsword of Numbing – 0003DB7E
Longsword of Pain – 0003D7E0
Longsword of Sapping – 0003D7E5
Longsword of Scorching – 0003DAFE
Longsword of Shattering – 0003D7C5
Longsword of Shocking – 0002B8DD
Longsword of Sparks – 0002B565
Longsword of Storms – 0002C28F
Longsword of the Blaze – 0003DB19
Longsword of the Dynamo – 0002C00C
Longsword of the Glacier – 00022A2E
Longsword of the Inferno – 0003DB22
Longsword of Weakness – 0003AB41
Longsword of Weariness – 0003D7DC
Longsword of Winter – 000230E0
Mace of Abeyance – 000359E7

Weapon Codes (Part 3)

Mace of Absorption – 0003841C
Mace of Aversion – 000353D1
Mace of Blizzards – 000230AB
Mace of Burden – 000387B6
Mace of Burning – 0003DAF6
Mace of Cold – 0002258C
Mace of Deadweight – 000387BE
Mace of Decay – 0003AF07
Mace of Depletion – 000387AD
Mace of Diminishing – 0003D7D6
Mace of Dispel – 0003D7CF
Mace of Dissolution – 0003AF08
Mace of Embers – 0003DAED
Mace of Encumbrance – 000387BA
Mace of Enfeeblement – 000389E9
Mace of Excess – 000387BC
Mace of Feeding – 000387A8
Mace of Fire – 0003DB11
Mace of Flames – 0003DB08
Mace of Fracturing – 0003AF0A
Mace of Freezing – 00022642
Mace of Frost – 0003DB76
Mace of Holy Light – 00035A64
Mace of Jinxing – 0003AB73
Mace of Jolts – 0002B58A
Mace of Legion – 0003BF65
Mace of Lightning – 0002C280
Mace of Molag Bal – 00027117
Mace of Numbing – 0003DB7F
Mace of Overload – 000387B7
Mace of Putrification – 0003AF0D
Mace of Rending – 0003AF0E
Mace of Repelling – 000353CC
Mace of Sapping – 0003D7E6
Mace of Scorching – 0003DAFF
Mace of Shocking – 0002BAAA
Mace of Siphoning – 000387A7
Mace of Sparks – 0002B566
Mace of Storms – 0002C290
Mace of Strain – 000387B4
Mace of the Blaze – 0003DB1A
Mace of the Dynamo – 0002C00D
Mace of the Glacier – 00022A2F
Mace of the Inferno – 0003DB23
Mace of the Undead – 00035AB3
Mace of Transmogrify – 0003B404
Mace of Turning – 000353D4
Mace of Voltage – 0002BFF6
Mace of Warding – 000353D0
Mace of Weakness – 0003AB40
Mace of Weight – 000387B1
Mace of Winter – 000230E1
Mage’s Mace – 0003E45D
Mages Staff – 0002C6A8
Mage’s Staff of Charm – 0001FE11
Mage’s Staff of Dispel – 0001FE16
Mage’s Staff of Fire – 000E9448
Mage’s Staff of Frost – 000E944C
Mage’s Staff of Paralysis – 0001FE12
Mage’s Staff of Shock – 0001FE10
Mage’s Staff of Silence – 0001FE13
Mage’s Staff of Soul Trap – 0001FE14
Mage’s Staff of Telekinesis – 0001FE15
Mankar Camoran’s Staff – 000BE322
Mishaxhi’s Cleaver – 00187BC7
Naked Axe – 0003E45E
Nearness of Evil – 0001493D
Northwind – 00187BC4
Oblivion’s Caress – 00014962
Oblivion’s Embrace – 000149E2
Penance of Animosity – 00014966
Penance of Deception – 0001496A
Penance of Faithlessness – 0001496B
Penance of Hatred – 00014967
Penance of Larceny – 00014968
Penance of Pride – 00014969
Perdition’s Wrath – 00082DE3
Pounder – 0003BF66
Purging Flame – 00014961
Quality Battle Axe Ember – 0003DAF1
Quality Battle Axe Shiver – 0003DB7A
Quality Battle Axe Soul Trap – 00035385
Quality Battle Axe Spark – 0002B573
Quintessence of Remorse – 000149E5
Redwave – 00095A3F
Renault’s Akaviri Katana – 00066C44
Retaliation of Blood – 000149ED
Retaliation of Spirit – 000149EF
Retribution of Aggression – 000149E7
Retribution of Cowardness – 000149E6
Retribution of Hubris – 000149E9
Retribution of Hypocrisy – 000149EA
Retribution of Rapacity – 000149E8
Retribution of Treachery – 000149EC
Revealer of Iniquity – 0001494E
Rockshatter – 00014EC6
Rohssan’s Antique Cutlass – 0001C14B
Rugdumph’s Sword – 0000BEA6
Ruined Akaviri Katana – 000980DF
Ruma’s Staff – 0001FB1C
Rusty Iron Bow – 00047ACA
Rusty Iron Dagger – 00090616
Rusty Iron Mace – 00090614
Rusty Iron Shortsword – 00090615
Rusty Iron War Axe – 00090613
Sanguine Rose – 000228EF
Shadowhunt – 00034897
Sharpened Cutlass – 000055AB
Shimmerstrike – 0002990E
Shortsword of Absorption – 0003841E
Shortsword of Blizzards – 000230AC
Shortsword of Brittleness – 0003D7BE
Shortsword of Burning – 0003DAF7
Shortsword of Cold – 0002259C
Shortsword of Depletion – 000387AB
Shortsword of Depletion – 0003D7EB
Shortsword of Diminishing – 0003D7D7
Shortsword of Disintegration – 0003D7CA
Shortsword of Dispel – 0003D7D0
Shortsword of Embers – 0003DAEE
Shortsword of Enfeeblement – 000389E7
Shortsword of Fire – 0003DB12
Shortsword of Flames – 0003DB09
Shortsword of Fracturing – 0003D7C2
Shortsword of Fragments – 0003D7BA
Shortsword of Freezing – 00022643
Shortsword of Frost – 0003DB77
Shortsword of Jinxing – 0003AB71
Shortsword of Jolts – 0002D72E
Shortsword of Lightning – 0002C281
Shortsword of Numbing – 0003DB80
Shortsword of Pain – 0003D7E1
Shortsword of Paralysis – 0002B55F
Shortsword of Sapping – 0003D7E7
Shortsword of Scorching – 0003DB00
Shortsword of Shattering – 0003D7C6
Shortsword of Shocking – 0002BB17
Shortsword of Sparks – 0002B567
Shortsword of Storms – 0002C292
Shortsword of the Blaze – 0003DB1B
Shortsword of the Dynamo – 0002C00E
Shortsword of the Fang – 0003CB6A
Shortsword of the Glacier – 00022EBD
Shortsword of the Inferno – 0003DB24
Shortsword of Voltage – 0002BFF7
Shortsword of Weakness – 0003AB42
Shortsword of Weariness – 0003D7DD
Shortsword of Winter – 000230E2
Silver BattleAxe – 00025221
Silver Bow – 00025227
Silver Claymore – 00025226
Silver Dagger – 00025224
Silver Longsword – 0002521F
Silver Mace – 00025223
Silver Shortsword – 00025220
Silver War Axe – 00025222
Silver Warhammer – 00025225
Sinweaver – 0000172E
Skull of Corruption – 00027116
Spellbreaker – 00027112
Staff of Anarchy – 00091321
Staff of Apathy – 000912EB
Staff of Banishment – 000914D2
Staff of Blundering – 000912D3
Staff of Burden – 000912BE
Staff of Calm – 000912C1
Staff of Catastrophe – 000912E2
Staff of Charm – 000912C7
Staff of Conflagration – 000914C5
Staff of Confusion – 000912F1
Staff of Corrosion – 000912FB
Staff of Demoralize – 000912F5
Staff of Diminishing – 000914C4
Staff of Discord – 000914CD
Staff of Dispel – 000912FE
Staff of Domination – 000912D0
Staff of Fatigue – 000912D9
Staff of Feeblemind – 000912DF
Staff of Fire – 00091325
Staff of Fireball – 00091328
Staff of Flame – 0001CECC
Staff of Fragility – 0009131E
Staff of Frailty – 000912EE
Staff of Frost – 0009132B
Staff of Hoarfrost – 000914C6
Staff of Ice Storm – 0009132E
Staff of Indarys – 0006B66D
Staff of Legion – 000914CC
Staff of Lethargy – 0009131B
Staff of Light – 00091331
Staff of Lightning – 000914B5
Staff of Nenalata – 00058EEC
Staff of Open – 00091333
Staff of Pacification – 000914C9
Staff of Paralyzing Burst – 00091337
Staff of Ruin – 00091301
Staff of Severing – 000912E5
Staff of Sickness – 000912DC
Staff of Silence – 000914BB
Staff of Storms – 000914B8
Staff of Submission – 000914CB
Staff of Sundering – 00091315
Staff of Taming – 000912CD
Staff of Telekinesis – 000914BE
Staff of the Battlemage – 000493BD
Staff of the Dazed – 0009130F
Staff of the Doomed – 00091312
Staff of the Everscamp – 0004F790
Staff of the Grave – 000914C1
Staff of the Healer – 000914D1
Staff of the Mundane – 000914D0
Staff of the Oaf – 00091304
Staff of the Pariah – 000912E8
Staff of the Plague – 00091307
Staff of the Weary – 0009130B
Staff of Thunderbolts – 000914C7
Staff of Unholy Terror – 00056E50
Staff of Vulnerability – 000914CF
Staff of Weakness – 000912D6
Staff of Withering – 000914C3
Staff of Worms – 0004A24E
Steel Battle Axe – 000229B6
Steel Bow – 000229B7
Steel Claymore – 000229B8
Steel Cutlass – 0003AA82
Steel Dagger – 000229B9
Steel Longsword – 000229BA
Steel Mace – 000229BB
Steel Shortsword – 00047ABF
Steel War Axe – 000229BD
Steel Warhammer – 000229BE
Storm Bow – 0003CD08

Oblivion Arrows Codes

Listed here and on the following pages are the give item arrows codes for use with the player.additem cheat code.

Arrow of Blizzards – 0004BF0B
Arrow of Brilliance – 00008A4D
Arrow of Burning – 0004BEFB
Arrow of Cleansing – 000CD53F
Arrow of Cold – 0004BF02
Arrow of Cowardice – 0003DFDB
Arrow of Discord – 0003BF67
Arrow of Dispel – 0004BF11
Arrow of Drain Magicka – 0004BF00
Arrow of Embers – 0004BF10
Arrow of Extrication – 00022DB5
Arrow of Fatigue – 0003DFD6
Arrow of Fear – 0003DFD8
Arrow of Fire – 0004BF07
Arrow of Flames – 0004BF04
Arrow of Freezing – 0004BF05
Arrow of Frost – 0004BEF9
Arrow of Harm – 0003DFD7
Arrow of Hexing – 00159676
Arrow of Illumination – 00008A4C
Arrow of Immolation – 000CD542
Arrow of Jinxing – 0004BEFF
Arrow of Jolts – 0004BEFD
Arrow of Light – 00008A4F
Arrow of Lightning – 0004BF0C
Arrow of Misery – 0003DFD9
Arrow of Numbing – 0004BEFC
Arrow of Qualms – 0003DFDA
Arrow of Savage Frost – 000CD540
Arrow of Scorching – 0004BF01
Arrow of Shocking – 0004BF03
Arrow of Silence – 0003DFDC
Arrow of Sparks – 0004BEFA
Arrow of Stillness – 0003DFDD
Arrow of Storm Strike – 000CD543
Arrow of Storms – 0004BF0F
Arrow of Sunlight – 0000BAD9
Arrow of the Blaze – 0004BF0A
Arrow of the Dynamo – 0004BF09
Arrow of the Glacier – 0004BF08
Arrow of the Inferno – 0004BF0D
Arrow of the North Winds – 000CD545
Arrow of Voltage – 0004BF06
Arrow of Winter – 0004BF0E
Arrow of Withering – 0003CB6C
Daedric Arrow – 0001EFD3
Dremora Barbed Arrow – 000872A7
Dremora Broadhead Arrow – 000872A6
Dremora Field Arrow – 000872A5
Dwarven Arrow – 00022BE2
Ebony Arrow – 0001EFD5
Elven Arrow – 000229C0
Flare Arrow – 00008A4E
Glass Arrow – 00022BE1
Hatreds Soul Arrow – 00014EB3
Iron Arrow – 00017829
Magebane Arrow – 000CD544
Rose of Sithis – 0003266D
Silver Arrow – 0001EFD4
Steel Arrow – 000229C1
Stormcall Arrow – 000CD541

Oblivion Misc. Codes (Part 1)

Listed here are the give item (misc.) codes for use with the player.additem cheat code.

Agarmir’s Shovel – 0001D0AF
Akaviri Orders – 000785E0
Argonian Heart – 0003558F
Ayleid Statue – 000844C4
Basket – 00024D91
Bear Pelt – 000228E3
Blood Potion – 001192AE
Blue Cheese – 000D3B25
Bone – 0001DE26
Bones – 00023882
Bouquet of Flowers – 00049CFD
Bowl – 0001F1DB
Broom – 00019113
Brush Jar – 0001BBCB
Brush of Truepaint – 0001BB36
Calipers – 0001C66C
Carved Panel – 0002AF03
Ceramic Bowl – 0002507A
Ceramic Cup – 0002507B
Ceramic Goblet – 0002507C
Ceramic Pitcher – 0002507D
Ceramic Plate – 0002507F
Ceramic Tankard – 0002724F
Ceramic Urn – 00025080
Ceramic Vase – 00025081
Cheddar Cheese – 000D3B2F
Clay Bowl – 00022299
Clay Cup – 00022538
Clay Cup – 00022539
Clay Goblet – 0002253C
Clay Pitcher – 00022543
Clay Plate – 0002254C
Clay Tankard – 00022559
Clay Urn – 00022553
Clay Vase – 00022557
Cloth – 000008E6
Colossal Black Soul Gem – 00007E9C
Covered Pot – 000105DF
Covered Pot – 000105E0
Crumpled Piece of Paper – 000BF14D
Crystal Ball – 0001C60D
Diamond – 00038BA7
Dirty Shoes – 0009F8FD
Element of Courage – 0002C6EF
Element of Patience – 0002C6EE
Element of Perception – 0002C6F0
Element of Resolve – 0002C6ED
Emerald – 00038BA4
Empty Hist Bottle – 0008996E
Eye of Nocturnal – 00026AC9
Filled Colossal Black Soul Gem – 00007E9D
Finger of Adamus Phillida – 001778DB
Fingers of the Mountain – 0000510D
Flawed Diamond – 00038BA8
Flawed Emerald – 00038BA6
Flawed Pearl – 00038B99
Flawed Ruby – 00038B9F
Flawed Sapphire – 00038BA2
Flawed Topaz – 00038B9C
Flawless Diamond – 00038BA9
Flawless Emerald – 00038BA5
Flawless Pearl – 00038B9A
Flawless Ruby – 00038BA0
Flawless Sapphire – 00038BA3
Flawless Topaz – 00038B9D
Folded Cloth – 00000D76
Fork – 00019116
Garridan’s Tear – 00025B33
Garridan’s Tear – 0007BE48
Glass of Time – 0002A60B
Gold – 0000000F
Gold Nugget – 00049808
Great Sigil Stone – 0003844E
Great Welkynd Stone – 000345AF
Hand Scythe – 00025100
Hermaeus Mora’s Soul Gem – 0008B61E
Hoe – 00025101
Hourglass – 0001C666
Imperial Legion Seal – 0000C22C
Inkwell – 00023D61
Key-Shaped Arrowhead – 0001482C
Knife – 00019117
Ladle – 000105DB
Languorwine Antidote – 00028276
Lion Pelt – 000228E4
Llathasa’s Bust – 0001E861
Lockpick – 0000000A
Loose Pipe – 00089783
Magicka Potion – 001192AF
Marana Rian’s Coin – 000613C0
Marble Cheese – 000D3B2A
Metal Bowl – 000CD400
Metal Goblet – 000CD401
Metal Plate – 000CD402
Metal Tankard – 000CD407
Metal Urn – 000CD4E9
Mother’s Head – 0006AAA5
Newheim’s Heirloom – 00002E90
Oaken-Hall Heirloom – 000CBD41
Oar – 00025102
Olroy Cheese – 0008C26A
Orb of Vaermina – 0001EC18
Paint Brush – 0001BBCA
Paint Palette – 0001BBCC
Pearl – 00038B98
Pewter Bowl – 0001C624
Pewter Cup – 000104C1
Pewter Fork – 0001C622
Pewter Knife – 0001C620
Pewter Mug – 0000FD93
Pewter Pitcher – 0001C61F
Pewter Plate – 0001C626
Pewter Pot – 0001C61A
Pewter Spoon – 0001C623
Pickaxe – 000180E0
Pitchfork – 00025113
Planter – 00015BBB
Plate – 00019118
Quill – 00023D63
Rake – 00025116
Recently Used Pickaxe – 0009F8FA
Red Bowl – 000836CE
Repair Hammer – 0000000C
Reward Painting – 00034E62
Roderick’s Medicine – 00030FD7
Roderick’s Poison – 00030FD6
Rolled Up Portrait – 00034E52
Ruby – 00038B9E
Rufio’s Skull – 000918FA
Sands of Resolve – 0002FB3F
Sapphire – 00038BA1
Savilla’s Stone – 00014706
Scales – 000105F3
Scales of Pitiless Justice – 000918FD
Scythe – 0002511A
Shears – 0002511C
Shovel – 000251A8
Silver Bowl – 00000C08
Silver Carafe – 00019107
Silver Fork – 0001924A
Silver Glass – 0001DBFC
Silver Goblet – 0001DCCC
Silver Knife – 00023C13
Silver Nugget – 00049809
Silver Pitcher – 00023C15
Silver Plate – 00023C19
Silver Spoon – 00023C1B
Silver Tankard – 00023C1D
Silver Urn – 00023C21
Silver Vase – 00023C23
Skeletal Hand – 00003A99
Skeleton Key – 0000000B
Skull – 00023F6E
Spoon – 00019119
Statuette of a Dog – 0007B7B0
Stone Brick – 0002594A
Stone Cup – 00019115
Stone Mug – 000104CB
Stone of St. Alessia – 00003949
Stone Pitcher – 000105DD
Svenja’s Arm – 000C55E1
Svenja’s Head – 000C55E2
Svenja’s Leg – 000C55E0
Svenja’s Torso – 000C55E3
Tan Bowl – 000836CF
Tan Cup – 0001F1DE
Tan Goblet – 00022542
Tan Jug – 0001F1E4
Tan Mug – 0001F1E5
Tan Pitcher – 0001F1E6
Tan Plate – 0001F1E7
Tan Tankard – 00022550
Tan Urn – 00022554
Tan Vase – 00022558
Tongs – 000251AC
Topaz – 00038B9B
Torch – 0002CF9F
Urn – 00022551
Vampirism Cure Potion – 0009812D
Varla Stone – 00000194
Varulae’s Crystal Ball – 00095A38
Wedding Gift – 000CBD43
Weight – 0001C5ED
Welkynd Stone – 00000191
West Weald Bear Fang – 0018AE3F
Wolf Pelt – 000228E2
Yarn – 00025205

Toggle commands

Command / Effect

rm / Toggle Run Mode. Will switch between run mode and walking mode. Same function as <Caps Lock> key.

tg / Toggles grass

ts / Toggles display of skybox and fog.

TLL / Toggles LOD

TIM / Toggle Immortal Mode (Still take damage, health will never reach zero. Final blow animations may cause a perminate decapitation bug.)

TCL / Toggle Collision. Using the TCL command with a target toggles clipping for the target. If used while falling off a cliff, may cause a crash. Useful for unsticking your character or finding items or bodies that have fallen through a wall or floor.

TM / Toggle Menus (Disables all GUI elements, including menus, the compass, subtitles and messages. Very useful for taking screenshots.)

TFC / Toggle freefly camera. Add <1> to pause.

TAI / Toggle Artificial Intelligence (Characters will not react to non-combat stimuli and dialog may not function. Used in conjunction with TCAI will completely disable NPC actions.)

TCAI / Toggle Combat Artificial Intelligence (Characters may turn hostile, but will not attack the player.)

TDetect / Toggle AI Detection. Doesn’t work with Pickpocket detection.

TC / Toggle player Control of target entity. If used when targeting an NPC, will transfer control to said NPC, and any command inputs will be applied both characters. To fix, use TC on the player character to turn off its actions.

TMM <#> / Toggle Map Markers; <0> Disable all. <1> Enable all. <1,0,1> Show all, no fast travel.

TGM / Toggle God Mode (Infinite health, magicka, and stamina. Carry weight will never affect movement or fast travel.)

Press the “~” key to open the console. Type “player.setav Strength” followed by a new number for the character’s total Strength score. Press “Enter” to make the changes and “~” to close the console. The character’s carry weight will increase–or decrease–based on the input for the new Strength total.

(Video) Oblivion Console Commands

Oblivion Misc. Codes (Part 2)

Targeted commands:
Command /// Effect

Equipitem <ItemID> <#><left/right> /// Forces the target to equip <ItemID>, if it is in their inventory. Adding a ‘1’ after the ID seems to make some items un removable, while ‘0’ keeps them removable as normal. <left/right> will equip the weapon in the left or right hand.

setessential <BaseID> <#> /// Make NPC mortal (0) / immortal(1).

Disable /// This will make the target disappear, good for cleaning up messes, corpses (see also: MarkForDelete). Note: Even though the items are hidden from view, they are still be loaded with the cell.

Enable /// Used to make disabled targets re-appear. Useful for when you made a pointing mistake when disabling targets.

unlock /// Unlock the desired chest or door. Note: This may not work in some cases.

lock <#> /// Lock chests, doors or people. <#> = the level of difficulty. (0-100, any larger and the lock cannot be picked)

kill /// Instantly kills target. (Does not kill characters/creatures marked ‘essential’, only causes them to fall to the ground for a few minutes.)

Resurrect <#> /// Return a dead NPC to life. Replace <#> with 1 to resurrest with all current items intact. Leave off <#> to have the corpse removed & a new copy spawned.

removeallitems /// Removes all items in the targets inventory. Use the <player> variable to transfer all items to own inventory.

sexchange /// Change gender of target NPC, or PC. Note: Only BODY changes, not the head.

additem <ItemID> <#> /// Adds <ItemID> to target NPC, Note: Use on a merchant to set the amount of barter gold. This gold may not go to your inventory when selling items to the vendor.

setlevel <1>,<2>,<3>,<4> /// Sets the level of an NPC compared to the player. SetLevel 1000,0,1,81 will make target level with you from 1 to 81.
1: <% of PC’s level * 10> The NPC’s level in comparison to player, based on % of players level. (1000 = 100.0%)
2: <1 level +/-> How many levels this NPC will be above or below the level in 1.
3: <starting level> The lowest level this NPC can be.
4: <level cap> The highest level this NPC can be.
getav <AV> Returns the current value of the specified actor value.
modav <AV> <+/-#> Changes <AV> by <+/-#>
forceav <AV> <#> Forces <AV> to <#>
setav <AV> <#> As above, but some values don’t stay set through saves.

setscale <#> /// Sets the scale of an object. ‘1’ is default. If no object is selected, applies to PC. NOTE: When used on an actor, it increases or decreases speed and damage. Also note that the lowest possible value to change the scale, is 0.1, and the highest possible value to change the scale, is 10.00, exactly on the dot.

moveto player /// Teleports the targeted NPC to you. (Works similar to player.placeatme <BaseID> <#> but does not create a new reference of the base object.)

player.setrelationshiprank <RefID> <#> /// Used to set an NPCs disposition towards the player. <#> = 1-4 Note: If this doesn’t help when attempting to add Follower dialogue, try setrelationshiprank <RefID> <#> then player.setrelationshiprank <RefID> <#>.

openactorcontainer <#> /// <#> = 1,2, 3, or 4. Depending on the actors faction ranking to the player will depend on what you see in their inventory. Use the correct ranking for their current status.) This allows you to add or retrieve items from that actor. Some actors will not equip armor or weapons you store on them.

GetPos <axis> /// Returns the position value of given axis (x,y,z) of the target

SetPos <axis> <#> /// Sets the position value of given axis (x,y,z) of the target.

GetAngle <axis> /// Returns the value of given rotational axis (x,y,z) of the target.

SetAngle <axis> <#> /// Sets the value of given rotational axis (x,y,z) of the target (the change happens when the targeted object is picked up).

MarkForDelete /// Permanently deletes the selected item either instantaneously or upon reload. This command is cleaner than disable, as it removes the item completely instead of just hiding it from view.

setownership /// Allows you to make things ownerless. They won’t become yours. When used on chests, applies to everything inside.

Books and Scroll Codes Part 1

There codes are used in conjunction with the player.additem code. Using one of the codes below will spawn the selected book or scroll.

Book / Scroll ID#
2920, Evening Star (v12) 000243DB
2920, First Seed (v3) 000243D7
2920, Frostfall (v10) 000243F5
2920, Hearth Fire (v9) 000243F4
2920, Last Seed (v8) 00024547
2920, MidYear (v6) 00024402
2920, Morning Star (v1) 000243E4
2920, Rain’s Hand (v4) 0002453F
2920, Second Seed (v5) 0002454D
2920, Sun’s Dawn (v2) 00024538
2920, Sun’s Dusk (v11) 000243D3
2920, Sun’s Height (v7) 00024534
A Bloody Journal 0002FF32
A Children’s Anuad 00024576
A Dance in Fire, v 7 00024536
A Dance in Fire, v1 000243CB
A Dance in Fire, v2 000243EA
A Dance in Fire, v3 000243DF
A Dance in Fire, v4 000243CC
A Dance in Fire, v5 00024411
A Dance in Fire, v6 00024535
A Game at Dinner 000243CF
A Hypothetical Treachery 000243F9
A Less Rude Song 00024569
A Life of Uriel Septim VII 000AA07D
A New Guild for Fighters? 00098682
A Poorly Scrawled Note 000C45B3
Absorb Agility 000849F7
Absorb Endurance 000849D2
Absorb Fatigue 000849D8
Absorb Health 000849D9
Absorb Intelligence 000849D3
Absorb Luck 000849D4
Absorb Magicka 0000A94E
Absorb Major Magicka 0000A94F
Absorb Maximal Magicka 0000A950
Absorb Minimal Magicka 000849DD
Absorb Minor Magicka 0000A94D
Absorb Skill: Acrobatics 000849DE
Absorb Skill: Alchemy 000849DF
Absorb Skill: Alteration 000849E0
Absorb Skill: Armorer 000849E1
Absorb Skill: Athletics 000849E2
Absorb Skill: Blade 000849E3
Absorb Skill: Block 000849E4
Absorb Skill: Blunt 000849E5
Absorb Skill: Conjuration 000849E6
Absorb Skill: Destruction 000849E7
Absorb Skill: Hand to Hand 000849E8
Absorb Skill: Heavy Armor 000849E9
Absorb Skill: Illusion 000849EA
Absorb Skill: Light Armor 000849ED
Absorb Skill: Marksman 000849EC
Absorb Skill: Mercantile 000849EB
Absorb Skill: Mysticism 000849EE
Absorb Skill: Restoration 000849EF
Absorb Skill: Security 000849F0
Absorb Skill: Sneak 000849F1
Absorb Skill: Speechcraft 000849F2
Absorb Speed 000849D5
Absorb Strength 000849D6
Absorb Willpower 000849D7
Adamus Phillida Slain! 0006D6ED
Advances in Lock Picking 00073A65
Aegis 0008991F
Aevar Stone-Singer 00024543
Agnar’s Journal 000C55DF
Ahzirr Traajijazeri 000243FE
Akaviri Diary Translation 0001C162
Alluring Gaze 00084AEF
Alval Uvani’s Schedule 00066200
Amantius Allectus’ Diary 000355ED
Ancotar’s Journal 00185934
Andre’s Letter 000C56D9
Annal of the Fire Nexus 000CA11F
Anvil Tarts Thwarted! 00066CD5
Aquatic Adaptation 0008ADA8
Aquatic Evolution 0008ADAA
Aquatic Transcendence 0008ADAB
Arcana Restored 00024584
Arctic Blow 000888EE
Assassination! 000274EE
Ayleid Reference Text 0003353B
Azura and the Box 0002453B
Battle of Sancre Tor 00073A61
Beast of Burden 000888B9
Before the Ages of Man 00073A63
Beggar 000243E1
Beggar Prince 0001FB53
Beguile 000150B9
Beguiling Touch 00084AF1
Bible of the Deep Ones 000C7B33
Biography of Barenziah, v 1 00024550
Biography of Barenziah, v 2 00024551
Biography of Barenziah, v 3 00024552
Biography of Barenziah, v 3 00024553
Biography of the Wolf Queen 0002454B
Blazing Spear 000888C0
Blizzard 000888E5
Bound Axe 000849F3
Bound Boots 000849F4
Bound Bow 000849F5
Bound Cuirass 000849F6
Bound Dagger 000849F8
Bound Gauntlets 000849F9
Bound Greaves 000849FA
Bound Helmet 000849FB
Bound Mace 000849FC
Bound Shield 000849FD
Bound Sword 000849FE
Brenus Astis’ Journal 0002A577
Brief History of the Empire, v 1 00024554
Brief History of the Empire, v 2 00024555
Brief History of the Empire, v 3 00024556
Brief History of the Empire, v 4 00024557
Burdening Touch 00084AE2
Burning Touch 000888C3
Calcinator Treatise 00073A5F
Calming Touch 00084AEA
Candlelight 000898EE
Chameleon 00084AEB
Cherim’s Heart of Anequina 000243DC
Cheydinhal Heir Saved! 00066CD3
Children of the Sky 00024587
Chimarvamidium 00024403
Chronicle of Sacrifice 000CA11D
Cleansing of the Fane 0002C8DD
Cloak 00084AED
Cold Touch 000888EB
Command Creature 00084AF3
Command Humanoid 00084AF5
Commanding Touch 00084AF7
Consume Health 000849DB
Convalescence 000C7666
Corrode Armor 00088891
Corrode Weapon 00088893
Crumpled Note 00074A8A
Crumpled Piece of Paper 000624D1
crumpled piece of paper 000624D2
Crumpled Piece of Paper 000AA07E
Crumpled Piece of Paper 000AA07F
Crumpled Piece of Paper 000AA080
Crumpled Piece of Paper 000AA081
Crumpled Piece of Paper 000AA082
Crumpled Piece of Paper 000AA083
Crumpled Piece of Paper 0008DC4A
Crumpled Piece of Paper 0008DC4C
Cure Disease 00087293
Cure Paralysis 00087294
Cure Poison 00087295
Damage Agility 00087296
Damage Fatigue 0008729D
Damage Intelligence 00087298
Damage Luck 00087299
Damage Speed 0008729A
Damage Strength 0008729B
Damage Willpower 0008729C
Darkest Darkness 00024564
Dar-Ma’s Diary 000280A9
Daughter of the Niben 000243D4
Daylight 000898F0
De Rerum Dirennis 000243D2
Dead Drop Orders #1 0002FB3E
Dead Drop Orders #2 00031B2A
Dead Drop Orders #3 0002FB3B
Dead Drop Orders #4 00030146
Dead Drop Orders #5 00030194
Dead Drop Orders #6 00030195
Dead Drop Orders #7 000301AD
Dead Drop Orders #8 0000396B
Death Blow of Abernanit 000243E8
Debilitate 000898FB
Deed to Benirus Manor 0000A1BC
Defend 0008991C
Devour Health 000849DC
Diary of Springheel Jak 000152FC
Dire Enervation 000888A4
Dire Sever Magicka 00088885
Dire Wound 000888A7
Dirty Scroll 0006BFAC
Disintegrate Armor 00088892
Disintegrate Weapon 00088894
Dismiss Undead 0008ADA6
Dispel 00088895
Dispel Other 00088899
Divining the Elder Scolls 0000A254
Document of Purile Banter 000CA11E
Dominate Creature 00084AF4
Dominate Humanoid 00084AF6
Dominating Touch 00084AF8
Draconis Gift List 00002DAB
Drain Skill: Alteration 000888AD
Drain Skill: Blade 000888AE
Drain Skill: Block 0008DC82
Drain Skill: Blunt 0008DC81
Drain Skill: Conjuration 000888AF
Drain Skill: Destruction 000888B0
Drain Skill: Hand to Hand 000888B1
Drain Skill: Heavy Armor 000888B2
Drain Skill: Heavy Armor 0008DC83
Drain Skill: Illusion 000888B3
Drain Skill: Marksman 000888B4
Drain Skill: Mysticism 0008DC84
Drain Skill: Restoration 000888B5
Drain Skill: Sneak 0008DC85
Dwemer History and Culture 00022B17
Earana’s Notes 000277AE
Ease Burden 000888B6
Elder Scroll 00022DB0
Electric Shell 0008992C
Electric Shield 0008992D
Electric Touch 00089929
Electrocution 00089927
Elevate Magicka 00008874
Encumbering Touch 00084AE4
Enthralling Presence 00084AEE
Entropic Bolt 0008729E
Entropic Touch 00088881
Eyes of Eventide 000898F5
Eyes of Midnight 000898F6
Fall of the Snow Prince 00024544
Father Of The Niben 00024530
Fearful Gaze 00088888
Feyfolken I 000243E7
Feyfolken II 000243ED
Feyfolken III 000243F1
Fighters Guild History, 1st Ed. 000A915C
Fingers of the Mountain 00001101
Fire and Darkness 000243E5
Fire Ball 000888BA
Fire Shield 000888C9
Fire Storm 000888BB
Five Songs of King Wulfharth 00024588
Flame Shield 000888C8
Flame Tempest 000888BC
Flame Touch 000888C4
Flare 000888BE
Flash Bolt 000888BF
Folded Page 000624D3
Followers of the Gray Fox 00024595
Forged List of Candidates 0000C229
Fortify Health 000888DB
Fortify Magicka 000888DD
Fragment: On Artaeum 00024589
Fragment: Song of Hrormir 0000A256
Frenzy 000888DF
Frontier, Conquest 00024566
Frost Bolt 000888E8
Frost Shell 000888EF
Frost Touch 000888EC
Fundaments of Alchemy 00024567
Galerion The Mystic 00024568
Gelebourne’s Journal 00038447
Ghost Walk 000898EA
Gills 0008ADA9
Glacial Wall 000888F1
Glarthir’s Notes 000831B0
Glarthir’s Notes 000831B1
Glarthir’s Notes 000831B2
Glarthir’s Notes 000831B3
Glarthir’s Notes 000831B4
Glarthir’s Notes 000831B5
Glarthir’s Notes 000831B6
Glarthir’s Notes 000831B7
Glarthir’s Notes 000831B8
Glarthir’s Notes 000831B9
Glories and Laments 0000A2B3
Gods and Worship 0002456F
Grantham Blakeley’s Map 000366B3
Grasp of Terror 0008888B
Gray Fox Unmasked! 0006D6EF
Gray Fox, Man or Myth? 0006D6EE
Greater Convalescence 000C7667
Greater Detect Life 0008888F
Greater Dispel 00088896
Greater Dispel Other 0008889A
Greater Fortify Fatigue 000888DA
Greater Fortify Health 000888DC
Greater Fortify Magicka 000888DE
Greater Restore Agility 00089906
Greater Restore Endurance 00089908

Books and Scroll Codes Part 2

Greater Restore Intelligence 0008990A
Greater Restore Luck 0008990C
Greater Restore Personality 0008990E
Greater Restore Speed 00089910
Greater Restore Strength 00089912
Greater Restore Willpower 00089914
Greater Soul Trap 0008AD94
Greater Spell Reflection 00089902
Greatest Painter Safe! 00066CD4
Guard 0008991D
Guide to Anvil 0002455B
Guide to Bravil 0002455F
Guide to Bruma 0002455E
Guide to Cheydinhal 00024561
Guide to Chorrol 0002455D
Guide to Leyawiin 00024560
Guide to Skingrad 0002455C
Guide to the Imperial City 00024562
Hail Storm 000888E3
Hailstone 000888E7
Hallgerd’s Tale 00024401
Handbill 0006B5C8
Handbill 0006B5C9
Handbill 0006B5CA
Handbill 0006B5CB
Handbill 0006B5CC
Handbill 0006B5CD
Handbill 0006B5CE
Handbill 0006B5CF
Handbill 0006B5D0
Handbill 0006B5D1
Handbill 0006B5D2
Handbill 0006B5D3
Handbill 0006B5D4
Handbill 0006B5D5
Handbill 0006B5D6
Handbill 0006B5D7
Handbill 0006B5D8
Handbill 0006B5D9
Handbill 00071765
Handbill 00071766
Handbill 00071767
Handbill 00071768
Handbill 00071769
Handbill 0007176A
Handbill 0007176B
Handbill 0007176C
Handbill 0007176D
Handbill 0007176E
Handbill 0007176F
Handbill 00071770
Handbill 00071771
Handbill 00071772
Handbill 00071773
Handbill 00071774
Handbill 00071775
Handbill 00071776
Handbill 00071777
Handbill 00071778
Handbill 00071779
Handbill 0007177A
Handbill 0007177B
Handbill 0007177C
Handbill 0007177D
Handbill 0007177E
Handbill 0007177F
Handbill 00071780
Handbill 00071781
Handbill 00071782
Handbill 00071783
Handbill 00071784
Handbill 00071785
Handbill 00071786
Handbill 00071787
Handbill 00071788
Handbill 00071789
Handbill 0007178A
Handbill 0007178B
Handwritten Note 000C7631
Handwritten Note 0018BC65
Handwritten Note 0008DC48
Handwritten Note 000908C7
Hanging Gardens 0002458A
Hastily Scrawled Note 00033DEC
Heat Burst 000888C1
Heat Shell 000888C7
Heavy Armor Repair 00073A68
Heroic Touch 00089901
Heroism 000898FF
Hiding with the Shadow 0001FB52
Hindering Touch 00084AE3
History of Lock Picking 0001FB51
History of the Fighters Guild 00024405
House Balcony Area 000B1626
House Balcony Upgrade 000B1627
House Bedroom Area 000B1581
House Bedroom Area 000B1593
House Bedroom Area 000B15AD
House Bedroom Area 000B15DA
House Bedroom Area 000B1628
House Den Area 000B1624
House Dining Area 00090EB3
House Dining Area 000B157F
House Dining Area 000B158D
House Dining Area 000B15B3
House Dining Area 000B15D8
House Dining Area 000B1621
House Dining Area 00092022
House Dining Upgrade 000B15D9
House Display Case Upgrade 000B162B
House Dressing Area 000B15AE
House Kitchen Area 00090EB2
House Kitchen Area 000B1583
House Kitchen Area 000B158E
House Kitchen Area 000B15B1
House Kitchen Area 000B15D5
House Kitchen Area 000B1622
House Kitchen Area 0009202C
House Lower Storage Area 000B1594
House Lower Wall Hangings 000B1595
House Lower Wall Hangings 000B15B5
House Lower Wall Hangings 000B15DD
House Lower Wall Hangings 000B162E
House Middle Wall Hangings 000B15DE
House Racks Assortment 00090EB5
House Reading Area 00090629
House Reading Area 000B1580
House Servants Quarters 000B15DB
House Servants Quarters 000B162D
House Sitting Area 000B15B2
House Sitting Area 000B15D6
House Sitting Area 000B1623
House Sitting Area 0009202E
House Storage Area 00090EB4
House Storage Area 000B1584
House Storage Area 000B15B0
House Storage Area 000B162C
House Storage Area 00092023
House Study Area 000B1582
House Study Area 000B1592
House Study Area 000B15B4
House Study Area 000B15D7
House Study Area 000B162A
House Suite Area 000B15DC
House Upper Hall Area 000B15AF
House Upper Hall Area 000B1625
House Upper Sitting Area 000B1590
House Upper Sitting Area 000B1629
House Upper Storage Area 000B158F
House Upper Wall Hangings 000B1591
House Upper Wall Hangings 000B15B6
House Upper Wall Hangings 000B15DF
House Upper Wall Hangings 000B162F
House Wall Hangings 00090EB6
House Wall Hangings 000B1585
House Wall Hangings 00092027
How Orsinium Passed to Orcs 00024404
Hush 0008AD8F
Ice and Chitin 0002440C
Ice Blast 000888EA
Ice Bolt 000888E9
Ice Shield 000888F0
Ice Storm 000888E4
Imbel Genealogy 000152FD
Immobilize 000898FC
Immolating Blast 000888C2
Immortal Blood 000243FC
Incident in Necrom 00024408
Inspiration 000898FE
Inspiring Touch 00089900
Instructions 0006B5C6
Instructions: the Gray Cowl 00014740
Invitation from Umbacano 0002B458
Jearl’s Orders 0000C026
Journal of Claudius Arcadia 00072296
Journal of the Lord Lovidicus 00038B2F
King 000243F0
Knightfall 00022E65
Lake Stride 0008ADAD
Last Scabbard of Akrash 000243DA
Leech Health 000849DA
Legend of Krately House 00024549
Legendary Detect Life 00088890
Legendary Dispel 00088898
Legendary Magicka Drain 000888AC
Legendary Soul Trap 0008AD96
Legendary Spell Absorption 0008AD99

Books and Scroll Codes Part 3

Legendary Spell Reflection 00089904
Letter 000C654D
Letter 0006B5C0
Letter 0006B5C1
Letter 0006B5C2
Letter 0006B5C3
Letter 0006B5C4
Letter 0006B5C5
Letter 0006B5C7
Letter from Branwen 000A9668
Letter to Mother 000AA084
Letter to the Guild of Mages 000624D4
Letter to the Guild of Mages 000624DB
Letter to the Guild of Mages 000624DC
Light Armor Repair 00073A67
Lighten Load 000888B7
Lightning Ball 00089921
Lightning Blast 00089926
Lightning Bolt 00089925
Lightning Grasp 0008992A
Lightning Storm 00089922
Lightning Surge 0008992B
Lightning Wall 0008992E
Liminal Bridges 00073A60
List of Candidates 0000C04A
List of Death 00028D78
List of Death 00028D79
List of Death 00028D7B
List of Death 00028D7C
List of Death 00028D7F
List of Death 00028D80
List of Death 00028D82
Lithnilian’s Research Notes 00185377
Log of the Emma May 000366B1
Long Forgotten Note 000B6C0A
Lord Jornibret’s Last Dance 0002440D
Lost Histories of Tamriel 000C4A2B
Lost Histories of Tamriel 0000BF8C
Love Letter from Relfina 0001E084
Lynch’s Instructions 00015727
Macabre Manifest 0001D046
Mace Etiquette 00073A66
Mages Guild Charter 00026D8B
Magic from the Sky 00078563
Major Detect Life 0008888D
Major Enervation 000888A3
Major Heal Other 000B11FF
Major Magicka Drain 000888AA
Major Sever Magicka 00088884
Major Soul Trap 0008AD93
Major Wound 000888A6
Mannimarco, King of Worms 000243D0
Manual of Armor 000AA288
Manual of Arms 0002456A
Manual of Spellcraft 0002456B
Manual of Spellcraft 0006DDA1
March of the Sea 0008ADAE
Master Zoaraym’s Tale 00024400
Mesmerizing Grasp 00084AF2
Messenger’s Diary 0001C16C
Minor Detect Life 0008888C
Minor Enervation 000888A2
Minor Heal Other 000B11FE
Minor Magicka Drain 000888A9
Minor Soul Trap 0008AD92
Minor Wound 000888A5
Mixed Unit Tactics 0002456C
Modern Heretics 00026B1D
Moonlight 000898ED
More Than Mortal 0002453A
Movement Mastery 0008ADA2
Mute 0008AD90
Mysterious Akavir 0002456E
Mysterious Note 000355E0
Mysterious Scroll 00094085
Mysterium Xarxes 00005599
Mysterium Xarxes 0008B60A
Mystery of Talara, v 1 000243CE
Mystery of Talara, v 2 00024540
Mystery of Talara, v 3 000243FB
Mystery of Talara, v 4 0002440A
Mystery of Talara, v 5 00024580
Mysticism 0002458B
Myth or Menace? 0001F113
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1 00022B04
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 2 00022B05
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 3 00022B06
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 4 00022B07
Necromancer’s Moon 00002DD1
Nerevar Moon and Star 0002458C
New ‘Doomstones’ Series! 0006BD47
New Watch Captain Named 0006D6F2
N’Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! 0002458D
Night Falls on Sentinel 000243EF
Night Mother Rituals! 0007BEA0
Nirnroot Missive 0004E95E
Note 00068C10
Note 00068C11
Note 00068C12
Note 00068C13
Note 00068C14
Note 00068C15
Note 00068C16
Note 00068C17
Note 0002C524
Note 000B073C
Note from First Mate Filch 000738D8
Note from Gray Fox 0000A1B1
Note from Raminus Polus 0000A23B
Note of Bounty 000B073D
Note of Exception 000C6548
Note to Gwinas 00022B83
Notes on Racial Phylogeny 0002453D
Notes: Captain Montrose 000950E2
Oceanic Journey 0008ADAF
Oghma Infinium 000228F1
On Morrowind 0002456D
On Oblivion 0002457E
Open Average Lock 000898F9
Open Easy Lock 000898F8
Open Hard Lock 000898FA
Open Very Easy Lock 000898F7
Open Very Hard Lock 000CBF7B
Oppressing Grasp 00084AE5
Orders From Lucien Lachance 00035E03
Origin of the Mages Guild 0002458F
Pacification 00084AE8
Pack Mule 000888B8
Palace Break-In? 0006D6F4
Pale Pass Discovery! 00066CD2
Pale Pass Map 00066D69
Palla, volume 1 00024409
Palla, volume 2 000243DD
Paralyze 000898FD
Parchment 000CAA9A
Pension of the Ancestor Moth 000982F0
Plan for the Big Heist 00022DB4
Poor Burdened by Taxes! 0006D6F0
Pranks Spoils Society Gathering! 00098689
Proper Lock Design 00073A64
Protect 0008991B
Provinces of Tamriel 0002457F
Psychic Motion 0008ADA0
Public Notice 00071D50
Purloined Shadows 0002454A
Rage 000888E0
Rain of Burning Dogs! 00098683
Ramblings of Audens Avidius 0003D06B
Reality & Other Falsehoods 00073A69
Rebuke Undead 0008ADA5
Recipe 0006DBBA
Recipe 0006DBBB
Recipe 0006DBBC
Remanada 000BF1CF
Remote Manipulation 0008AD9F
Report: Disaster at Ionith 00024558
Repulse Undead 0008ADA4
Response to Bero’s Speech 000243F8
Restore Agility 00089905
Restore Endurance 00089907
Restore Intelligence 00089909
Restore Luck 0008990B
Restore Personality 0008990D
Restore Speed 0008990F
Restore Strength 00089911
Restore Willpower 00089913
Reverse Invisibility 0003001B
Rislav The Righteous 0002440F
River Walk 0008ADAC
Ruins of Kemel-Ze 00024575
Sacred Witness 00024548
Scorching Blow 000888C6
Scrap from Lorgren’s Diary 00003A9B
Sealed Forged Candidate List 0000C22A
Sealed Note 00022173
Searing Grasp 000888C5
Seductive Charm 00084AF9
Serenity 00084AE7
Sever Magicka 00088883
Shadow 00084AEC
Shadow Shape 000898E9
Shield 0008991E
Shock 00089924
Shocking Burst 00089920
Shocking Touch 00089928
Shop Hours 000C4284
Shopping List 0006DBBD
Shopping List 0006DBBE
Shopping List 00154CD6
Shopping List 00154CD7
Shopping List 00154CD8
Shopping List 00154CD9
Shopping List 00154CDA
Shopping List 00154CDB
Shopping List 00154CDC
Shopping List 00154CDD
Silence 0008AD91
Sithis 000243D6
Sketch of the High Fane 0002AF00
Slythe’s Journal, page 1 0018BC23
Slythe’s Journal, page 2 0018D25B
Slythe’s Journal, page 3 0018D25D
Snowball 000888E6
Song Of Hrormir 000243E6
Song of the Alchemists 000243D1
Soothing Touch 00084AE9
Souls, Black and White 00073A6B
Spark 00089923
Spectral Form 000898EB
Spell Absorption 0008AD97
Spirit of the Daedra 00024582
Starlight 000898EC
Stormrider Scroll 000CA120
Suicide Note 001778D9
Summon Clannfear 00015AD9
Summon Daedroth 00015ADA
Summon Dremora 00015AD8
Summon Flame Atronach 00015AD7
Summon Frost Atronach 00015ADC
Summon Ghost 00015AD0
Summon Headless Zombie 0008AD9E
Summon Lich 00015AD3
Summon Rufio’s Ghost 0009190F
Summon Scamp 00015AD5
Summon Skeleton 00015ACF
Summon Skeleton Archer 0008AD9A
Summon Skeleton Champ 0008AD9B
Summon Skeleton Hero 0008AD9C
Summon Spider Daedra 00015AD6
Summon Storm Atronach 00015ADD
Summon Wraith 00015AD2
Summon Wraith Gloom 0008AD9D
Summon Xivilai 00015AD4
Summon Zombie 00015AD1
Summoning Dremora Lord 00015ADB
Superior Convalescence 000C7668
Superior Detect Life 0008888E
Superior Magicka Drain 000888AB
Superior Self 00088897
Superior Soul Trap 0008AD95
Superior Spell Absorption 0008AD98
Superior Spell Reflection 00089903
Superior Wound 000888A8
Surfeit of Thieves 00024545
Suspicious Letter 0003C37E
Tamrielic Lore 0002457A

Books and Scroll Codes Part 4

Tavern Hours 000C47BD
Telaendril’s Ocheeva Note 00175F62
Telekinesis 0008ADA1
Ten Commands: Nine Divines 00024577
Terrifying Presence 00088889
The Amulet of Kings 00024578
The Argonian Account, Book 1 000243E2
The Argonian Account, Book 2 00024559
The Argonian Account, Book 3 00024407
The Argonian Account, Book 4 0002455A
The Armorer’s Challenge 000243D9
The Art of War Magic 000243FA
The Black Arrow, v 1 000243CD
The Black Arrow, v 2 00024531
The Black Arts On Trial 00024539
The Book of Daedra 00024563
The Brothers of Darkness 00024586
The Buying Game 00024532
The Doors of Oblivion 000243F2
The Dragon Break 000243D5
The Eastern Provinces 00024565
The Exodus 0002453E
The Firmament 0002457B
The Firsthold Revolt 00024537
The Five Tenets 00024596
The Gold Ribbon of Merit 00024410
The Horrors of Castle Xyr 000243F7
The Importance of Where 000243EE
The Last King of the Ayleids 00058EEE
The Legendary Sancre Tor 00073A62
The Legendary Scourge 00024583
The Locked Room 00024541
The Lunar Lorkhan 000243D8
The Lusty Argonian Maid 00078562
The Madness of Pelagius 0002457D
The Mirror 000243E9
The Old Ways 0002458E
The Path of Transcendence 0003647E
The Pig Children 00024590
The Posting of the Hunt 00024585
The Ransom of Zarek 000243DE
The Real Barenziah, v 1 00024570
The Real Barenziah, v 2 00024571
The Real Barenziah, v 3 00024572
The Real Barenziah, v 4 00024573
The Real Barenziah, v 5 00024574
The Rear Guard 0002440B
The Red Book of Riddles 00024591
The Red Kitchen Reader 000243E0
The Refugees 0002440E
The Seed 000243FF
The Third Door 000243F3
The True Nature of Orcs 00024592
The Warp in the West 000243EC
The Warrior’s Charge 000243F6
The Waters of Oblivion 00024593
The Wild Elves 00024594
The Wolf Queen, v 1 00024542
The Wolf Queen, v 2 000243FD
The Wolf Queen, v 3 00024406
The Wolf Queen, v 4 00024533
The Wolf Queen, v 5 0002454C
The Wolf Queen, v 6 00024546
The Wolf Queen, v 7 0002454E
The Wolf Queen, v 8 00024581
Thief 000243CA
Thief of Virtue 0001F112
Tome of Unlife 00003AA3
Torchlight 000898EF
Touch of Fear 0008888A
Touch of Frenzy 000888E1
Touch of Rage 000888E2
Tragic Accident! Baenlin Dead! 000732B7
Traitor’s Diary 00003968
Transfer Orders 000C4A29
Transfer Orders 000982F1
Trials of St. Alessia 00024579
Turn Undead 0008ADA3
Undelivered Letter 000C794B
Vampire Nest in the City! 0006D6F3
Varieties of Daedra 0002457C
Vernaccus and Bourlor 0002452F
Vicente’s Note to Ocheeva 000693D2
Voice of Dread 00088887
Voice of Rapture 00084AF0
Wanted Poster 000982EF
Warrior 000243EB
Water Breathing 0008ADA7
Waterfront Raid Fails! 0006D6F1
Waterfront Tax Records 000C4A2A
Waterfront Tax Records 00034875
Way of the Exposed Palm 00073A6A
Weakness to Disease 0008ADB0
Weakness to Fire 0008ADB1
Weakness to Frost 0008ADB2
Weakness to Magicka 0008ADB3
Weakness to Poison 0008ADB5
Weakness to Shock 0008ADB6
Weakness to Weapons 0008ADB4
Weathered Journal 000624D9
Winter’s Grasp 000888ED
Withering Bolt 0008729F
Withering Touch 00088882
Withershins 0002453C
Words and Philosophy 000243E3
Worn, Faded Note 0002C500

Ingredient Codes

Listed here and on the following pages are the give item ingredient codes for use with the player.additem cheat code.

Alkanet Flower – 0003365C
Aloe Vera Leaves – 000A7924
Ambrosia – 000704A0
Apple – 0003365D
Arrowroot – 0003365E
Ashes of Hindaril – 000977DD
Beef – 0003365F
Bergamot Seeds – 000A7933
Blackberry – 00033663
Bloodgrass – 00033664
Boar Meat – 00033665
Bog Beacon Asco Cap – 0008446C
Bonemeal – 00048734
Bonemeal – 0001EBFF
Bread Loaf – 00023D89
Cairn Bolete Cap – 0006251E
Carrot – 00033666
Carrot of Seeing – 00082DE2
Cheese Wedge – 00033668
Cheese Wheel – 00033669
Cinnabar Polypore Red Cap – 0008529C
Cinnabar Polypore Yellow Cap – 0008529B
Clannfear Claws – 0003366A
Clouded Funnel Cap – 00084472
Columbine Root Pulp – 000A7925
Corn – 0003366B
Crab Meat – 0003366C
Daedra Heart – 0001EC8F
Daedra Silk – 00033670
Daedra Venin – 00033671
Daedroth Teeth – 00033672
Dragon’s Tongue – 00025039
Dreugh Wax – 00033673
Dryad Saddle Polypore Cap – 0008529D
Ectoplasm – 0001EBFE
Elf Cup Cap – 0008529E
Emetic Russula Cap – 0008529F
Fennel Seeds – 000A7926
Fire Salts – 00033675
Flax Seeds – 000A7927
Flour – 00033674
Fly Amanita Cap – 00084471
Foxglove Nectar – 00033687
Frost Salts – 00022E5B
Garlic – 00033677
Ginkgo Leaf – 00033678
Ginseng – 00033679
Glow Dust – 0001EBE8
Grapes – 0003367B
Green Stain Cup Cap – 0008446A
Green Stain Shelf Cap – 0008529A
Ham – 0003367C
Harrada – 0003367D
Human Heart – 000CD51C
Human Heart – 00071F36
Human Skin – 00071F35
Imp Fluid – 000549BE
Imp Gall – 0002EE72
Ironwood Nut – 0003367E
Jumbo Potato – 00177A2A
Lady’s Mantle Leaves – 000A7928
Lady’s Smock Leaves – 000A7929
Lavender Sprig – 000A792A
Leek – 00033680
Lettuce – 00033681
Lichor – 0007049E
Mandrake Root – 00033683
Milk Thistle Seeds – 000A792C
Minotaur Horn – 00033568
Monkshood Root Pulp – 000A792E
Morning Glory Root Pulp – 000A792F
Mort Flesh – 00033685
Motherwort Sprig – 000A7930
Mugwort Seeds – 000A7931
Mutton – 00033686
Nightshade – 00033688
Nirnroot – 0004E940
Ogre’s Teeth – 00033689
Onion – 0003368A
Orange – 0007588E
Painted Troll Fat – 0009209E
Pear – 0003368B
Peony Seeds – 000A7932
Pinarus’ Prize Minotaur Horn – 000CBD45
Poisoned Apple – 000918F0
Potato – 0003368C
Primrose Leaves – 000A7934
Pumpkin – 0003368D
Radish – 0003368E
Rat Meat – 0003368F
Rat Poison – 00026B08
Redwort Flower – 0002503A
Refined Frost Salts – 00022F1A
Rice – 00033690
Root Pulp – 00033691
Rumare Slaughterfish Scales – 00185FE2
Sacred Lotus Seeds – 000A7936
Scales – 00033692
Scamp Skin – 00033693
Shepherd’s Pie – 000B97E9
S’jirra’s Famous Potato Bread – 00177A29
Somnalius Frond – 00033696
Spiddal Stick – 00033697
St. Jahn’s Wort Nectar – 000A7939
Steel-Blue Entoloma Cap – 0008446B
Stinkhorn Cap – 0008446D
Strawberry – 00033699
Summer Bolete Cap – 00084470
Sweetcake – 0003369A
Sweetroll – 0003369B
Taproot – 000AF06E
Tiger Lily Nectar – 000A792B
Tinder Polypore Cap – 0008446F
Tobacco – 0003369D
Tomato – 0003369E
Troll Fat – 00026B5C
Unicorn Horn – 0001EC5B
Vampire Dust – 0004872C
Vampire Dust – 00009182
Venison – 0002229B
Viper’s Bugloss Leaves – 000A793B
Void Salts – 0003369F
Water Hyacinth Nectar – 000A793C
Watermelon – 000336A0
Wheat Grain – 000336A1
White Seed Pod – 000336A2
Wisp Stalk Caps – 0006251F
Wormwood Leaves – 000A793E

(Video) Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion console commands

Key Codes (Keys) Part 1

Need a key for Oblivion? Listed here and on the following pages are the give item ‘key’ codes for use with the player.additem cheat code.
A Rusty Key – 00024FE9
A Warlock’s Luck Key – 0000A076
Abandoned House Key – 000034F3
Adrian Decanius’ House – 0001777A
Aelwin’s Key – 00067DD4
Agarmir’s House Key – 00022BB6
Agnete’s Key – 00029187
Agronak’s Mysterious Key – 00038EE9
Ahdarji ‘s House Key – 00035989
Akaviri Fort Key – 0001C17C
Alberic Litte’s Key – 0002921A
Aldos Othran’s Key – 000034E3
Algot’s House Key – 0001D35C
Allectus’ Key – 0001DA89
Alval Uvani’s Key – 00035982
Ancestor Moth Key – 0009DAC6
Ancestor Moth Temple – 00098307
Andragil’s Key – 0000A080
Angelie’s House Key – 00022BB2
Antoinetta Marie’s Key – 000693D9
Anvil Chapel Key – 0000A261
Anvil Dungeon Key – 0000A264
Arcane Univ. Enchanter’s Key – 00092155
Archer’s Paradox Key – 0000A077
Arch-Mage’s Key – 00005297
Aredil’s House Key – 00022BDF
Aren’s Strange Key – 00090746
Aren’s Tower Key – 00098308
Arkay Chapel Undercroft Key – 00091ADA
Arnora’s Chest Key – 00093555
Arnora’s Key – 00035E51
Arriana Valga’s Key – 000242B6
Arriana Valga’s Quarters Key – 000C5581
Arvena Thelas’ Key – 0000A26A
Arvin Dalvilu’s Key – 0009824D
Astinia Atius’ Key – 00022BC3
Athram House Key – 00022BB9
Ayleid Cask Key – 000A6570
Baenlin’s Key – 00035E48
Baeralorn’s Key – 0000C0F4
Bantien’s Key – 00022BB4
Barash House Key – 000513C1
Basement Key – 00035E50
Baurus’ Key – 0001E702
Beldaburo Key – 0005E182
Benirus Manor Key – 00003A97
Bernadette Peneles’ Key – 00029185
Bit and Bridle Key – 0001D1FF
Black Brugo’s Key – 00085960
Blackwood Co. Basement Key – 00035705
Bleak Mine Key – 00098251
Borba’s Goods Key – 000034E7
Bradon’s Key – 000385A4
Bradus’ Key – 0000A268
Bralin’s Key – 000034EE
Branwen and Saliith’s Key – 000C47B3
Bravil Castle Key – 0000A073
Bravil Chapel Key – 0000A078
Bravil Dungeon Key – 0000A113
Brolus’ Key – 00035E4D
Brotch Calus’ Key – 00035E56
Bruma Chapel Key – 00036243
Bruma Dungeon Key – 00036261
Caminalda’s Key – 0000A95A
Canne’s Key – 00029184
Captain Patneim’s Key – 000738E0
Captain’s Key – 00049357
Carandial’s Key – 0000A07A
Casta Scribonia’s Key – 0002921C
Castle Anvil Interior Key – 0000A263
Castle Anvil Key – 0000A262
Castle Bravil Interior Key – 0000A074
Castle Bruma Interior Key – 00035E45
Castle Bruma Key – 00035E44
Castle Leyawiin Interior Key – 0003597E
Castle Leyawiin Key – 0003597D
Catacombs Key – 0000C585
Chanel’s Key – 000242B5
Charcoal Cave Key – 0008BA68
Cheydinhal Bridge Inn Key – 000034E6
Cheydinhal Castle – 000034EB
Cheydinhal Castle Interior – 000034EC
Cheydinhal Chapel Key – 000034EA
Cheydinhal Dungeon Key – 000055D7
Chorrol Castle Private Area – 000242B2
Chorrol Chapel Undercroft Key – 00029214
Chorrol Dungeon Key – 0002917D
Chorrol Jail Key – 0002AD2A
Cingor’s Key – 00035988
City-Swimmer’s Key – 0000A07D
Claudius Arcadia’s House Key – 00022BDE
Coast Guard Station Key – 0003598C
Commander’s Chest Key – 00093485
Commerce Office Key – 0004798A
Curtis’ House Key – 0001D5B2
Cyronin Sintav’s House Key – 0001781C
Dagon Shrine Key – 00033910
Damian Magius’ Key – 000534F3
Dar Jee’s Key – 00035980
Dareloth’s Key – 000534F4
Dark Fissure Cell Key – 0005BEA0
Derics’ Key – 00035983
Display Case Key – 00049D21
Display Case Key – 0008DD5F
Divine Elegance Key – 0001D205
Dorian’s House Key – 00022BC6
Dovyn Aren’s Key – 000177D3
Dro’shanji’s Key – 0002CF34
Dul gro-Shug’s Key – 00017779
Dust Eater Cell Key – 0006507C
Dynari Amnis’ Key – 00022BBF
Echo Cave Key – 0001648F
Edgar’s Discount Spells – 00022A72
Escape Route Key – 00028EDE
Estelle Renoit’s Key – 00029212
Eugal Belette’s Key – 0002921B
Falcar’s Key – 0002E99F
Faregyl Inn Key – 0000CBDC
Fathis Ules’ Key – 0001781A
Feed Bag Key – 00022A71
Fighters Guild Key – 0002229E
Fighting Chance Key – 0001D157
First Edition Key – 0001D155
First Hunter’s Run Key – 0018D13E
Flanau Hlaalu’s Key – 0002917B
Fo’c’s’le Key – 0000BC68
Forgotten Key – 00074A8F
Fort Blueblood Key – 0003CD2D
Fort Grief Door Key – 0001FEEE
Fort Grief Real Key – 0001FEF0
Fort Ontus Key – 0004ECEC
Fort Redman Key – 0009D2D6
Fort Sutch Gate Key – 00032665
Francois Motierre’s Key – 00029218
Fyre Light Cave Key – 0005B47F
Gallenus Rosentia’s Key – 00033C71
Ganredhel’s Key – 000034F2
Garrus Darelliun’s Key – 0003C2C1
Geem Jasaiin’s Key – 0001EB81
Gelebourne’s Key – 000385A2
Gharz House Key – 000034E2
Gilen Norvalo’s Key – 0001D35E
Glarthir’s Key – 0001DC48
Glarthir’s Secret Key – 000831BB
Gogan’s House Key – 00064202
Gogron gro-Bolmog’s Key – 0006C677
Graman’s House Key – 0001D35D
Grey Throat’s House Key – 0001DA91
Guildmaster’s Key – 0018D83F
Guildmaster’s Key – 0006E2EA
Gundalas’ Key – 0003598D
Gunder’s Key – 00029186
Gweden Basement Key – 0008696D
Hackdirt Key – 00028B7B
Hagaer’s House Key – 0001DA94
Hame Dungeon Key – 00085083
Hammer and Axe Key – 00035E43
Harm’s Folly Key – 00189D0F
Hastrel Ottus’ House Key – 0001D35B
Helvius Cecia’s Key – 00035E54
Helvo Atius’ Key – 00022BB0
Henantier’s Key – 0002CF33
Herminia Cinna’s House Key – 000177F2
High Fane Key – 0002AF06
Honmund’s Key – 00035E47
Horn Cave Cellar Key – 0005B609
Horn Cave Storage Key – 0005BC2A
Hrol Ulfgar’s Key – 00098293
Ida Vlinorman’s House Key – 000177EE
Imbel Family Crypt Key – 000152FF
Imbel House Key – 0009DB17
Imperial City Lighthouse Key – 0009096C
Imperial City Sewers Key – 0004F61A
Imperial Palace Key – 00115E05
Imperial Prison Key – 00092D8A
Imperial Prison Key – 000950C2
Imperial Sewer Key – 00027477
Imperial Trading Company Key – 000534F5
Imperial Watch Key – 00015EAF
Imperial Watch Office Key – 00086967
Iniel Sintav’s House Key – 00017775
Inventius’ Key – 0000A267
Irene Metric’s House Key – 0001777C
Iron Key – 00159826
Jair’s Key – 000477E4
Jakben Imbel’s House Key – 00022BC8
Jastia Sintav’s House Key – 00017819
J’bari’s Key – 00035981

Key Codes (Keys) Part 2

Jearl’s Key – 0002007F
Jeetum Ze’s Room Key – 000A5650
Jenseric’s Cabin Key – 00064615
Jenseric’s House Key – 0001DB08
Jensine’s Merchandise – 0001D201
Jesan Sextius’ Key – 0000A26D
Jewelry Box Key – 0000A9D7
J’Ghasta’s Key – 00035E55
Jirolin Doran’s Key – 00029219
J’mhad’s House Key – 00022BE0
Kalthar’s Key – 0000CF21
Kastus Sintav’s House Key – 00017817
Key – 0006DF2E
Key – 0003EE5D
Key of Hidden Wealth – 000C59A2
King and Queen Tavern Key – 00022B6E
Kvatch Guard House Key – 00031D31
Kvinchal’s Key – 000477E3
Lazare Milvan’s Key – 00029190
Lelles’ Quality Mercandise Key – 0000A25F
Leyawiin Chapel Key – 00069B16
Leyawiin City Watch Key – 0003597F
Leyawiin Dungeon Key – 00035F8C
Leyawiin Secret Room Key – 00092156
Lighthouse Cellar Key – 00054031
Lighthouse Key – 0000A25E
Lindai’s Royal Tomb Key – 000A55FC
Lirrians’ Key – 00035E4B
Llevana Nedaren’s Key – 000034E4
Loche’s House Key – 0000A081
Lorkmir’s House Key – 00017776
Lorkmir’s House Key – 00017833
Lost Boy’s Key – 000998CF
Luciana Galena’s Key – 0000A07F
Luronk’s House Key – 0001DA8F
Lyra Rosentia’s Key – 00035E49
Mach-Na’s Key – 000034E8
Mages Guild Key – 0002229C
Magul House Key – 000034E1
Malyani Dalvilu’s Key – 00098298
Marana Rian’s House Key – 0001DA96
Margarte’s Key – 00035985
Marinus Catiotus’ House – 000177EF
Matthias’ House Key – 00022BBB
Medrike’s Key – 0000C32A
Methredhel’s House Key – 0005202F
Mine Key – 0000295D
Mirabelle Monet’s Key – 0000A265
Miscarcand Key – 000C58B6
Modryn Oreyn’s Key – 00029220
Moranda Gate Key – 00051871
Mraaj-Dar’s Key – 0006FDA7
Murgakh gro-Ushag’s Key – 0002921E
My Bravil House Key – 0004ED80
My Bruma House Key – 0004ED88
My Cheydinhal House Key – 0004ED87
My Chorrol House Key – 0004ED8A
My Imperial City House Key – 0005319E
My Leyawiin House Key – 0004ED86
My Skingrad House Key – 0004ED89
Mystic Emporium Key – 0001D1FE
NE Watch Tower Key – 00053FF3
Necromancer’s Moss Rock Key – 0005B912
Neville’s Chest Key – 000852DB
Newheim’s Key – 0000A269
Newlands Lodge Key – 000034E5
Ninedava Gate Key – 00051F8D
Nivan Dalvilu’s Key – 0009829E
Nord Winds Key – 00035E3F
Novaroma Key – 00035E3E
NW Watch Tower Key – 00053FF4
Oaken-Hull’s Key – 0000A266
Odiil Farm Key – 000C89DD
Ohtimbar’s Key – 000034F1
Ongars Key – 00035E4E
Ontus Vanin’s Key – 00022BBA
Ormils Cabin Key – 0000C1FE
Ormils Cabin Key – 0007BAE0
Orthes Key – 0000C329
Orum House Key – 000034EF
Othrelos House Key – 000177F0
Otumeels Key – 0003598A
Pennus Mallius’ House Key – 0001D5B3
Plotius Key – 0003598B
Pot Hole Cell Key – 0005BD64
Prison Cell Key – 00023FFD
Quill-Weaves Key – 0000A26B
Ra’Jahirr’s Key – 00035987
Ra’jhan’s House Key – 000177F3
Ra’jiradhs House Key – 00022BC1
Ranaline’s Key – 0000A07E
Rasheda’s Key – 00029213
Raynil’s Key – 000385A3
Raynil’s Room Key – 00038449
Redas Dalvilu’s Key – 000982A3
Redwater Slough Key – 00070248
Regner’s Key – 00035E53
Reman Broder’s Key – 00029188
Reynald Jemane’s Key – 0002921D
Rimalus Bruiant’s Key – 00029216
Rindir’s Staffs Key – 0001D152
Ritual Key – 00033911
Riverview Key – 000034F0
Ri’Zakar’s Room Key – 000A564F
Roderic Pierrane’s Key – 00017816
Roebeck Bridge Room Key – 00026CD5
Ruslan’s House Key – 0001DA92
Rusty Key – 00074A8D
Rythe’s Studio Key – 0001BC2C
Salmo’s Key – 00029189
Salomon Geonette’s House Key – 0001DA8B
Sancre Tor Key – 0000A23F
Sanctuary Well Key – 0000B258
Satha Dalvilu’s Key – 000982A7
Scinia Crypt Key – 000568AD
Sea Tub Clarabella Key – 000738DF
Second Hunter’s Run Key – 0018D13F
Secret Cell Key – 000838CE
Seed-Neeus’ Key – 00029211
Seridur’s House Key – 0001DA8E
Serpent’s Wake Captain’s Key – 0007B73E
Serpent’s Wake Key – 0000A26E
Severius Atius’ Key – 00022BAF
Sewer Gate Key – 000274F5
Shameer’s Key – 0002918A
Shardrock Key – 0018BA0E
Shiny Ogre Cage Key – 0001EC48
Shrine of Dagon Key – 0001F14C
Sigil Keep Key – 00093EF5
Sigil Key – 0009504C
Sigil Key – 0009C225
Sinderion’s Key – 00068B05
Skingrad Castle Key – 0002C461
Skingrad Castle Silver Key – 0002C460
Skingrad Chapel Key – 00069B17
Skingrad Dungeon Key – 00035F8D
Skingrad Guardhouse Key – 0002ADAC
S’krivva’s Key – 0000A07C
Slash ‘N Smash Key – 0001D200
Sleeping Mare Key – 0000525D
Smoke Tomb Inner Key – 00083FB5
Smoke Tomb Outer Key – 00083FB4
Smuggler’s Key – 000A943C
Soris Arenim’s Key – 0002C677
South Watch Tower Key – 00053FF2
Southern Books Key – 00026085
S’rathad’s House Key – 00022BC5
Stantus Varrid’s House Key – 0001D359
Stonewall Shields Key – 0001D156
Storage Room Key – 0000C1FC
Storeroom Key – 00025099
Summitmist Manor Key – 000837D1
Sunken Sewers Key – 0009588D
Surilie’s House Key – 0002918B
Surius Afranius’ House Key – 0001DA98
Talasma’s Key – 0009853D
Tamika’s Key – 0002918C
Tarnished Ogre Cage Key – 0001EC41
Teekeeus’ Key – 00025067
Teinaava’s Key – 000693DA
Telaendril’s Key – 0006FDA8
Tertius Favonius’ House Key – 000177F1
Thamriel’s House Key – 00022BC0
The Best Defense Key – 0001D204
The Bloodwork’s Sewer Key – 000677DB
The Copious Coinpurse Key – 0001D154
The Fair Deal Key – 0000A075
The First Key of Dark Hate – 00014D63
The Gilded Carafe Key – 0001D202
The Main Ingredient Key – 0001D153
The March Rider Key – 000034E9
The Second Key of Dark Hate – 00014D64
Three Brothers Trade Goods Key – 0001D206
Toadstool Grog Key – 000974E8
Top Deck Key – 0000C1FD
Toutius Sextius’ Key – 0002918D
Trentius Mausoleum Key – 000CA22C
Trenus Duronius’ House Key – 0001D35A
Tun-Zeeus’ Key – 0003597C
Ulrich Leland’s Key – 0003F31A
Ulrika Ulfgar’s Key – 000982AA
Umbacano Manor Key – 0002B455
Umbacano’s Key – 0002B456
Undena Orethi’s Key – 0002918E
Underpall Gate Key – 0004E151
Ungolim’s Key – 0000A07B
Urasek Lockup Key – 000CA6DF
Usheeja’s House Key – 00022BC4
Uuras’ Key – 0002918F
Vahtacen Ruins Key – 0005401E
Valen Dreth’s Cell Key – 000950C0
Valtieri’s Key – 000693D8
Valus Odiil’s Key – 0002921F
Varel Morvayn’s Key – 0000A260
Varon Vamori’s Key – 0000A079
Vilena Donton’s Key – 00029217
Vilverin Chamber Key – 0006C323
Vilverin Sepulcher Key – 000C76CD
Warden Kastav’s Key – 00035DAB
Warehouse Key – 0001D203
Wariel’s Key – 00026836
Waterfront Sewers Key – 00026089
Weebam-Na’s Key – 00035986
Well Key – 000084D3
Wellspring Cave Key – 0006B396
West Weald Inn Key – 000979ED
White Stallion Lodge Key – 000908C1
Whitmond Farm Key – 0000CBEC
Willow Bank Key – 000034ED
Wumeek’s Key – 0001EB7E

player.placeatme <NPCid#> Part 0

WARNING: Overuse of the placeatme command may result in savegame bloating, which can lead to savegame corruption.

player.placeatme <NPCid#> Part 1

Here is the full list of codes that can be used when spawning NPCs in Oblivion:
A Stranger – 0000A2A5

Abhuki – 000389B8
Achille – 000A3166
Adamus Phillida – 0002FB2B
Adamus Phillida’s Bodyguard – 001778DC
Adanrel – 0001FB56
Adoring Fan – 000AED40
Adosi Serethi – 0002F865
Adrian Decanius – 00016057
Adrienne Berene – 0002950A
Adventurer – 0018ABFB
Aelwin Merowald – 00185FE0
Aengvir – 000514C4
Aenvir – 00035726
Afflicted Brethren – 00098254
Agarmir – 0001FC54
Agata – 0002D028
Agnar the Unwavering – 000C55E5
Agnete the Pickled – 00028F9B
Agronak gro-Malog – 00037FF8
Ah-Malz – 000293D5
Ahdarji – 00034E87
Ajum-Kajin – 000356CD
Akaviri Commander Mishaxhi – 0001C48D
Alawen – 0003C15F
Alban Corinis – 0004F125
Alban Justinius – 0002DF5F
Alberic Litte – 000222B8
Aldos Othran – 000034DE
Aleron Loche – 0000A110
Alessia Ottus – 0001D346
Alga – 00035EC4
Algot the Northerner – 0001D344
Alix Lencolia – 0018D2B4
Alonzo – 0008595D
Aloys Bincal – 00031867
Alval Uvani – 00030196
Alves Uvenim – 0002D027
Amantius Allectus – 000097A5
Ambroise Canne – 00028E75
Amir – 00026B4C
Amkaos – 0003CD19
Amminus Gregori – 000A369F
Amusei – 0003563B
Ancotar – 0002F86D
Ancus Afranius – 0001D354
Andragil – 0000A10B
Andre Labouche – 000C56E4
Andreas Draconis – 00030FDB
Anedhel – 00026B36
Angalmo – 000234BB
Angalsama – 00026ADB
Angelie – 0001FC51
Anguilon – 0000A299
Antoine Branck – 000488F3
Antoinetta Marie – 00023E36
Antus Flonius – 00067418
Antus Odiil – 000222A0
Anvil Guard – 0000A0AE
Anvil Jailor – 0000BE55
Anvil Soldier – 00026EB4
Arcturus – 000A3163
Ardaline – 0002D01B
Areldil – 0001FDD5
Arena Champion – 000274CC
Arena Contestant – 00082DE5
Arena Mouth – 00046653
Arentus Falvius – 00035EB9
Argonian Chieftain – 0000556D
Argonian Shaman – 00005569
Argonian Tribesman – 00005560
Ariela Doran – 000222B0
Arielle Jurard – 0002FD6E
Ariente – 0006BD2B
Arkana – 00027066
Arkved – 0001EC12
Armand Christophe – 00034870
Arnora – 0005383F
Arnora Auria – 00035ECD
Arquen – 00036308
Arterion – 00035A18
Arvena Thelas – 0003571D
Arvin Dalvilu – 0001ECC9
Aryarie – 0002D01D
Ascended Immortal – 000C526B
Ashanta – 00009C39
Ashni – 0009700C
Ashtus Chenius – 0001E783
Assassin – 00014A27
Astante – 00059D2F
Astav Wirich – 00026093
Astia Inventius – 0000A29E
Astinia Atius – 0001FDD1
Atahba – 000479F7
Athragar – 000234BA
Athrelor – 0002D6FD
Atraena – 0002F876
Audens Avidius – 00026D9A
Augusta Calidia – 0002F874
Aviera Nirol – 0008ADCC
Avrus Adas – 00034E6A
Ayisha – 0008521C
Ayleid Guardian – 00014F16
Aymar Douar – 00026B7B
Azani Blackheart – 0002C623
Azura’s Voce for Recording – 0002C6C0
Azzan – 00024166
Baenlin – 00023F0B
Baeralorn – 0000A28C
Bandit – 000055BD
Bandit Bowman – 00069AD2
Bandit Hedge Wizard – 00069AD4
Bandit Ringleader – 00009ABE
Banus Alor – 0003630A
Baragon – 000A3167
Barthel Gernand – 0003186C
Basil Ernarde – 0001EC0E
Batul gra-Sharob – 0002D6FB
Baurion – 0003001D
Baurus – 00023F2A
Bazur gro-Gharz – 000034DD
Beatrice Gene – 000982F9
Beewos – 00026ADA
Beirir – 0001ECCF
Bejeen – 00034E84
Belgarr – 00025264
Belisarius – 00037572
Belisarius Arius – 00036309
Beran Sintav – 00016065
Berich Inian – 00028036
Bernadette Peneles – 000294AF
Betto Plotius – 00034E89
Biene Amelion – 000091F5
Bittneld the Curse-Bringer – 000234A7
Bjalfi the Contemptible – 00185FE3
Black Bow Bandit – 000908AC
Black Bow Ringleader – 000908B6
Black Brugo – 0008595A
Black Rock Captain – 000CA18E
Black Rock Pirate – 000CA18D
Blackwood Company Guard – 00001734
Blackwood Company Member – 0003B302
Blanche Mastien – 000B11D6
Bleak Mine Guard – 0001EC4C
Bleak Mine Guard Captain – 0001EC4B
Blind Moth Prelate – 0014C46E
Blind Moth Priest – 0014C466
Bloodcrust Vampire – 0004872A
Blue Team Combatant – 0002ACD2
Blue Team Gladiator – 0014683C
Boderi Farano – 00034EB3
Boethia’s Chosen – 000A2ADD
Boethia’s Voice for Recording – 0009F98A
Bogrum Gro-Galash – 0000A082
Boldon – 0002D6F6
Bolor Savel – 00016483
Bongond – 000234B6
Borba gra-Uzgash – 000034C4
Borissean – 00034EB0
Boromir – 0002319F
Boroneth – 00098252
Bosmer Thief – 0001BC2A
Bothiel – 00034EB7
Bradon Lirrian – 00035EC6
Brag gro-Bharg – 00027F95
Bralsa Andaren – 0003E92F
Branwen – 000A713B
Bravil Jailor – 0000A17D
Bremman Senyan – 00031BC7
Brielus Gawey – 0006845A
Britta Invel – 0001C166
Brodras – 00034E72
Brokil gro-Shatur – 0000A085
Bronsila Kvinchal – 000477DB
Brooke – 000231A0
Brotch Calus – 0002991E
Brother Hjar – 000982FC
Brother Holger – 000982FE
Brother Hridi – 000982FD
Brother Martin – 00033907
Brother Piner – 000223AD
Bruccius the Orphan – 00015D85
Bruce – 00025237
Brucetus Festinius – 0002AF42
Bruma Guard – 0004630B
Bruma Investigator Guard – 00037F74
Bruma Jailor – 000362ED
Bruma Militia – 000272C5
Bruma Soldier – 000277A5
Bruscius Longus – 0005D517
Bugak gro-Bol – 00037C33
Bumph gra-Gash – 00035EC2
Bur-Meema – 0009786B
Burd – 00035EBE
Burz gro-Khash – 00024167
Caelia Draconis – 00030FD9
Caenlin – 00073279
Caenlorn – 0000A27D
Caldwyn – 00027E03
Calindil – 00015EA9
Callia Bincal – 00031869
Camilla Lollia – 000038B5
Caminalda – 0002DC08
Camonna Tong Thug – 00009236
Candice Corgine – 000243C8
Captain Baszone Patneim – 00094BE8
Captain Gepard Montrose – 00095331
Captain Renault – 0002349F
Captain Steffan – 00020078
Carahil – 0002CD1E
Carandial – 0000A108
Caranya – 00034EAD
Cargas Laftrius – 0001E796
Carius Runellius – 00037F73
Carmalo Truiand – 00035C83
Carmana Sintav – 0001605A
Carmen Litte – 000222AE
Caroline – 00037575
Carsten – 000039AE
Cartrus Gavinius – 0001E10E
Carwen – 0001FB57
Casta Flavus – 000A9487
Casta Scribonia – 000222AC
Cat-Face – 000479F5
Caula Allectus – 0001D34C
Celedaen – 000355F8
Chana Mona – 0000A08C
Chanel – 000222BA
Chapel Guard – 0001E831
Cheydinhal Gate Guard – 00031C31
Cheydinhal Guard – 000055C2
Cheydinhal Jailor – 000055D6
Cheydinhal Soldier – 00026F0D
Chorrol Guard – 000222BB
Chorrol Jailor – 00028C80
Chorrol Soldier – 000270F6
Christophe Marane – 0002DC04
Cicero Verus – 00015EA7
Ciindil – 0001ECD8
Cingaer – 00002E95
Cingor – 00034E86
Cirroc – 00035EB8
City-Swimmer – 0000A109
Claude Maric – 0002AF05
Claudette Perrick – 00015EAB
Claudius Arcadia – 00071D4B
Clesa – 0003E0DF
Colin Stedrine – 000982F8
Collatinus Vedius – 0002B529
Conjurer – 0004B92D
Conjurer Adept – 00009AC0
Contumeliorus Florius – 000222B7
Corrick Northwode – 00189D01
Corrupted Clone – 00073A2F
Corvus Umbranox – 0000C22D
Cosmus the Cheat – 00015D81
Count Andel Indarys – 000034CA
Count Marius Caro – 00034E6D
Count Regulus Terentius – 0000A08E
Count Tyrone Rugen – 0002B7D0
Count’s Bodyguard – 000055D4
Countess Alessia Caro – 00034E8C
Countess Arriana Valga – 000234AA
Countess Millona Umbranox – 0000A288
Countess Narina Carvain – 00035EBB
Countess’ Bodyguard – 0003597A
Countess’s Bodyguard – 0000C0F3
Courier – 000BE330
Curtis – 0001D34A
Cylben Dolovas – 000947BB
Cyronin Sintav – 00016059
Cyrus – 0001DB3E
Daenlin – 0000A089
Dagail – 0002CD22
Dairihill – 0000A289
Damian Magius – 0001DFB1
Danus Artellian – 00028FB9
Dar Jee – 00034E76
Dar-Ma – 000280C9
Dark Brotherhood Murderer – 00086753
DAVaerminaVoice – 0008ADCA
Davela Hlaren – 0003AB4E
Davide Surilie – 000294BF
Dead Argonian Agent – 0003558B
Dead Bandit – 0006BFA4
Dead Captain – 00095A40
Dead Captive – 00064C1D
Dead Crewmember – 00095A41
Dead Marauder – 00065E39
Dead Meat – 000980E0
Dead Scholar – 000C8808
Dead Treasure Hunter – 000CA005
Decentius Opsius – 00034E8B
Deeh the Scalawag – 00015D89
Deetsan – 0002D021
Deetum-Ja – 000514C5
Degil – 000B11D4
Delmar – 00034EB4
Delos Fandas – 00015EA2
Delphine Jend – 0002CB2D
Demetrius – 0005D545
Denel – 00035F52
Dennilwen – 00002E9B
Denyiir – 00025266
derek – 000342C3
Dervera Romalen – 000034C0
Dewey Decimal – 00025350
Dhola – 00085110
Didier Aumilie – 0000A281
Dion – 00028FB2
Diram Serethi – 0002F864
Doorkeeper – 0001F106
Dorian – 0001FDD3
Dovesi Dran – 000277D2
Dovyn Aren – 0001605C
Dralora Athram – 0001FC56
Dranas Lerano – 00035728
Dranas Llethro – 000477EC
Drarana Thelis – 0000BEA7
Dredena Hlavel – 0001ECD6
Dreet-Lai – 00009C3A
Drels Theran – 0000A093

player.placeatme <NPCid#> Part 2

Dremora Archer – 00014686
Dremora Caitiff – 00000FCE
Dremora Captain – 0003ABAD
Dremora Churl – 00000FCB
Dremora Feydnaz – 0000C57C
Dremora Hatred Keeper – 00014D61
Dremora Kynmarcher – 00000FD8
Dremora Kynreeve – 00000FD5
Dremora Kynval – 00000FD1
Dremora Lord – 0003B3DC
Dremora Markynaz – 00000FDB
Dremora Scout – 00014C59
Dremora Sigil Keeper – 00093EF0
Dremora Valkynaz – 00000FC8
Dro’Nahrahe – 0000A08F
Dro’shanji – 0002CA36
Druja – 000293EE
Dubok gro-Shagk – 0002C7C5
Dul gro-Shug – 00016056
Dulfish gro-Orum – 000034D4
Dumania Jirich – 0000A287
Dynari Amnis – 0001FC57
Earana – 000224E2
Edgar Vautrine – 00015E9D
Edla Dark-Heart – 00035ECF
Eduard Denile – 00034597
Eduard Hodge – 00074A94
Eduard Retiene – 000327BA
Eilonwy – 0002D023
Eitar – 00034E82
Elante of Alinor – 00003435
Eldamil – 0003C806
Eletta – 000352B3
Elidor – 00027F93
Elisa Pierrane – 00016063
Elragail – 0001FDD0
Else God-Hater – 00028F96
Elsynia – 0003E183
Emfrid – 000234B7
Emperor Uriel Septim – 00023F2E
Engorm – 0001C150
Enilroth – 00036307
Enrion – 00009C3B
Er-Teeus – 0001ECB1
Eridor – 000039A6
Erina Jeranus – 00028F90
Erissare Arenim – 0002C0EB
Erline Lirrian – 00035EC7
Ernest – 0003E0DE
Ernest Manis – 0001FDCF
Eronor – 000223AF
Errandil – 000034C8
Erthor – 0002D6E6
Estelle Renoit – 000234B0
Etira Moslin – 000280C7
Eugal Belette – 000222AD
Evangeline Beanique – 0014C715
Eyja – 0003E193
Fadus Calidius – 000293DB
Faelian – 0002F875
Fafnir – 000837D0
Falanu Hlaalu – 00028E73
Falcar – 0002CD21
Fallen Knight of the Thorn – 00071B91
Farwil Indarys – 00031BC5
Fathis Aren – 0000A090
Fathis Ules – 0002BA47
Faurinthil – 0009700A
Faustina Cartia – 0003AA89
Felen Relas – 0002D019
Ferrum – 000A3165
Ferul Ravel – 00026AD6
Fetid Jofnhild – 00015D84
Fighters Guild Porter – 000947A9
First Mate Filch – 000738DB
First Mate Malvulis – 00048962
Fithragaer – 0000BEE6
Fjotreid – 00035EB6
Floyd Nathans – 000B167D
Forgotten One – 0005DC98
Foroch – 0003AB51
Fortis – 000A3162
Foul Fagus – 00015D8B
Fralav the Faker – 0001C459
Francine Velain – 0008510F
Francois Motierre – 0002C0C6
Galtus Previa – 0002D728
Gan Luseph – 00035EC0
Ganredhel – 000034DB
Garrus Darelliun – 00031C23
Gaspar Stegine – 00034EB1
Gaston Surilie – 000294C0
Gaston Tussaud – 00025299
Gaturn gro-Gonk – 000234B5
Geel – 00034E7D
Geem Jasaiin – 0001EB82
Gelephor – 00015EA3
Gellius Terentius – 0000A092
Gemellus Axius – 0001FDD4
Genghis – 0003832F
GenghisClad – 00038331
Gerard Melie – 00028FA6
Gerich Senarel – 00035EBF
Ghorub gro-Ugdub – 0009828B
Ghost of Alain – 00033CD8
Ghost of Casnar – 000364B8
Ghost of Rielus – 000364B9
Ghost of Valdemar – 000364B7
Gilen Norvalo – 0001D24E
Gilgondorin – 0000A084
Gin-Wulm – 0003E92D
Giovanni Civello – 00037E8D
Githriian – 00002E99
Glarthir – 000294C3
Glenroy – 00023F2B
Glistel – 000222A3
Goblin Jim – 00031317
Gogan – 0003B3D3
Gogron gro-Bolmog – 00023E38
Gorgo gro-Shura – 0000A2A4
Graklak gro-Buglump – 00028F92
Graman gro-Marad – 0000C1D5
Grantham Blakeley – 000347B2
Gregory Arne – 00026ADC
Grey-Throat – 0001D252
Gromm – 00023F0C
Gruiand Garrana – 000034C9
Guard – 00027FCD
Guilbert Jemane – 00023E86
Guilbert Selone – 0018AD6B
Gul gro-Burbog – 00026B38
Gundalas – 00034E68
Gunder – 00028F98
Gureryne Selvilo – 000234AD
Gwendolyn – 000837CF
Gwinas – 00022466
Hackdirt Brethren – 000280C6
Haekwon – 00026B53
Hafid Hollowleg – 00035EB0
Hagaer – 0001D352
Hal-Liurz – 00028FB0
Hamlof Red-Tooth – 00015EA0
Hannibal Traven – 00034E16
Hans Black-Nail – 0000A091
Hanz gro-Hubrag – 000B167F
Harrow – 00033905
Hasathil – 0000A29C
Hassiri – 0001FDCE
Hastrel Ottus – 0001D345
Hauls-Ropes-Faster – 0000A297
Havilstein Hoar-Blood – 000301AC
Hawkeye – 00027064
Hears-Voices-In-The-Air – 000B1670
Heinrich Oaken-Hull – 0000A29B
Helvius Cecia – 00035ED0
Helvo Atius – 0001FC50
HEMale – 000245A5
Henantier – 0002CA35
Herminia Cinna – 0002E5C6
Hides-His-Heart – 000234B3
Hieronymus Lex – 0003486E
High Chancellor Ocato – 00014699
Highwayman – 000C5229
Hil the Tall – 000034C6
Hillod the Outlaw – 000477ED
Hindaril – 000977DA
Hircine’s Voice for Recording – 00051EDB
Hirtel – 0002D6FF
Hjolfrodi the Harrier – 0001E70C
Hlaro Dren – 00064DA4
Hlidara Mothril – 00034E8D
Hlofgar – 00009C38
Homraz gra Morgrump – 000234B1
Honditar – 000234B9
Honmund – 00035EC3
Hrol Ulfgar – 0001ECD0
Humilis Nonius – 0003C97A
Hundolin – 00029D75
Hunting Tail – 00098295
Huurwen – 0000A294
I walk up and down stairs – 00085E4B
Ida Ottus – 0001D347
Ida Vlinorman – 0001605D
Idrolian – 00002E9A
Ilav Dralgoner – 0002D6EC
Ilend Vonius – 0009812F
Ilvel Romayn – 0001ECAD
Imperial Jailor – 0018D1F4
Imperial Legion Archer – 00001145
Imperial Legion Battlemage – 0009263B
Imperial Legion Captain – 0004892F
Imperial Legion Centurion – 00035DFD
Imperial Legion Forester – 00061444
Imperial Legion Messenger – 000146EA
Imperial Legion Soldier – 00001144
Imperial Legionnaire – 0009061A
Imperial Prison Guard – 00045F7E
Imperial Watch – 0001C34B
Imus the Dull – 00015D82
Iniel Sintav – 00016055
Inigo Montoya – 0002B7CE
Irene Metrick – 00016058
Irlav Jarol – 00014674
Irroke the Wide – 00026B14
Isa Raman – 00035EB7
Isabeau Bienne – 00026B4F
Isleif the Open Handed – 000477E5
Isolde – 0000A298
Istirus Brolus – 00035EC8
Ita Rienus – 0002D01C
Itius Hayn – 00026D98
Iver – 000151FC
J’baana – 0009346E
J’Baasha – 0008521B
J’bari – 00034E77
J’Ghasta – 00030148
J’mhad – 000221C3
J’riska – 000897DD
J’skar – 0002D01E
J’zin-Dar – 0000A10C
Ja’Fazir – 00034E7A
Jair – 000477D4
Jakben, Earl of Imbel – 000148D5
Jalbert – 000C80FD
Janonia Aurunceia – 0004F77D
Jantus Brolus – 00035EC9
Januarius Aurunceia – 0004F77E
Janus Hassildor – 00028FAE
Jaras Invel – 0001C168
Jastia Sintav – 00016067
Jauffre – 00023999
Javolia Maborel – 0005D547
Jean-Pierre Lemonds – 0000A086
Jeanne Frasoric – 0002CD20
Jearl – 00035ECB
Jee-Tah – 0002FF2A
Jeelius – 00024E0A
Jeetum-Ze – 000356EC
Jena – 00037576
Jena Sintav – 00016068
Jensine – 00015EA4
Jesan Rilian – 0002800B
Jesan Sextius – 0000A2A3
Jhared Strongblade – 000335B1
Jirolin Doran – 000234AC
Jiv Hiriel – 000280CA
Jolie Retiene – 000327BF
Jollring – 0002AB4C
Jorck the Outcast – 00015D83
Jorundr – 00036244
Julienne Fanis – 00034EAF
Julitta Plotius – 00034E8A
K’Sharr – 00003946
Kalthar – 0002D8C0
Kantav Cheynoslin – 00034E6C
Karinnarre – 0003E188
Kastav Kvinchal – 000477DD
Kastus Sintav – 00016064
Kathutet – 0003C805
Keld of the Isles – 000034CF
Kewan – 0001ECA9
Kiara – 0002DC06
Kirsten – 0001ECD2
Krognak gro-Brok – 0000A296
Kud-Ei 0002CD1F –
Kurdan gro-Dragol – 0001F428
Kurdan’s Imperial Hunter – 0001FEEA
Kurdan’s Nord Hunter – 0001FEEC
Kurdan’s Orc Hunter – 0001FEEF
Kurz gro-Baroth – 000234BE
Kvatch Soldier – 00026F18
Kylius Lonavo – 00181C64
Lackey – 0002AB55
Lady Drad – 0001EC33
Lady Rogbut gra-Shurgak – 0000BE80
Laenafil – 00028FA7
Langley – 0000A28B
Laralthir – 0000A286
Larthjar the Laggard – 0000BD60
Lashana – 0006BD2D
Laythe Wavrick – 000038CA
Lazare Milvan – 00028E72
Lazy Kaslowyn – 00015D87
Lenka Valus – 0018AD70
Lerexus Callidus – 00181C68
Ley Marillin – 00016053
Leyawiin City Watch – 0000A0B8
Leyawiin Guard – 00034E71
Leyawiin Jailor – 00035F8F
Leyawiin Soldier – 00026F20
Lithnilian – 00185374
Llensi Llaram – 0000A293
Llevana Nedaren – 000034DF
Logvaar – 00035EB1
Lonely Man – 00023D7E
Lord Drad – 0001EC31
Lord Lovidicus – 00038EDD
Lord Rugdumph gro-Shurgak – 0000BE7F
LordGenghis – 0003E915
Lorgren Benirus – 0006E7EF
Lorkmir – 0004DE82
Luciana Galena – 0000A10A
Lucien Lachance – 000034AF
Luckless Lucina – 00015D86
Lum gro-Baroth – 000234BF
Lumdum gro-Golpok – 0001DFB3
Lurio Maenius – 00022BBD
Luronk gro-Glurzog – 0001D350
Luther Broad – 00023DE6
Lynch – 0000C1D8
Lynda Carter – 000CD302
Lyra Rosentia – 00035EC5
M’aiq the Liar – 000C47EC
M’dasha – 000897DF
M’dirr – 000897E1
M’raaj-Dar – 00023E35
Ma’Raska – 00026B37
Mach-Na – 00023FEA
Maelona – 0000A2A2
Maenlorn – 0000A27C
Maeva the Buxom – 00185FE5
Mage – 00032940
Mage Apprentice – 0006AAAF
Mage Scholar – 0006A82E
Maglir – 00024165
Magra gro-Naybek – 0003E190
Magub gro-Orum – 000034D5
Mahei – 00034E7F
Maknok gro-Coblug – 000034DA

player.placeatme <NPCid#> Part 3

Malacath’s Voice for Recording – 00051EE2
Malene – 0003001C
Malintus Ancrus – 000222A6
Malyani Dalvilu – 0001ECCC
Mandil – 00016060
Manheim Maulhand – 000224EE
Mankar Camoran – 00033908
Mannimarco – 00016487
Marana Rian – 0001D353
Marauder – 00069AD7
Marauder Archer – 00069AD9
Marauder Battlemage – 00069AD6
Marauder Warlord – 0003CD2B
Marc Gulitte – 0002D01A
Marcel Amelion – 000A345B
Maren the Seal – 0001ECAB
Margarte – 00034E81
Marguerite Diel – 00033904
Mariana Ancharia – 000034C2
Marie Alouette – 000327BB
Marie Palielle – 00028F9F
Mariette Rielle – 000038B3
Marinus Catiotus – 0001605E
Marlena Brussiner – 000280CB
Maro Rufus – 00015EAC
Martina Floria – 00034EB5
Marz – 0000A08B
Mathieu Bellamont – 0000398A
Matilde Petit – 000277D5
Matthias Draconis – 00030FDA
Mattius Wotrus – 0006BD29
Mazoga the Orc – 00085969
Melisande – 0003E931
Mels Maryon – 0001EBF7
Melus Petilius – 00026B46
Menien Goneld – 0009812E
Mensa Selas – 0008521D
Mephala’s Voice for Recording – 00051EE3
Merandil – 00028035
Mercator Hosidus – 00035649
Mercenary – 000C7944
Merete – 000151FE
Merildor – 00059D2E
Methredhel – 00034E99
Miner – 000025FD
Minerva – 000224EF
Minx – 0000C1D9
Mirabelle Monet – 0000A295
Mirie – 0001ECAF
Mirisa – 00031540
Mivryna Arano – 0004E887
Modryn Oreyn – 000234C0
Mog gra-Mogakh – 00028F8C
Mogens Wind-Shifter – 0008521A
Mondrar Henim – 00035A16
Mor gra-Gamorn – 00026ACC
Mug gro-Murgak – 0009829B
Murdered Beggar – 000919C8
Mythic Dawn Acolyte – 00094E88
Mythic Dawn Agent – 0002F108
Mythic Dawn Guard – 00022C82
Mythic Dawn Leader – 0002F101
Mythic Dawn Storeroom Guard – 00026FC9
Myvryna Arano – 0003529A
Nahsi – 0000A095
Nardhil – 0004D83C
Naspia Cosma – 000034CB
Natch Pinder – 000280CC
Necromancer – 0001EC05
Necromancer Adept – 0004B948
Nedhelfin – 00002E97
Neesha – 00028FAC
Nels the Naughty – 000277D4
Nermus the Mooch – 00015D88
Nerussa – 000BB9CB
Neville – 000277D1
Newheim the Portly – 00035740
Night Child – 000C509C
Nigidius the Needy – 00015D8C
Nilawen – 0000A087
Niraegaer – 00002E96
Nivan Dalvilu – 0001ECC8
No-Coins Draninus – 0001C45A
Norasa Adus – 0005D516
Norbert Lelles – 00035724
Nordinor – 0003E17E
NormalHead – 00029916
Noveni Othran – 000353DF
Numeen – 00034E7E
Ocheeva – 000224EC
Oghash gra-Magul – 000034DC
Ogier Georick – 00015E9A
Ohtesse – 000034C7
Ohtimbar – 000034D0
Olav – 00035EAC
Olava the Fair – 0000A08D
Oleed-Ei – 00034E7C
Oleta – 00090AB3
Olfand – 00035EB5
Olyn Seran – 00026B4D
On-Staya Sundew – 00033906
Ongar the World-Weary – 00035ECA
Ontus Vanin – 0001CF33
Orag gra-Bargol – 000234AE
Orgnolf Hairy-Legs – 000222B9
Orintur – 0002D022
Ormellius Goldwine – 00031E96
Ormil – 0000C1D4
Orok gro-Ghoth – 000234A8
Orrin – 0000A2A1
Orthe – 0003CD1B
Ortis – 00026AD9
Othrelos – 0001605F
Otius Loran – 000234AB
Otumeel – 00034E88
Owyn – 000222B6
Pajeen – 000A3833
Palace Guard – 00115DFE
Pale Lady – 0004B76F
Palonirya – 00015EA8
Parwen – 000293E4
Pelagius – 000A3164
Penniless Olvus – 00015D7F
Pennus Mallius – 0001D356
Perennia Draconis – 00030FDC
Petrine – 00035EAD
Philip Franc – 000B1681
Phintias – 00015E9B
Pinarus Inventius – 0000A29D
Pirate – 000738DE
Pista Marillin – 00016054
Pranal – 000389BD
Praxedes Afranius – 0001D355
Priest of Arkay – 0001CEAA
Primo Antonius – 000277D3
Prince Humperdinck – 0002B7D2
Prior Maborel – 000223AB
Prisoner – 0003EAAD
Puny Ancus – 000165ED
Quill-Weave – 0000A2A0
R’vanni – 0000A10D
Ra’Jahirr – 00034E85
Ra’Jhan – 0001E750
Ra’jhera the Keeneye – 000CD327
Ra’jiradh – 0001FDCC
Ra’qanar – 000034CE
Raelynn the Gravefinder – 00185378
Ragbag Buntara – 0001C45B
Rallus Odiil – 0002229F
Ralsa Nethan – 00097865
Ralsa Norvalo – 0001D343
Raminus Polus – 00034E15
Rana – 00034E7B
Ranaline – 0000A083
Rancid Ra’dirsha – 00015D8A
Ranyu – 0003CD1A
Rasheda – 000234AF
Raven Camoran – 0000ABB5
Raynil Dralas – 00035EAE
Redas Dalvilu – 0001ECCA
Reenum – 0000A112
Regner – 00035ECE
Reistr the Rotted – 0000A10E
Rellian – 0002C7C6
Reman Broder – 000294A2
Rena Bruiant – 000222B2
Renald Viernis – 00034EB6
Renee Geonette – 0001D34E
Restita Statlilia – 00068459
Reynald Jemane – 000222A8
Rhano – 0000A290
Ri’Bassa – 00026AED
Ri’Jirr – 0001C13D
Ri’Zakar – 00035703
Rienna – 00027F94
Right-Wind – 00035EC1
Rigmor – 0002AF3C
Rimalus Bruiant – 000222B3
Rindir – 00015E9C
Ris Fralmoton – 00015EA1
Rochelle Bantien – 0001FC53
Roderic Pierrane – 0001623A
Roderick – 00028FA4
Rogmesh gra-Coblug – 000034D9
Rohssan – 0001C14C
Roland Jenseric – 0001D34B
Rolgarel – 0001D0AC
Roliand – 00037573
Roliand Hanus – 0002FD70
Romana Faleria – 00016062
Rona – 000982A5
Rona Hassildor – 0003E956
Rosentia Gallenus – 00033C74
Roxanne Brigette – 0000A10F
Roxy Aric – 0008595B
Rufio – 000224F0
Rufrius Vinicius – 0000A291
Ruma Camoran – 0002952D
Rusia Bradus – 0000A29F
Ruslan – 0001D351
Rythe Lythandas – 000034D2
S’drassa – 0002D026
S’jirra – 00177A2B
S’kasha – 00067417
S’Krivva – 00035DD6
S’mirra – 000514C6
S’rathad – 0001FDD2
S’razirr – 0002AF3E
S’shani – 0000A280
S’thasa – 000897E7
Sabine Laul – 000234BD
Sakeepa – 0002F85F
Saliith – 000A713C
Salmo – 00029495
Salomon Geonette – 0001D34D
Samuel Bantien – 0001FC52
Sanctuary Door Voice – 00048968
Satha Dalvilu – 0001ECCB
Saveri Faram – 00035ECC
Savlian Matius – 00028007
Scar-Tail – 0003558A
Schlera Sestius – 00024412
Seed-Neeus – 000234B8
Selena Orania – 0002D020
Selene – 0000C1D7
Sergius Verus – 00015EA6
Seridur – 0001CF76
Servatius Quintilius – 00026D99
Severius Atius – 0001FC4F
Shady Sam – 000C45B5
Shafaye – 00026B2C
Shagol gro-Bumph – 0002F861
Shaleez – 0003018E
Shamada – 00034E66
Shamar – 000039AB
Shameer – 000294B7
Shelley – 000034C3
Sherina – 00034E73
Shobob gro-Rugdush – 0001EC37
Shomara – 00034E67
Shows-His-Arrow-Quickly – 00027065
Shum gro-Yarug – 00028FB6
Shuravi – 00034E65
Sibylla Draconis – 00030FD8
Siege Crawler Sentry – 0009C26A
Sigil Keeper – 0009504D
Signy Home-Wrecker – 0003AA85
Sigrid – 0002D701
Silana Blandia – 00034E6B
Simplicia the Slow – 0001C458
Sinderion – 0003E92B
Sings-Like-Thunder – 000B166E
Sister Angrond – 000ACE6D
Sister Phebe Jeanard – 000ACE73
Skaleel – 00035F43
Skingrad Guard – 0000C03E
Skingrad Jailor – 0002C0B7
Skingrad Soldier – 00026F25
Skjorta – 00035EB4
Slythe Seringi – 00185DC9
Snak gra-Bura – 0006B32B
Snar the Cook – 00035EB2
Soris Arenim – 0002F1FD
Soul of Er-Teeus – 0001ECB2
Soul of Ilvel Romayn – 0001ECAE
Soul of Kewan – 0001ECAA
Soul of Maren the Seal – 0001ECAC
Soul of Mirie – 0001ECB0
Stantus Varrid – 0001D349
Sten the Ugly – 0000A292
Storn the Burly – 00035727
Styrbjorn – 00033900
Sulinus Vassinus – 000293ED
Surius Afranius – 0002B5EB
Suurootan – 00035EB3
Tadrose Helas – 0000A096
Talasma – 000234B4
Tamika – 000294CC
Tanasa Arano – 000034D8
Tandilwe – 000153B9
Tar-Meena – 00132AEB
Tavia – 0002D6F9
Teekeeus – 000234BC
Teinaava – 00023E34
Telaendril – 000251CE
Tenville – 0008ADCB
Termanwe – 0001C16D
Tertia Viducia – 000034C5
Tertius Favonius – 00016061
Tertullian Verus – 00015EA5
Thalfin – 000151FA
Thamriel – 0001FDCB
Thaurron – 0002D018
The Forlorn Watchman – 000347B1
The Gray Fox – 00014653
The Night Mother – 0000922B
Theranis – 0001624C
Thiirchel – 00002E94
Thorley Aethelred – 0018AFD9
Thoronir – 00015E9E
Thrangirfin – 00002E98
Thulsa Doom – 0002576B
Thurindil – 0000A29A
Tierra – 00028034
Tilmo – 000545D9
Timothee LaRouche – 0002991A
Tivela Lythandas – 000034D3
Tolgan – 0001C494
Tolisi Girith – 000034D7
Tolvasa Sendas – 000A3832
Tooth-in-the-Sea – 0003C165
Torbal the Sufficient – 00026F96
Torbern – 000613B8
Toutius Sextius – 000293F7
Tovas Selvani – 000034E0
Trayvond the Redguard – 0002D024
Trenus Duronius – 0001D348
Trevaia – 0000A285
Tsalajma – 000897E3
Tsarrina – 0003AA83
Tsavi – 00034E6F
Tsramla – 000897E5
Tsrava – 00034E78
Tumindil – 00028F9D
Tun-Zeeus – 00034E69
Tyrellius Logellus – 0005378D
Ugak gra-Mogakh – 00028F8D
Ulen Athram – 0001FC55
Ulene Hlervu – 000034CD
Ulfgar Fog-Eye – 0000A27B
Ulmug gro-Cromgog – 00028FA9
Ulrich Leland – 000034CC
Ulrika Ulfgar – 0001ECD1
Umbacano – 0002AB4E
Umbra – 00026B1B
Umog gra-Marad – 0002B528
Undena Orethi – 00028E7D
Ungarion – 0000A088

player.placeatme <NPCid#> Part 4

Ungolim – 000301C4
Unknown Victim – 0008592F
Uravasa Othrelas – 0000A08A
Urbul gro-Orkulg – 00015EAA
Urjabhi – 0001FDCD
Urnsi Serethi – 0002F866
Ursanne Loche – 0000A111
Usheeja – 0002B5EA
Uuras the Shepherd – 00028E84
Uurwen 0002D025 –
Uzul gro-Grulam – 0001FB55
Vajhira – 0001EC5D
Valandrus Abor – 00028FA1
Valen Dreth – 00025200
Valen Dreth – 0002DF7A
Valus Odiil – 000222A1
Vamp Chow – 0003DB99
Vampire – 00003A8A
Vampire Acrobat – 0003264A
Vampire Agent – 00032648
Vampire Archer – 00032645
Vampire Assassin – 00032649
Vampire Barbarian – 00032641
Vampire Bard – 0003264D
Vampire Battlemage – 00032651
Vampire Crusader – 00032642
Vampire Knight – 00069AF0
Vampire Mage – 0003264E
Vampire Monk – 0003264B
Vampire Nightblade – 00032654
Vampire Patriarch – 00032BFE
Vampire Pilgrim – 0003264C
Vampire Rogue – 00032646
Vampire Scout – 00032644
Vampire Sorcerer – 00032650
Vampire Spellsword – 00032653
Vampire Thief – 00032647
Vampire Warrior – 00032640
Vampire Witchhunter – 00032652
Vandorallen Trebatius – 00028FB7
Vantus Prelius – 0002C7C7
Varel Morvayn – 0000A283
Varnado – 00015EAD
Varon Vamori – 0002991C
Varulae – 00095A45
Velan Andus – 0001DFB0
Velus Hosidius – 00015EAE
Velwyn Benirus – 0003628D
Viator Accius – 00015E9F
Vicente Valtieri – 00023E39
Vidkun – 0002E5AF
Viera Lerus – 0000A25C
Vigdis – 0000A28F
Vigge the Cautious – 000293F3
Vilena Donton – 000234C1
Vincent Galien – 0000A094
Vinicia Melissaeia – 00047720
Viranus Donton – 0002D71F
Vlanarus Kvinchal – 000477DC
Vlanhonder Moslin – 000280C8
Vlarimil Orius – 0001C16A
Volanaro – 0000A09A
Vontan Sintav – 00016066
Vontus Idolus – 000039B1
Voranil – 000034D6
Wallace – 000234B2
Weebam-Na – 00034E83
Weedum-Ja – 0002D6EE
Widehead – 00029915
Wilbur – 0000A27E
Wilhelm the Worm – 0000A282
Willet – 0001D340
Winson – 0001605B
Witseidutsei – 0002C8D8
Worm Anchorite – 000336F6
Wrath – 0000C1DA
Wretched Aia – 00015D80
Wumeek – 0001EB7F
Yellow Team Bloodletter – 00029908
Yellow Team Brawler – 00029234
Yellow Team Champion – 0002996B
Yellow Team Combatant – 0002ACD1
Yellow Team Gladiator – 0002994E
Yellow Team Hero – 00029968
Yellow Team Myrmidon – 00029912
Yellow Team Pit Dog – 0002A2B3
Yellow Team Warrior – 00029938
Ysabel Andronicus – 00037CDD
Yushi – 00026B4E
Yvara Channitte – 00035EBC
Zabhila – 00026AEF
Zahrasha – 000352B1

Change the Weather in Oblivion

You can use the console to modify the weather in Oblivion. If you want it clear to see a great view, or the Oblivion Storms are destroying your framerate, but you need codes for the different types of weather.

How to Change Oblivion’s Weather

Using the Developers Console Command “~” and enter “fw #code#” (where #code# is a hex code from below) to switch weather instantly and “sw #code#” to switch it naturally. If you add “,1” after the code (the weather over-ride switch), the weather will stay like that until you either change it manually with fw or sw again, or you enter the code “releaseweatheroverride”. Dismiss the console again with “~”.

Oblivion Weather Codes

The weather codes for Oblivion are as follows:

Clear – 00038EEE
Cloudy – 00038EFE
Fog – 00038 EEF
Overcast – 00038EEC
Rain – 00038 EF2
Snow – 00038EED
Thunderstorm – 00038EF1
OblivionStormTamriel – 000836D5
OblivionStormTamrielMQ16 – 0006BC8B
CamoranNatural – 000370CE
Default – 0000015E

The names of the weather types are pre-programmed, so I’ve given them as is, but they don’t seem to work with the console – you need to enter the Hex Codes listed next to the weather type. Enjoy!

Oblivion Location Codes (Part 1)

There codes are used in conjunction with the player.coc code. Using one of the codes below will teleport you to an area within Oblivion. Here is how you use the codes below:
Press the tilde (~) key to bring up the console and type in the following code:
player.coc <destination name>
Here is the full list of location codes for Oblivion:
Location Code
A Fighting Chance ICMarketDistrictAFightingChance
A Fighting Chance Basement ICMarketDistrictAFightingChanceBasement
A Fighting Chance Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictAFightingChanceUpstairs
A Warlock’s Luck BravilaWarlockluck
Abandoned Basement CheydinhalAbandonedHouseBasement
Abandoned House AnvilAbandonedHouse
Abandoned House CheydinhalAbandonedHouse
Abandoned Mine AbandonedMine
Abandoned Mine Caverns AbandonedMine02
Abandoned Shack ICWaterfrontAbandonedShack
Adrian Decanius’ Basement ICElvenGardensAdrianDecaniusHouseBasement
Adrian Decanius’ House ICElvenGardensAdrianDecaniusHouse
Adrian Decanius’ Private Quarters ICElvenGardensAdrianDecaniusHouseUpstairs
Aengvir’s House HarlunsWatchAengvirsHouse
Agarmir’s Basement ICTalosPlazaAgarmirsHouseBasement
Agarmir’s House ICTalosPlazaAgarmirsHouse
Agarmir’s Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaAgarmirsHouseUpstairs
Ahdarji’s House LeyawiinAhdarjisHouse
Ahdarji’s House 2nd Floor East LeyawiinAhdarjisHouse2ndFloorEast
Ahdarji’s House 2nd Floor West LeyawiinAhdarjisHouse2ndFloorWest
Alberic Litte’s Basement ChorrolAlbericLittesBasement
Alberic Litte’s House ChorrolAlbericLittesHouse
Aldos Othran’s House CheydinhalAldosOthransHouse
Aleron Loche’s House BravilAleronLochesHouse
Aleswell Inn AleswellInn
Algot’s Basement ICTempleDistrictAlgotsBasement
Algot’s House ICTempleDistrictAlgotsHouse
Algot’s Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictAlgotsHouseUpstairs
All Things Alchemical SkingradAllThingsAlchemical
Alval Uvani’s Basement LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouseBasement
Alval Uvani’s House LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouse
Alval Uvani’s House 2nd Floor LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouse2ndFloor
Amantius Allectus’ Basement ICTempleDistrictAmantiusAllectusBasement
Amantius Allectus’ House ICTempleDistrictAmantiusAllectusHouse
Amantius Allectus’ Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictAmantiusAllectusHouseUpstairs
Ambroise Canne’s House SkingradAmbroiseCannesHouse
Amelion Tomb AmelionFamilyTomb
Ancestor Moth Crypt TempleOfTheAncestorMothCrypt
Andragil’s House BravilAndragilHouse
Anga Anga
Angelie’s Basement ICTalosPlazaAngeliesHouseBasement
Angelie’s House ICTalosPlazaAngeliesHouse
Angelie’s Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaAngeliesHouseUpstairs
Anutwyll Anutwyll
Anutwyll Inner Chambers Anutwyll02
Anvil Castle AnvilCastleGreatHall
Anvil Castle Caverns AnvilCastleNecromancerLair
Anvil Lighthouse AnvilLighthouse
Anvil Lighthouse Cellar AnvilLighthouseBasement
Anvil Lighthouse Tower AnvilLighthouseUpperRoom
Anvil Mages Guild AnvilMagesGuild
Applewatch Farmhouse ApplewatchInterior
Arborwatch ChorrolHouseForSale
Arborwatch Bedrooms ChorrolHouseForSale2floor
Arborwatch Suite ChorrolHouseForSale3floor
Arch-Mage’s Lobby ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesTowerLobby
Arch-Mage’s Quarters ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesQuarters
Arch-Mage’s Tower Council Chambers ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesTowerCouncil
Areldil’s Basement ICTalosPlazaAreldilsHouseBasement
Areldil’s House ICTalosPlazaAreldilsHouse
Areldil’s Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaAreldilsHouseUpstairs
Arena ChorrolArena
Arena ArenaMatchCell
Arena Bloodworks ICArenaBloodworks
Arkved’s Death Quarters ArkvedsTower07
Arkved’s Hall of Changes ArkvedsTower04
Arkved’s Lost Halls ArkvedsTower03
Arkved’s Rending Halls ArkvedsTower06
Arkved’s Retreat ArkvedsTower05
Arkved’s Tower ArkvedsTower01
Arkved’s Void ArkvedsTower02
Armand Christophe’s House ICWaterfrontArmandChristopheHouse
Armor Warehouse WarehouseArmor
Armor Warehouse WarehouseMagicArmor
Armory ICImperialLegionHQArmory
Arnora’s House BrumaArnorasHouse
Arpenia Arpenia
Arrowshaft Cavern ArrowshaftCavern
Arrowshaft Cavern Subtarrane ArrowshaftCavern03
Arvena Thelas’ Basement AnvilArvenaThelasBasement
Arvena Thelas’ House AnvilArvenaThelasHouse
Arvin Dalvilu’s House BleakersWayArvinDalvilusHouse
Astante’s Home BrindleHome02
Astinia Atius’ Basement ICTalosPlazaAstiniaAtiusHouseBasement
Astinia Atius’ House ICTalosPlazaAstiniaAtiusHouse
Astinia Atius’ Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaAstiniaAtiusHouseUpstairs
Atatar Atatar
Atatar Haelia Anga Atatar03
Atatar Haelia Dagon Atatar02
Atatar Loria Atatar04
Baenlin’s Basement BrumaBaenlinsBasement
Baenlin’s House BrumaBaenlinsHouse
Barren Cave BarrenCave
Barren Mine BarrenMine
Barthel Gernand’s House CropsfordBarthelGernandsHouse
Bawn Bawn
Bawn Latta Bawn03
Bawn Loria Bawn02
Bay Roan Stables BravilStable
Bazur Gro-Gharz’s House CheydinhalGharzHouse
Bedrock Break BedrockBreak
Belda Belda
Belda Lor Belda02
Beldaburo Beldaburo
Beldaburo Anga Beldaburo02
Belletor’s Folly BelletorsFolly
Belletor’s Folly Cavern BelletorsFolly03
Belletor’s Folly Mines BelletorsFolly02
Beneath the Bloodworks ImperialSewerSystemArena
Benirus Manor AnvilBenirusManorHaunted
Benirus Manor Basement AnvilBenirusManorBasement
Bernadette Peneles’ House SkingradBernadettePenelesHouse
Best Goods and Guarantees LeyawiinBestGoodsAndGuarantees
Betto Plotius’ House LeyawiinBettoPlotiusHouse
Biene Amelion’s House WatersEdgeBieneAmelionsHouse

Oblivion Location Codes (Part 2)

Bincals’ House CropsfordBincalsHouse
Black Balconies of Fieldhouse FieldhouseCave03
Black Horse Courier ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourier
Black Horse Courier Basement ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourierBasement
Black Horse Courier Upstairs Offices ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourierUpstairs
Black Rock Caverns BlackRockCaverns
Black Rock Caverns BlackRockCavernsLight7
Black Rock Main Chamber BlackRockCaverns02
Black Waterside Stables CheydinhalBlackWatersideStables
Blackwood Company Hall LeyawiinBlackwoodCompanyHall
Blackwood Company Hall Basement LeyawiinBlackwoodTreeRoom
Blackwood Company Training Hall LeyawiinBlackwoodCompanyTrainingHall
Bleak Flats Cave BleakFlatsCave
Bleak Flats Cave XXXRANDOMCave01
Bleak Mine BleakMine
Bleaker’s Way Goodwill Inn BleakersWayGoodwillInn
Blood Well DAPeryiteSmallTower01
Blood Well MS13OblivionSmallTower01
Blood Well OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower04
Blood Well OblivionRD001Tower02
Blood Well OblivionRD003Tower02Left
Blood Well OblivionRD003Tower02Right
Blood Well OblivionRD006TowerLeft
Bloodcrust Cavern BloodcrustCavern
Bloodmayne Cave BloodmayneCave
Bloodmayne Cave Labyrinth BloodmayneCave02
Bloodrun Cave BloodRunCave
Book Warehouse WarehouseBooks
Borba’s Goods and Stores CheydinhalBorbasGoodsandStores
Borba’s Goods and Stores Basement CheydinhalBorbasGoodsandStoresBasement
Border Watch Inn BorderWatchInn
Boreal Stone Cave BorealStoneCave
Bradon Lirrians Basement BrumaBradonLirriansBasement
Bradon Lirrian’s House BrumaBradonLirriansHouse
Bramblepoint Cave BramblepointCave
Bravil Chapel Undercroft BravilChapelUndercroft
Bravil Fighters Guild Basement BravilFightersGuildBasement
Bravil Fighter’s Guild Second Floor BravilFightersGuild2ndFloor
Bravil Fighter’s Guild Third Floor BravilFightersGuild3rdFloor
Bravil Mages Guild BravilMagesGuild
Bravil Mages Guild 2nd Floor BravilMagesGuild2ndFloor
Bravil Mages Guild 3rd Floor BravilMagesGuild3rdFloor
Bravil Mages Guild Basement BravilMagesGuildBasement
Bravil Wizard’s Grotto BravilWizardsGrotto
Bravil Wizard’s Lai r BravilWizardsLair
Breakneck Cave BreakneckCave
Breakneck Cave Inner Chamber BreakneckCave03
Brina Cross Inn BrinaCrossInn
Brittlerock Cave BrittlerockCave
Brittlerock Lower Passages BrittlerockCave02
Broken Promises Cave BrokenPromisesCave
Brotch Calus’ House BrumaBrotchCalusHouse
Bruma Caverns BrumaCaverns
Bruma Fighters Guild BrumaFightersGuild
Bruma Mages Guild BrumaMagesGuild
Bruma Mages Guild BrumaMagesGuildDestroyed
Cadlew Chapel CadlewChapel
Capstone Cave CapstoneCave
Capstone Great Cavern CapstoneCave02
Captain’s Cabin ICWaterfrontMarieElenaCaptainsCabin
Carac Agaialor ParadiseCamoranFortress
Carandial’s House BravilCarandialHouse
Casta Scribonia’s Basement ChorrolCastaScriboniasBasement
Casta Scribonia’s House ChorrolCastaScriboniasHouse
Castle Barracks AnvilCastleBarracks
Castle Bravil Barracks BravilCastleBarracks
Castle Bravil Dining Hall BravilCastleDiningHall
Castle Bravil Dungeon BravilCastleDungeon
Castle Bravil Great Hall BravilCastleGreatHall
Castle Bravil Servant’s Quarters BravilCastleServantsQuarters
Castle Bruma Barracks BrumaCastleBarracks
Castle Bruma Dungeon BrumaCastleDungeon
Castle Chorrol Arch Tower ChorrolCastleTowerBL2
Castle Chorrol Barracks ChorrolCastleBarracks
Castle Chorrol Dungeon ChorrolCastleDungeon
Castle Chorrol East Tower ChorrolCastleTowerFR
Castle Chorrol Great Hall ChorrolCastleGreatHall
Castle Chorrol North Tower ChorrolCastleTowerBR
Castle Chorrol Private Quarters ChorrolCastlePrivateQuarters
Castle Chorrol Private Quarters ChorrolCastlePrivateQuarters02
Castle Chorrol South Tower ChorrolCastleTowerFL

Oblivion Location Codes (Part 3)

Castle Chorrol Wall Tower East View ChorrolCastleTowerR2
Castle Chorrol Wall Tower North View ChorrolCastleTowerR1
Castle Chorrol West Tower ChorrolCastleTowerBL
Castle Kvatch Passageway KvatchCastlePassageway
Castle Leyawiin Basement LeyawiinCastleBasement
Castle Leyawiin County Hall LeyawiinCastleCountyHall
Castle Leyawiin Dungeon LeyawiinCastleDungeon
Castle Leyawiin Servants’ Quarters LeyawiinCastleServantsQuarters
Castle Skingrad Barracks SkingradCastleBarracks
Castle Skingrad County Hall SkingradCastleSkingrad
Castle Skingrad Courtyard SkingradCastleCourtyard
Castle Skingrad Dining Hall SkingradCastleDiningHall
Castle Skingrad Dungeon SkingradCastleDungeon
Castle Skingrad Living Quarters SkingradCastleLivingQuarters
Castle Skingrad Lord’s Manor SkingradCastleLordsManor
Castle Skingrad South Hall SkingradCastleSouthHall
Castle Skingrad Wine Cellar SkingradCastleWineCellar
Castle Varaldo Interior CastleVaraldo
Catacombs JakbenTombInterior
Catacombs of The Temple of The Moth TempleMothCatacombs02
Cave Exterior entrances WarehouseCaveEntrance
Cave Tomb Warehouse WarehouseCaveTombNecro
Caverns TestCameronCave
Caverns TestCave01
Caverns TestCave02
Caverns TestCave03
Caverns of the Abused OblivionRD001Caves
Ceyatatar Gorigarlas Ceyatatar02
Ceyatatar Gorihame Ceyatatar03
Chair testing TestChairs
Chamber of the Lost SkingradCastleChamberOfTheLost
Chapel Hall AnvilChapelHall
Chapel Hall BravilChapelGreatHall
Chapel Hall BrumaChapelHall
Chapel Hall CheydinhalChapelHall
Chapel Hall ChorrolChapelHall
Chapel Hall KvatchChapelHall
Chapel Hall LeyawiinChapelHall
Chapel Hall SkingradChapelHall
Chapel of Akatosh KvatchChapelofAkatosh
Chapel of Dibella AnvilChapelofDibella
Chapel of Stendarr ChorrolChapelOfStendarr
Chapel of the Brethren HackdirtChapel
Chapel Undercroft AnvilChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft BrumaChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft CheydinhalChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft ChorrolChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft KvatchChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft LeyawiinChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft SkingradChapelUndercroft
Charcoal Cave CharcoalCave
Charcoal Cave – Abandoned Tunnels CharcoalCave02
Charcoal Cave – Bandit Lair CharcoalCave03
Chestnut Handy Stables ICChestnutHandyStables
Cheydinhal Bridge Inn CheydinhalBridgeInn
Cheydinhal Bridge Inn Basement CheydinhalBridgeInnBasement
Cheydinhal Castle County Hall CheydinhalCastleCountyHall
Cheydinhal Castle Dungeon CheydinhalCastleDungeon
Cheydinhal Castle Great Hall CheydinhalCastleGreatHall
Cheydinhal Castle Guard Barracks CheydinhalCastleGuardBarracks
Cheydinhal Castle Private Quarters CheydinhalCastlePrivateQuarters
Cheydinhal Fighter’s Guild CheydinhalFightersGuild
Cheydinhal Fighters Guild Basement CheydinhalFightersGuildBasement
Cheydinhal Lords’ Private Quarters CheydinhalCastleLordsQuarters
Chironasium ICArcaneUniversityEnchantingCenter
Chironasium Upper Level ICArcaneUniversityEnchantingCenterUpstairs
Chorrol Castle Gate Tower ChorrolGateBRandBL
Chorrol Fighters Guild Basement ChorrolFightersGuildBasement
Chorrol Fighters Guild Tower ChorrolFightersGuildTower
Chorrol Mages Guild ChorrolMagesGuild
Cingor’s House LeyawiinCingorsHouse
City Swimmer’s House BravilCitySwimmerHouse
City Watch Barracks AnvilTownGuardBarracks
City Watch Barracks LeyawiinCityWatchBarracks
Clarabella Lower Deck AnvilTheSeaTubClarabellaLowerDeck
Clarabella Mid Deck AnvilTheSeaTubClarabellaMidDeck
Claudius Arcadia’s Basement ICTalosPlazaClaudiusArcadiasHouseBasement
Claudius Arcadia’s House ICTalosPlazaClaudiusArcadiasHouse
Claudius Arcadia’s Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaClaudiusArcadiasHouseUpstairs
Clothing Warehouse WarehouseClothes
Cloud Ruler Temple East Wing CloudRulerTempleEastWing
Cloud Ruler Temple Great Hall CloudRulerTempleGreatHall
Cloud Ruler Temple West Wing CloudRulerTempleWestWing
Clutter Crates and Boxes WarehouseFortRuinsxxxCLUTTERarrCrates
Coast Guard Station LeyawiinCoastGuardStation
Collapsed Mine CollapsedMine
Collapsed Mine – Breakthrough CollapsedMine02
Colovian Traders SkingradColovianTraders
Combat AI Warehouse WarehouseCombatAI
Corridors of Dark Salvation MQ10BrumaHall02
Corridors of Dark Salvation MS13OblivionHall02
Corridors of Dark Salvation OblivionMqKvatchCitadelHall02
Corridors of Dark Salvation OblivionRD002Hall02
Corridors of Dark Salvation OblivionRD004CitadelMainHall03
Corridors of Dark Salvation OblivionRDCitadel01Hall03
Corridors of Dark Salvation OblivionRDCitadel03Hall03
Corridors of Dark Salvation OblivionRDCitadel04Hall02
Corridors of Dark Salvation OblivionRDCitadel05Hall01
Count’s Quarters KvatchCastleKingsQuarters
Cracked Wood Cave CrackedWoodCave
Crayfish Capillaries CrayfishCave02
Crayfish Cave CrayfishCave
Crayfish Soggy Bottom CrayfishCave05
Crayfish Steep CrayfishCave04
Crayfish Vents CrayfishCave03
Crime Warehouse WarehouseCrime
Crowhaven Crowhaven01
Crowhaven Burial Halls Crowhaven02
Crumbling Mine CrumblingMine
Crypt of Rielle Rielle02
Crypt Of The Night Mother BravilCryptOfTheNightMother
Culotte Culotte
Cursed Mine CursedMine
Cursed Mine Breakdown Chambers CursedMine02
Cursed Mine Lower Galleries CursedMine03
Cyronin Sintav’s Basement ICElvenGardensCyroninSintavsHouseBasement
Cyronin Sintav’s House ICElvenGardensCyroninSintavsHouse
Cyronin Sintav’s Private Quarters ICElvenGardensCyroninSintavsHouseUpstairs
Dagon Shrine LakeArriusShrineDagon
Damian Magius Quarters ICWaterfrontImpTradingCoOfficeUpstairs
Dar Jee’s House LeyawiinDarJeesHouse
Dareloth’s Basement ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouseBasement

Oblivion Location Codes (Part 4)

Dareloth’s House ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouse
Dark Brotherhood Living Quarters CheydinhalSanctuaryQuarters
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary CheydinhalSanctuary
Dark Brotherhood Training Room CheydinhalSanctuaryTrainingRoom
Dark Fissure DarkFissure
Dark Fissure Inner Sanctum DarkFissure03
Dark Fissure Tunnels DarkFissure02
Darkfathom Cave DarkfathomCave
Dasek Moor DasekMoor
Dasek Moor Maleboge DasekMoor03
Dasek Moor Tombs DasekMoor02
Dead Halls OblivionRDCitadel01Hall02
Dead Halls OblivionRDCitadel03Hall02
Deep Bramblepoint Cave BramblePointCave03
Deetum-Ja’s House HarlunsWatchinteriorDeetumJasHouse
Derelict Mine DerelictMine
Derelict Mine DerelictMine03
Derelict Mine Tunnels DerelictMine02
Deserted Mine DesertedMine
Deserted Mine Caverns DesertedMine02
Desolate Mine DesolateMine
Desolate Well OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower03
Desolations End OblivionRD004CitadelMainHall02
Dining Hall AnvilCastleDiningHallandServantQuarters
Dining Hall KvatchCastleDiningHall
Divine Elegance ICMarketDistrictDivineElegance
Divine Elegance Basement ICMarketDistrictDivineEleganceBasement
Divine Elegance Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictDivineEleganceUpstairs
Doomed Mine DoomedMine
Dorian’s Basement ICTalosPlazaDoriansHouseBasement
Dorian’s House ICTalosPlazaDoriansHouse
Dorian’s Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaDoriansHouseUpstairs
Dovyn Aren’s Basement ICElvenGardensDovynArensHouseBasement
Dovyn Aren’s House ICElvenGardensDovynArensHouse
Dovyn Aren’s Private Quarters ICElvenGardensDovynArensHouseUpstairs
Drakelowe DrakeloweFarm
Drakelowe DrakeloweFarmCOPY0000
Drakelowe Basement DrakeloweFarmBasement
Drarana Thelis’ House HarlunWatchinteriorDraranaThelisHouse
Dro’shanji’s House BravilDroshanjisHouse
Dul gro-Shug’s Basement ICElvenGardensDulgroShugsHouseBasement
Dul gro-Shug’s House ICElvenGardensDulgroShugsHouse
Dul gro-Shug’s Private Quarters ICElvenGardensDulgroShugsHouseUpstairs
Dungeon AnvilCastleDungeon
Dust Sumps of Fieldhouse FieldhouseCave02
Dynari Amnis’ Basement ICTalosPlazaDynariAmnisHouseBasement
Dynari Amnis’ House ICTalosPlazaDynariAmnisHouse
Dynari Amnis’ Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaDynariAmnisHouseUpstairs
Dzonot Cave DzonotCave
Dzonot Main Cavern DzonotCave02
Earthquake OblivionRD002Tower02Left
Echo Cave EchoCave
Echo Mine EchoMine
Echo Necromancer’s Chamber EchoCave03
Echo Passages EchoCave02
Edgar’s Basement ICMarketDistrictEdgarsDiscountSpellsBasement
Edgar’s Discount Spells ICMarketDistrictEdgarsDiscountSpells
Edgar’s Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictEdgarsDiscountSpellsUpstairs
Eduard Retiene’s House WatersEdgeEduardRetienesHouse
Elder Council Chambers ICPalaceElderCouncilChambers
Elder Scrolls Library ICPalaceLibrary
Elder Scrolls Library ICPalaceLibraryBackup
Elenglynn Elenglynn
Emma May Captain’s Cabin EmmaMayCaptainsCabin
Emma May Lower Deck EmmaMayLowerDeck
Emma May Mid Deck EmmaMayMidDeck
Emma May Upper Deck EmmaMayUpperDeck
Empty Mine EmptyMine
Empty Mine Lair Emptymine03
Empty Mine Tunnels Emptymine02
Eruption OblivionRD002Tower01Left
Eugal Belette’s Basement ChorrolEugalBelettesBasement
Eugal Belette’s House ChorrolEugalBelettesHouse
Exhausted Mine ExhaustedMine
Exhausted Mine Bottom Section ExhaustedMine03
Exhausted Mine Spent Works ExhaustedMine02
Eyes of the Serpent PalePass01
Fallen Rock Cave FallenRockCave
Fanacas Fanacas
Fanacasecul Fanacasecul
Fangs of the Serpent PalePass02
Faregyl’s Interior FaregylInterior
Fatback Cave FatbackCave
Fatback Deep Basins FatbackCave03
Fatback Great Chamber FatbackCave02
Fathis Ules’ Basement ICElvenGardensFathisUlesHouseBasement
Fathis Ules’ House ICElvenGardensFathisUlesHouse
Fathis Ules’ Private Quarters ICElvenGardensFathisUlesHouseUpstairs
Felgageldt Cave FelgageldtCave
Felgageldt Wishbone Vault FelgageldtCave02
Fieldhouse Cave FieldhouseCave
Fighters Guild AnvilFightersGuild
Fighters Guild BravilFightersGuild
Fighters Guild ChorrolFightersGuild
Fighter’s Guild LeyawiinFightersGuild
Fighter’s Guild 2nd Floor East LeyawiinFightersGuildTraining
Fighter’s Guild 2nd Floor West LeyawiinFightersGuildRoom01
Fighter’s Guild 3rd Floor West LeyawiinFightersGuildRoom02
Fighters Guild Basement BrumaFightersGuildBasement
Fighters Guild Basement SkingradFightersGuildBasement
Fighter’s Guild Basement LeyawiinFightersGuildBasement
Fighters Guild Company Offices AnvilFightersGuildCompanyOffices
Fighters Guild Dining Hall AnvilFightersGuildDinningHall
Fighters Guild Upstairs SkingradFightersGuildUpstairs
Fighting Dojo WarehouseFight
Fingerbowl Cave FingerbowlCave
Fingerbowl Cave – Lord Crypt FingerbowlCave04
Fingerbowl Cave – Noble Crypt FingerbowlCave03
Fingerbowl Cave – Servant Crypt FingerbowlCave02
Fire and Steel ChorrolFireAndSteel
First Edition ICMarketDistrictFirstEdition
First Edition Basement ICMarketDistrictFirstEditionBasement
First Edition Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictFirstEditionUpstairs
Five Claws Lodge LeyawiinFiveClawsLodge
Five Riders Stable LeyawiinFiveRidersStable
Flooded Mine FloodedMine
Floyd Nathan’s House BlankenMarchHouse01
Forsaken Mine ForsakenMine
Forsaken Mine Lost Passages ForsakenMine02
Fort Alessia FortAlessia
Fort Alessia Assembly Hall FortAlessia02
Fort Ash FortAsh01
Fort Ash Stockade FortAsh02

Oblivion Location Codes (Part 5)

Fort Aurus FortAurus
Fort Black Boot FortBlackBoot
Fort Blueblood FortBlueBlood
Fort Blueblood Halls FortBlueBlood02
Fort Blueblood Halls FortBlueBlood02Backup
Fort Caractacus FortCaractacus
Fort Carmala FortCarmala
Fort Cedrian FortCedrian01
Fort Cedrian Mausoleum FortCedrian02
Fort Chalman FortChalman
Fort Coldcorn FortColdcorn
Fort Cuptor FortCuptor
Fort Cuptor Battlemains FortCuptor02
Fort Dirich FortDirich
Fort Doublecross FortDoublecross
Fort Doublecross Battlemage Muster FortDoublecross03
Fort Doublecross Caves FortDoublecross02
Fort Empire FortEmpire
Fort Empire Barracks Block FortEmpire02
Fort Entius FortEntius01
Fort Entius Sepulcher FortEntius02
Fort Facian FortFacian
Fort Facian Vaults of Honor FortFacian02
Fort Farragut FortFarragut
Fort Flecia FortFlecia
Fort Gold-Throat FortGoldThroat
Fort Hastrel FortHastrel01
Fort Hastrel Keep FortHastrel02
Fort Homestead FortHomestead01
Fort Homestead Heroes’ Hall FortHomestead03
Fort Homestead Passages FortHomestead02
Fort Horunn FortHorunn
Fort Horunn Hall of the Eternal Flame FortHorunn02
Fort Horunn Legate Assembly FortHorunn03
Fort Irony FortIrony
Fort Istirus FortIstirus
Fort Istirus Barracks FortIstirus03
Fort Istirus Sanctuaries FortIstirus02
Fort Linchal FortLinchal
Fort Linchal Hall of Knights FortLinchal03
Fort Linchal Temple of War FortLinchal02
Fort Magia FortMagia
Fort Magia Garrison Blocks FortMagia03
Fort Magia Memorials FortMagia02
Fort Naso FortNaso
Fort Nikel FortNikel
Fort Nomore FortNomore
Fort Nomore Bunker FortNomore02
Fort Ontus FortOntus
Fort Ontus Understreets FortOntus02
Fort Rayles FortRayles
Fort Rayles FortRayles02DUPLICATE000
Fort Rayles Hall of Winter FortRayles02
Fort Redman FortRedman01
Fort Redman Hall of Judges FortRedman02
Fort Redwater FortRedwater01
Fort Redwater Halls of Glory FortRedwater02
Fort Roebeck FortRoebeck01
Fort Roebeck Winter Station FortRoebeck02
Fort Ruins Clutter Mausoleum WarehouseFortRuinsxxxCLUTTER
Fort Scinia FortScinia01
Fort Scinia Hall of Legends FortScinia02
Fort Sejanus FortSejanus01
Fort Sejanus Catacombs FortSejanus02
Fort Strand FortStrand01
Fort Strand Great Dome FortStrand02
Fort Sutch FortSutchInterior
Fort Teleman FortTeleman
Fort Teleman Order of the Black Rose FortTeleman02
Fort Urasek FortUrasek
Fort Urasek FortUrasek02DUPLICATE000
Fort Urasek Company Billets FortUrasek02
Fort Variela FortVariela
Fort Variela Staff Quarters FortVariela02
Fort Virtue FortVirtue
Fort Vlastarus FortVlastarus
Fort Wariel FortWariel
Fort Wooden Hand FortWoodenHand01
Fort Wooden Hand Stockade FortWoodenHand02
Francois Motierre’s Basement ChorrolFrancoisMotierresBasement
Francois Motierre’s House ChorrolFrancoisMotierresHouse
Frostfire Cave FrostFireCave
Fyrelight – Deep Canyon FyrelightCave02
Fyrelight – The Lost Sump FyrelightCave03
Fyrelight Cave FyrelightCave
Ganredhel’s House CheydinhalGanredhelsHouse
Garlas Agea GarlasAgea
Geem Jasaiin’s Basement ICElvenGardensGeemJasaiinsHouseBasement
Geem Jasaiin’s House ICElvenGardensGeemJasaiinsHouse
Geem Jasaiin’s Private Quarters ICElvenGardensGeemJasaiinsHouseUpstairs
Gilen Norvalo’s Basement ICTempleDistrictGilenNorvalosBasement
Gilen Norvalo’s House ICTempleDistrictGilenNorvalosHouse
Gilen Norvalo’s Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictGilenNorvalosHouseUpstairs
Glademist Cave GlademistCave
Glarthir’s Basement SkingradGlarthirsBasement
Glarthir’s House SkingradGlarthirsHouse
Goblin Jim’s Cave GoblinJimsCave
Goblin Jim’s Pantry GoblinJimsCave03
Goblin Jim’s Whiteskin City GoblinJimsCave02
Gogan’s House AnvilGogansHouse
Gottlefont House GottlefontHouse
Gottlefont Priory GottlefontPrioryMonastery
Gottshaw Inn GottshawInnTavern
Graman gro-Marad’s Basement ICTempleDistrictGramangroMaradsBasement
Graman gro-Marad’s House ICTempleDistrictGramangroMaradsHouse
Graman gro-Marad’s Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictGramangroMaradsHouseUpstairs
Grateful Pass Stables SkingradGratefulPassStables
Grayrock Cave GrayrockCave
Grayrock Shambles GrayrockCave02
Great Chapel of Mara BravilChapelofMara
Great Chapel of Talos BrumaChapel
Great Hall KvatchCastleRooms
Great Wold Interior GretWold
Greenmead Cave GreenmeadCave
Greenmead Inky Grottos GreenmeadCave03
Greenmead Soggy Hollow GreenmeadCave02
Greyland Greyland
Grey-Throat’s Basement ICTempleDistrictGreyThroatsBasement
Grey-Throat’s House ICTempleDistrictGreyThroatsHouse
Grey-Throat’s Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictGreyThroatsHouseUpstairs
Guard House ICElvenGardensGuardHouse
Guard House Basement ICElvenGardensGuardHouseBasement
Guard House Private Quarters ICElvenGardensGuardHouseUpstairs
Guildmaster’s Quarters ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouseUpstairs
Gutted Mine GuttedMine
Gweden Farm GwedenFarmInterior
Gweden Farm Basement GwedenFarmBasement
Hackdirt Caverns HackdirtCaverns
Hagaer’s Basement ICTempleDistrictHagaersBasement
Hagaer’s House ICTempleDistrictHagaersHouse
Hagaer’s Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictHagaersHouseUpstairs
Hall of Combat WarehouseCombatHall
Hall of Epochs ImperialSewerSystemTG11c
Hall of Epochs ImperialSewerSystemTG11d
Halls of Dark Hate OblivionRD002Hall02Lava
Halls of Eternal Twilight OblivionRD004CitadelLeftHall01
Halls of Eternal Twilight OblivionRD004CitadelRightHall01
Halls of Nonungalo Nonungalo02
Halls of Shame OblivionRD004CitadelLeftHall02
Halls of Shame OblivionRD004CitadelRightHall02
Hame Hame
Hame Silasel Hame03
Hame Wendesel Hame02
Hammer and Axe BrumaHammerAndAxe
Hammer and Tongs SkingradHammerAndTongs
Hammer and Tongs Basement SkingradHammerAndTongsBasement
Hanz gro-Hubrag’s House BlankenMarchHouse02
Harborside Warehouse AnvilHarborsideWarehouse
Harm’s Folly HarmFolly
Hastrel Ottus’ Basement ICTempleDistrictHastrelOttusHouseBasement
Hastrel Ottus’ House ICTempleDistrictHastrelOttusHouse
Hastrel Ottus’ Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictHastrelOttusHouseUpstairs
Haunted Caverns HauntedMIne02
Haunted Mine HauntedMine
Haynote Basin Galleries HaynoteCave02
Haynote Cave HaynoteCave
Haynote Winding Sump HaynoteCave03
Heinrich Oaken-Hull’s House AnvilHeinrichOakenHallsHouse
Helvius Cecia’s House BrumaHelviusCeciasHouse
Helvo Atius’ Basement ICTalosPlazaHelvoAtiusHouseBasement
Helvo Atius’ House ICTalosPlazaHelvoAtiusHouse
Helvo Atius’ Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaHelvoAtiusHouseUpstairs
Henantier’s Dream DreamHub
Henantier’s House BravilHenantiersHouse
Herminia Cinna’s Basement ICElvenGardensHerminiaCinnasHouseBasement
Herminia Cinna’s House ICElvenGardensHerminiaCinnasHouse
Herminia Cinna’s Private Quarters ICElvenGardensHerminiaCinnasHouseUpstairs
Hidey-hole for Wabbajack target WabbajackHole
Honditar’s House ChorrolHonditarsHouse
Honmund’s House BrumaHonmundsHouse
Horn Cave HornCave
Horn Cave Grottoes HornCave03
Horn Cave Still Pools HornCave02
Horse Whisperer Stables AnvilHorseWhisperer
House For Sale BravilHouseforSale
House for Sale BrumaHouseForSale
House for Sale CheydinhalHouseForSale
House for Sale LeyawiinHouseForSale
Howling Cave HowlingCave
Howling Cave Lower Galleries HowlingCave02
Hrol Ulfgar’s House BleakersWayHrolUlfgarsHouse
Hrota Cave HrotaCave
Hrotanda Vale HrotandaVale
Hrotanda Vale Sanctum HrotandaVale02
Hurricane OblivionRD002Tower02Right
Ida Vlinorman’s Basement ICElvenGardensIdaVlinormansHouseBasement
Ida Vlinorman’s House ICElvenGardensIdaVlinormansHouse
Ida Vlinorman’s Private Quarters ICElvenGardensIdaVlinormansHouseUpstairs
Imperial Battlemage’s Chambers ICPalaceOcatoChambers
Imperial Bridge Inn ImperialBridgeInnTavern
Imperial City Arena ICArena
Imperial City Arena ICArenaGrandChampion
Imperial City Arena ICArenaSpectators
Imperial Guard Quarters ICPalaceGuardQuarters
Imperial Legion Barracks ICImperialLegionHQBarracks
Imperial Legion Basement ICImperialLegionHQBasement
Imperial Legion Offices ICImperialLegionHQMessHall
Imperial Orrery ICArcaneUniversityImperialOrrery

Oblivion Location Codes (Part 6)

Imperial Prison ImperialDungeon01
Imperial Substructure ImperialDungeon04
Imperial Subterrane Dark04Dungeon02
Imperial Subterrane ImperialDungeon02
Imperial Trading Company Office ICWaterfrontImpTradingCoOffice
Imperial Trading Company Office Basement ICWaterfrontImpTradingCoOfficeBasement
Imperial Trading Company Warehouse ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo02Warehouse
Imperial Trading Company Warehouse ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo03Warehouse
Imperial Trading Company Warehouse Basement ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo02Basement
Imperial Trading Company Warehouse Basement ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo03Basement
Imperial Villa ImperialVilla
Imperial Watch Barracks ICArcaneUniversityImperialWatchtowerGuardsQuarters
Imperial Watch Barracks ICWaterfrontLighthouseGuardQuarters
Imperial Watchtower ICArcaneUniversityImperialWatchtower
Infested Mine InfestedMine
Infested Mine Old Works InfestedMine02
Infested Mine Spent Galleries InfestedMine03
Iniel Sintav’s Basement ICElvenGardensInielSintavsHouseBasement
Iniel Sintav’s House ICElvenGardensInielSintavsHouse
Iniel Sintav’s Private Quarters ICElvenGardensInielSintavsHouseUpstairs
Inn of Ill Omen InnIllOmen
Inn of Ill Omen Private Quarters InnIllOmenBasement
Inner Bramblepoint Cave BramblePointCave02
Irene Metrick’s Basement ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouseBasement
Irene Metrick’s House ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouse
Irene Metrick’s Private Quarters ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouseUpstairs
Irroki the Wide’s House PellGateIrrokitheWidesHouse
Isolated House IsolatedHouse
Istrius Brolus’ Basement BrumaIstriusBrolusBasement
Istrius Brolus’ House BrumaIstirusBrolusHouse
Jair’s Shack ICWaterfrontJairsShack
Jakben Imbel’s Basement ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouseBasement
Jakben Imbel’s House ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouse
Jakben Imbel’s Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouseTop
Jakben Imbel’s Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouseUpstairs
Jastia Sintav’s Basement ICElvenGardensJastiaSintavsHouseBasement
Jastia Sintav’s House ICElvenGardensJastiaSintavsHouse
Jastia Sintav’s Private Quarters ICElvenGardensJastiaSintavsHouseUpstairs
J’Bari’s House LeyawiinJBarisHouse
J’Bari’s House 2nd Floor East LeyawiinJBarisHouse2ndFloorEast
J’Bari’s House 2nd Floor West LeyawiinJBarisHouse2ndFloorWest
Jearl’s Basement BrumaJearlsHouseBasement
Jearl’s House BrumaJearlsHouse
Jeetum Ze’s Room LeyawiinBlackwoodRoom01
Jensine’s “Good as New” Merchandise ICMarketDistrictJensinesGoodasNewMerchandise
Jensine’s Basement ICMarketDistrictJensinesGoodasBasement
Jensine’s Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictJensinesGoodasUpstairs
Jerall View Inn BrumaJerallView
Jerall View Inn BrumaJerallViewBasement
Jesan Sextius’ House AnvilJesanSextiusHouse
J’Ghasta’s House BrumaJGhastasHouse
Jirolin Doran’s Basement ChorrolJirolinDoransBasement
Jirolin Doran’s House ChorrolJirolinDoransHouse
Jiv Hiriel’s House HackdirtJivHirielsHouse
J’mhad’s Basement ICTempleDistrictJmhadsBasement
J’mhad’s House ICTempleDistrictJmhadsHouse
J’mhad’s Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictJmhadsHouseUpstairs
J’Riska’s House BorderWatchJriskasHouse
Kastus Sintav’s Basement ICElvenGardensKastusSintavsHouseBasement
Kastus Sintav’s House ICElvenGardensKastusSintavsHouse
Kastus Sintav’s Private Quarters ICElvenGardensKastusSintavsHouseUpstairs
Kemen Kemen
Kemen Varlasel Kemen02
Kindred Cave KindredCavern
Kindred Cave Runways KindredCavern02
Kindred Cave Winding Hollows KindredCavern03
Kingscrest Cavern KingscrestCavern
Kingscrest Cavern Basin Chambers KingscrestCavern03
Kingscrest Cavern Chert Galleries KingscrestCavern02
Kingscrest Withered Forest KingscrestCavern04
Knights of the Thorn Basement CheydinhalKnightsBasement
Knights of the Thorn Headquarters CheydinhalKnightsoftheThorn
Kvatch Castle Great Hall KvatchCastle
Kvinchal’s Shack ICWaterfrontKvinchalsShack
Lair of Anaxes ParadiseAnaxesCave
Lake Arrius Caverns LakeArriusCaverns
Landslide OblivionRD002Tower03Left
Lazare Milvan’s Basement SkingradLazareMilvansBasement
Lazare Milvan’s House SkingradLazareMilvansHouse
Leafrot Cave LeafrotCave
Leafrot Hollow LeafrotCave02
Lelles’ Quality Merchandise AnvilLellesQualityMerchandise
Lelles’ Quality Merchandise Basement LellesQuailityMerchandiseBasement
Leyawiin Mages’ Guild LeyawiinMagesGuild
Lighthouse ICWaterfrontLighthousePrivateQuarters
Lighting Warehouse WarehouseLight
Lindai Lindai01
Lindai Inner Tombs Lindai02
Lipsand Tarn LipsandTarn
Lipsand Tarn Lorsel LipsandTarn02
Llevana Nedaren’s House CheydinhalLlevanaNedarensHouse
Llevana Nedarens House Basement CheydinhalLlevanaNedarensBasement
Lockpick Warehouse WarehouseLock
Lord Drad’s Estate LordDradsEstateFarm
Lords Manor BrumaCastleLordsManor
Lord’s Manor North Wing BravilCastlePrivateQuartersNorthWing
Lords’ Manor Private Quarters LeyawiinCastlePrivateQuarters
Lords Rugdumph’s Estate LordRugdumphEstate
Lorkmir’s Basement ICElvenGardensLorkmirsHouseBasement
Lorkmir’s House ICElvenGardensLorkmirsHouse
Lorkmir’s Private Quarters ICElvenGardensLorkmirsHouseUpstairs
Lost Black Rock Chasm BlackRockCaverns03
Lost Boy Canyon LostBoyCaverns02
Lost Boy Cavern LostBoyCaverns
Lost Boy’s Hidden Bastion LostBoyCaverns05
Lost Boy’s Yawning Halls LostBoyCaverns03
Lower Arrowshaft Cavern ArrowshaftCavern02
Lower Breakneck Cave BreakneckCave02
Lower Class Clutter Warehouse WareHouseLowerClass
Luciana Galena’s House BravilLucianaGalenaHouse
Luronk gro-Glurzog’s Basement ICTempleDistrictLuronkgroGlurzogsBasement
Luronk gro-Glurzog’s House ICTempleDistrictLuronkgroGlurzogsHouse
Luronk gro-Glurzog’s Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictLuronkgroGlurzogsUpstairs
Lustratorium ICArcaneUniversityAlchemyHeadquarters
Lustratorium Upper Level ICArcaneUniversityAlchemyHeadquartersUpstairs
Luther Broad’s Boarding House ICElvenGardensLutherBroadsBoardingHouse
Luther Broad’s Boarding House Basement ICElvenGardensLutherBroadsBasement
Luther Broad’s Boarding House Rooms ICElvenGardensLutherBroadsRooms
Lyra Rosentia’s House BrumaLyraRosentiasHouse
Mach-Na’s Books CheydinhalMachNasBooks
Mackamentain Mackamentain
Mage Quarters ICArcaneUniversityMageQuarters
Mage Quarters Basement ICArcaneUniversityMageQuartersBasement
Mage Quarters Upper Level ICArcaneUniversityMageQuartersUpstairs
Mages’ Guild CheydinhalMagesGuild
Mages Guild 2nd Floor East LeyawiinMagesGuildLibrary
Mages Guild 2nd Floor West LeyawiinMagesGuildLaboratory
Mages Guild 3rd Floor East LeyawiinMagesGuildPrivateQuarter
Mages Guild Basement CheydinhalMagesGuildBasement
Mages Guild Basement ChorrolMagesGuildBasement
Mages Guild Basement LeyawiinMagesGuildBasement
Mages Guild Basement SkingradMagesGuildBasement
Mages Guild Library AnvilMagesGuildLibrary
Mages Guild Library ChorrolMagesGuildLibrary
Mages Guild Living Quarters AnvilMagesGuildLivingQuarters
Mages Guild Living Quarters BrumaMagesGuildBasement
Mages Guild Living Quarters BrumaMagesGuildBasementDestroyed
Mages Guild Living Quarters ChorrolMagesGuildLivingQuarters
Mages Guild Living Quarters SkingradMagesGuildLivingQuarters
Mages Guild Well CheydinhalMagesGuildWell
Magrum gra-Orum’s Basement CheydinhalOrumHouseBasement
Magrum gra-Orum’s House CheydinhalOrumHouse
Mahei’s House LeyawiinMaheisHouse
Mahei’s House 2nd Floor East LeyawiinMaheisHouse2ndFloorEast
Mahei’s House 2nd Floor West LeyawiinMaheisHouse2ndFloorWest
Malada Malada01
Malada Aldmerisel Malada02
Malintus Ancrus’ House ChorrolMalintusAncrusHouse
Malyani Dalvilu’s House BleakersWayMalyaniDalvilusHouse
Marana Rian’s Basement ICTempleDistrictMaranaRiansBasement
Marana Rian’s House ICTempleDistrictMaranaRiansHouse
Marana Rian’s Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictMaranaRiansHouseUpstairs
Margarte’s House LeyawiinMargartesHouse

Oblivion Location Codes (Part 7)

Marie Elena Lower Deck ICWaterfrontMarieElenaLowerDeck
Marie Elena Mid Deck ICWaterfrontMarieElenaMidDeck
Marinus Catiotus’ Basement ICElvenGardensMarinusCatiotusHouseBasement
Marinus Catiotus’ House ICElvenGardensMarinusCatiotusHouse
Marinus Catiotus’ Private Quarters ICElvenGardensMarinusCatiotusHouseUpstairs
Marlena Brussiner’s Basement HackdirtMarlenaBrussinersBasement
Marlena Brussiner’s House HackdirtMarlenaBrussinersHouse
Matthias Draconis’ Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaMatthiasDraconisHouseUpstairs
Matthias Draconis’ Basement ICTalosPlazaMatthiasDraconisHouseBasement
Matthias Draconis’ House ICTalosPlazaMatthiasDraconisHouse
M’dasha’s House BorderWatchMdashasHouse
M’dirr’s House BorderWatchMdirrsHouse
Meat Harbor OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower02
Meat Harbor OblivionRD007SmallTower01
Melus Petilius’ House MelusPetilusHouse
Memorial Cave MemorialCave
Methredhel’s House ICWaterfrontMethredhelsHouse
Middle Class Clutter Warehouse WarehouseMiddleClass
Mingo Cave MingoCave
Mire of Ash OblivionRDCavesEnd01
Mire of Ash OblivionRDCavesEnd03
Mire of Ash OblivionRDCavesEnd05
Mire of Ash OblivionRDCavesEnd07
Miscarcand Miscarcand01
Miscarcand Welkynd Stone Room XXXMiscarcand05
Miscarcand, Morimath Miscarcand03
Miscarcand, Sel Vanua Miscarcand02
Modryn Oreyn’s House ChorrolModrynOreynsHouse
Molten Halls OblivionRD004Caves
Molten Halls OblivionRDCavesMiddleA01
Molten Halls OblivionRDCavesMiddleA03
Molten Halls OblivionRDCavesMiddleA05
Molten Halls OblivionRDCavesMiddleA07
Mongrel’s Tooth Cave MongrelsToothCave
Monk’s Quarters TempleOfTheAncestorMothFarm
Morahame Morahame
Moranda Moranda
Moranda Abaspania Moranda03
Moranda Aratasel Moranda02
Morvayn’s Peacemakers AnvilMorvaynsPeacemakers
Moslin’s Basement HackdirtMoslinsDryGoodsBasement
Moslin’s Dry Goods HackdirtMoslinsDryGoods
Moslin’s Guest Rooms HackdirtMoslinsInnRoom02B
Moslin’s Inn HackdirtMoslinsInn
Moslin’s Room HackdirtMoslinsInnRoom01
Moss Rock Cavern MossRockCavern
Moth Priest’s Quarters ICPalacePrivateQuarters
Mouth of the Serpent PalePass
Muck Valley Cavern MuckValleyCavern
Mystic Archives ICArcaneUniversityMysticArchives
Mystic Archives Upper Level ICArcaneUniversityMysticArchivesUpstairs
Mystic Emporium ICMarketDistrictMysticEmporium
Mystic Emporium Basement ICMarketDistrictMysticEmporiumBasement
Mystic Emporium Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictMysticEmporiumUpstairs
Myvryna Arano’s House ICWaterfrontMyvrynaAranoHouse
Nagastani Nagastani
Nagastani Sedorsel Nagastani02
Narfinsel Narfinsel
Natch Pinder’s House HackdirtNatchPindersHouse
Natural Caverns ImperialDungeon05
Necromancer’s Asylum Mackamentain03
Nenalata Nenalata
Nenalata Sel Aran Arpena Nenalata03
Nenalata Wendesel Nenalata02
Nenyond Twyll NenyondTwyll
Nenyond Twyll Riellesel NenyondTwyll02
Nerastarel’s House SkingradNerastarelsHouse
Nerastarel’s House Upstairs SkingradNerastarelsHouseUpstairs
Newheim the Portly’s House AnvilNewheimThePortlysHouse
Newlands Lodge CheydinhalNewlandsLodge
Newt Cave NewtCave
Newt Cave Breezeways NewtCave03
Newt Cave Chapels of Light NewtCave02
Ninendava Ninendava
Niryastare Niryastare
Niryastare Silaseli Niryastare02
Nisin Cave NisinCave
Nivan Dalvilu’s House BleakersWayNivalDalvilusHouse
Nonungalo Nonungalo
Nonwyll Cavern NonwyllCavern
Nonwyll Chamber of the Titans NonwyllCavern02
Nord Winds BrumaNordWinds
Nornal Nornal
Nornal Ageasel Nornal02
Nornal Goriluch Nornal03
Nornal Varlasel Nornal04
Nornalhorst Nornalhorst
Nornalhorst Sel Gandrevla Nornalhorst02
North Country Stables ChorrolNorthCountryStables
North Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNGuardQuarters
North Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNTopGuardQuarters
North Watch Captain’s Quarters ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNCaptainsQuarters
North Watch Tower ICImperialLegionWatchTowerN
Northeast Wall Tower ChorrolCastleWallTowerNE
Northeast Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNEGuardQuarters
Northeast Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNETopGuardQuarters
Northeast Watch Captain’s Quarters ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNECaptainsQuarters
Northeast Watch Tower ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNE
Northern Goods and Trade ChorrolNorthernGoodsAndTrade
Northwest Wall Tower ChorrolCastleWallTowerNW
Northwest Watch Tower ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNW
Northwest Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNWGuardQuarters
Northwest Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNWTopGuardQuarters
Northwest Watch Captain’s Quarters ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNWCaptainsQuarters
Novaroma BrumaNovaroma
NPC Combat AI Warehouse WarehouseNPCCombatAI
Oaken-Hull’s Private Rooms AnvilHeinrichOakenHallsHouseSecondFloor
Object Avoidance Warehouse WarehouseObjectAvoid
Odiil Farm OdiilFarm
Office of Imperial Commerce ICMarketDistrictOfficeofImperialCommerce
Office of Imperial Commerce Basement ICMarketDistrictOfficeBasement
Office of Imperial Commerce Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictOfficeUpstairs
Oghash Gra-Magul’s House CheydinhalMagulHouse
Ohtimbar’s House CheydinhalOhtimbarsHouse
Ondo Ondo
Ondo Canohaelia Ondo02
One Stop Bandit Shop WarehouseCaveBandit
Ongar’s House BrumaOngarsHouse
Ontus Vanin’s Basement ICTalosPlazaOntusVaninsHouseBasement
Ontus Vanin’s House ICTalosPlazaOntusVaninsHouse
Ontus Vanin’s Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaOntusVaninsHouseUpstairs
Onyx Canyon Bridge OnyxCaverns02
Onyx Caverns OnyxCaverns
Ormil’s Cabin ICWaterfrontTheBloatedFloatCabin
Othrelos’ Basement ICElvenGardensOthrelosHouseBasement
Othrelos’ House ICElvenGardensOthrelosHouse
Othrelos’ Private Quarters ICElvenGardensOthrelosHouseUpstairs
Otumeel’s House LeyawiinOtumeelsHouse
Outlaw Endre’s Cave OutlawEndresCave
Outlaw Endre’s Hideout OutlawEndresCave02
Palace Basement ICPalaceCrypt
Pennus Mallius’ Basement ICTempleDistrictPennusMalliusBasement
Pennus Mallius’ House ICTempleDistrictPennusMalliusHouse
Pennus Mallius’ Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictPennusMalliusHouseUpstairs
Perennia’s Ghost Holding Cell DarkGhostCell
Peryite World TEMP PeryiteWorldTEMP
Philip Franc’s House BlankenMarchHouse03
Pillaged Mine PillagedMine
Pillaged Mine Limestone Works PillagedMine02
Pinarus Inventius’ House AnvilPinarusInventiusHouse
Piukanda Piukanda
Piukanda Ceyede Piukanda03
Piukanda Edesel Piukanda02
Plundered Mine PlunderedMine
Plundered Mine Abandoned Works PlunderedMine02
Portals of Natural Disaster OblivionRD002Citadel
Pothole Caverns PotholeCaverns
Practice Rooms ICArcaneUniversityPracticeRooms
Practice Rooms Upper Level ICArcaneUniversityPracticeRoomsUpstairs
Praxographical Center ICArcaneUniversitySpellmaker
Praxographical Center Upper Level ICArcaneUniversitySpellmakerUpstairs
Private Quarters AnvilCastlePrivateQuarters
Private Quarters East Wing BravilCastlePrivateQuartersEastWing
Quake Ruin OblivionRD004SubmergedTower
Quickwater Cave QuickwaterCave
Quickwater Sump QuickwaterCave02
Quill-Weave’s House AnvilQuillWeavesHouse
Ra’Jahirr’s House LeyawiinRaJahirrsHouse
Ra’jhan’s Basement ICElvenGardensRajhansHouseBasement
Ra’jhan’s House ICElvenGardensRajhansHouse
Ra’jhan’s Private Quarters ICElvenGardensRajhansHouseUpstairs
Ra’jiradh’s Basement ICTalosPlazaRajiradhsHouseBasement
Ra’jiradh’s House ICTalosPlazaRajiradhsHouse
Ra’jiradh’s Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaRajiradhsHouseUpstairs
Ranaline’s House BravilRanalineHouse
Ravaged Mine RavagedMine
Reapers Sprawl OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower01
Reapers Sprawl OblivionRD006TowerRight
Reapers Sprawl OblivionRD007SmallTower02
Red Diamond Jewelry ICMarketDistrictRedDiamondJewelry
Red Diamond Jewelry Basement ICMarketDistrictRedDiamondJewelryBasement
Red Diamond Jewelry Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictRedDiamondJewelryUpstairs
Red Ruby Cave RedRubyCave
Red Ruby Hollows RedrubyCave02
Redas Dalvilu’s House BleakersWayRedasDalvilusHouse
Redguard Valley Cave RedguardValleyCave

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Console Codes Commands List Guide

(Video) Oblivion: Some Console Commands

The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Console Codes Commands List Guide (6)
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What is the complete quest code in Oblivion? ›

Enter SetStage [questID] 100 in the cheat console to officially complete the quest.

How do you add items in Oblivion console commands? ›

Press the tilde (~) key to open the cheat console, then enter the command Player. AddItem followed by the weapon code and the quantity of the item you want. For example, to load two Blades of Woe, enter Player. AddItem 00091905 2.

What are console commands? ›

Console Commands are an essential tool that players can use to enter cheats into the game. To enter Skyrim cheats into the PC Commands Console, hit ~ (or the key above Tab) to bring up the developer console, and enter these codes for the desired effect. Console commands are NOT case-sensitive.

Can you get married in Oblivion? ›

Yes to all except you can't get married w/o mods.

What is the most famous cheat code? ›

#1: The Konami Code

This is hands down the most famous of all cheat codes. Perhaps because it is has appeared in more than 100 games made by Konami, unlocking a different feature in each one of them. It was created by Kazuhisa Hashimoto who was developing the video game Gradius back in 1985.

Can you get drunk in Oblivion? ›

Characters may also drink bottles of an illegal drug called "skooma." Temporarily, this will boost their speed and strength, but lower their intelligence and agility. This is not shown explicitly and your character cannot get "drunk" because the game refuses to let you drink many potions or alcohol.

How do I become invincible in Oblivion? ›

Yet there's one aspect of Oblivion that might have been overlooked by their own designers for being utterly broken: a particular spell that will grant you sheer invincibility, allowing you to plunder shops and murder entire villages with impunity. That spell is the chameleon spell.

Can you get a free house in Oblivion? ›

Each major city (except Kvatch) has a house available for you to purchase. Some of the official downloads also add new homes, and there are even a few free homes that become accessible after completing associated quests.

Is there a max level in Oblivion? ›

There's no actual max level in Oblivion. As long as you can raise your major skills, your max level isn't determined.

How do you enter console commands? ›

The console is normally accessed by pressing the backtick key ` (frequently also called the ~ key; normally located below the ESC key) on QWERTY keyboards or the ² on AZERTY keyboards, and is usually hidden by default.

How do I add perks to console commands? ›

Look up the console ID of the Perk you want to give directly to your character. Open the console in-game and type "player. AddPerk" followed by the ID associated with your chosen skill.

What are console examples? ›

For example, the Famicom, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Wii, and Wii U are all examples of consoles.

What does Ctrl C do in console? ›

By default, when a console window has the keyboard focus, CTRL + C or CTRL + BREAK is treated as a signal (SIGINT or SIGBREAK) and not as keyboard input. By default, these signals are passed to all console processes that are attached to the console.

What is a console script? ›

The Scripting Console is a tool in Code Composer Studio which allows users to specify commands to the IDE through a console. It is a JavaScript shell which will create a Debug Server Scripting (DSS) Scripting Environment instance when it is opened. This allows users to call DSS APIs from the console.

Does Oblivion have romance? ›

It all comes down to one ever-popular aspect of RPGs: romance. In the single-player Elder Scrolls games, players have a select amount of characters they can build relationships with. Some of those relationships can even lead to in-game marriage.

Do you age in Oblivion? ›

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The "old" effect on your character represents the stages of vampirism, rather than their actual age. The Elder Scrolls doesn't have an ageing mechanic or support major physical changes, so if you'd like to prevent the visual effect on your character, try one of the mods below.

What is the oldest cheat code? ›

One of the earliest known examples of this type of cheat is the Konami Code, created in 1986 by Konami developer Kazuhisa Hashimoto as he worked on porting the 1985 arcade game Gradius for use on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

What is the OG cheat code? ›

The OG cheat code

The Konami Code was created in 1986, for Gradius on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Players could enter the sequence “↑↑↓↓←→←→BA”, then hit the start button to begin the game.

What is the God cheat code? ›

God Mode Cheat Code

To enable God Mode otherwise known as Director Mode, the player will need to open their in-game cellphone and enter the following number: 1-999-57-825368.

HOW LONG IS 100 in Oblivion? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is about 27½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 184 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is Oblivion a drug? ›

'Oblivon' was a sedative to calm anxiety and fear and was launched in 1953 by British Schering Ltd. Time, an American magazine, described 'Oblivon' as “taking the terror out of visits to the dentist”.

Can you stop being a vampire in Oblivion? ›

If you see that you've got the beginnings of the vampire disease, simply use a Cure Disease potion to rid yourself of the virus. Going to an altar will cure your disease, too. However, if you go three days without curing the sickness, you'll wake up from your next nap as a vampire.

Who is the strongest enemy in Oblivion? ›

9 Mankar Camoran (Oblivion)

Players of Oblivion will remember Mankar Camoran as perhaps the last in-game "boss" before the final hour or so of the game. In fact, Mankar reveals himself as the primary antagonist of the Main Quest, as he and his Mythic Dawn cult sought to bring Mehrunes Dagon to Cyrodiil.

Can you become a blade in Oblivion? ›

The Blades[edit]

When you first bring Brother Martin to Cloud Ruler Temple during the Weynon Priory quest, Jauffre offers to make you a member of the Blades. You can choose whether to accept the offer or decline; if you decline, you can ask Jauffre at any later time about "Join the Blades" and become a member.

Can you become a knight in Oblivion? ›

Become a Knight[edit]

Report to Marius to become a Knight-Errant of the Knights of the White Stallion, receive a Leyawiin guard's shield and the key to White Stallion Lodge. He also promises a bounty of 100 gold for every Black Bow you deliver to him.

How do you get console commands? ›

The console is normally accessed by pressing the backtick key ` (frequently also called the ~ key; normally located below the ESC key) on QWERTY keyboards or the ² on AZERTY keyboards, and is usually hidden by default.

How do you activate the cheat console? ›

To enter Cheat Codes in The Sims 4, you must first open the Cheat Console by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + C” on your PC or Mac, while in game. This will bring up the cheat dialogue box where you can enter cheats.

How do you open the menu in Oblivion? ›

On PC, hit Esc, then select "Options" On PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, click the Start button, then select "Options"

What is the console command to cure vampirism in Oblivion? ›

Give yourself the Cure Vampirism potion by typing the following Console command: player. additem 977E4 1.

Where is the cheat console? ›

On PC, hold CTRL and Shift, then press C. On Mac, hold Command and Shift, then press C. On PlayStation 4, hold all four shoulder buttons at once. On Xbox One, hold all four shoulder buttons at once.

How do I get the debug console? ›

To open the Debug Console, use the Debug Console action at the top of the Debug pane or use the View: Debug Console command (Ctrl+Shift+Y).

How do I install anti cheat? ›

Navigate to the Easy AntiCheat folder in your Fortnite install directory. Locate the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file. Double-click the file.
Follow these steps to install EAC:
  1. Ensure that the EAC launcher is closed.
  2. Launch Fortnite from the client again.
  3. When the EAC install prompt comes up from Windows, click Yes.

How do you start a cheat game? ›

Players are given six (or seven) cards at the start of the game, and the remainder make a pile. Players are restricted to follow suit, and play a higher rank, but are allowed to bluff. If a player is revealed to be bluffing, or a player fails to call or a bluff, the player draws three cards from the pile.

How do I get debug items? ›

Now, you can access the debug items. To so do enter 'debug' into the search bar in the build and buy mode and scroll through the items available.

What's the best class in Oblivion? ›

Mage is arguably one of Oblivion's better premade classes. Magic is incredibly powerful in this installment, and you'll be proficient with every school of magic. So long as you make full use of each school of magic, you'll have a solid time with this class.

Who do I give fingers of the mountain to? ›

Find and talk to Teekeeus at the Mages Guild. He wants you to find Earana and discover why she is in Chorrol. She can be found either outside of the Mages Guild or at the Grey Mare Inn. When you talk to her, Earana tells you to bring her the book Fingers of the Mountain.

How do I get a castle in Oblivion? ›

Battlehorn Castle is a large castle west of Chorrol that can be won by defeating the attacking marauders (download-specific). It is located at the western end of the Black Road and becomes your property after the quest of the same name is completed.

How do I get the ultimate vampire cure? ›

In order to reverse their vampirism, your Sim (or someone they know) will need to become the best Vampire Lore expert around. Once a Sim has gained Level 15 in the Vampire Lore skill, they unlock the ability to make the Ultimate Vampire Cure, which can be mixed like a cocktail at any bar.

How do I activate vampire Lord? ›

How To Become A Vampire Lord
  1. Speak to a Hold Guard, Inkeeper, etc. (Typically around Level 10)
  2. Complete the "Dawnguard" Main Quest.
  3. Complete the "Awakening" Main Quest.
  4. During the "Bloodline" Main Quest, players must choose to support either the Dawnguard or Lord Harkon.
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