How to change your character and armor appearance in Elden Ring | Digital Trends (2023)

Character creation is oddly deep in the Souls games, and Elden Ring is the most robust yet. You can choose your gender, body type, hairstyle, skin tone, and even get as granular as how big or small your character's eyes are. This is all well and good, but for most players, it will turn out to hardly be worth the effort once you find and equip any set of armor. Still, fashion souls isn't a term that came out of nowhere, and Elden Ring provides more options to appreciate your handsome character's attire more easily than any past game.


  • How to alter your character's appearance
  • How to change armor appearance

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30 minutes

What You Need

  • Reach the Roundtable Hold

Usually, fashion souls players were fully aware that the visually awesome characters and outfits they were putting together were not viable as an effective build to actually play the game. Elden Ring doesn't completely alleviate that with something like a transmog system, which would let you put the appearance of any armor you want onto the stats of any other armor, but it does go a step in the right direction. You can fully alter your physical appearance and certain armor pieces, but both are easily missed, and one is even locked behind a boss encounter. Here's how to change your character and armor appearance in Elden Ring.

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How to change your character and armor appearance in Elden Ring | Digital Trends (1)

How to alter your character's appearance

We'll start with the easier one, which is somewhat funny considering you're completely changing the physical structure of your character. If you were overwhelmed with how deep the options were in the character creator screen and ended up rushing through with a not-so-great final result, the good news is that you can easily go back and give it another shot whenever you want. Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Reach the Roundtable Hold. This is the new hub area for Elden Ring, and Melina will offer to take you there in the early hours of the game. Just follow the path you're shown from the first couple Sites of Grace until she shows up again and offers to take you there.

Step 2: After agreeing and getting to the Roundtable Hold, head to the right path from the main table, towards the blacksmith, into the side room. This is a bedroom where you can talk to and be held by Fia.


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Step 3: In the back-right corner of the bedroom is an unassuming mirror. Approach the mirror (or dressing table, as it is called), and you will be able to interact with it, taking you back to the character customization screen.

How to change your character and armor appearance in Elden Ring | Digital Trends (2)

How to change armor appearance

This one is going to take much more work. While it is limited, it is still worthwhile for some more variety in your appearance, even if you're still going to be wearing the same basic armor at the core. To do this, you will need two key items, both of which you can get at the same time. The two items in question are the Tailoring Tools and Sewing Needle.

Step 1: First, you need to find the Costal Cave location on the map. This is to the west of the Church of Ellah, down on the beach. It is required that you have a light source before going here, either a lantern or torch, because this cave is about as dark as they come.

Step 2: Once you find the cave, which is guarded by some Demi-Human enemies, you can begin your descent into the cave. Progress slowly and carefully until you reach the boss arena.

Step 3: Defeat the two Demi-Human chiefs. This is a challenging fight if you're early in the game for a couple of reasons. First, there are two of these aggressive bosses you need to kill, and second, there are also regular mobs to contend with as well. To even the odds, make sure you summon the NPC that will always be available outside the arena. If you have them, summoning spirits like the wolves can also make this encounter much more manageable.

Step 4: When you finally prove victorious, you will be granted both the Tailoring Tools and Sewing Needle items.

Step 5: At any Site of Grace you visit going forward, a new option to Alter Garments will appear at the end of the list of options. Just select it, choose from any available armor pieces you have, and you can get a slightly new look to your gear. The downside is you can't see what this altered version will look like until you commit to it, but it doesn't cost too much and you can always alter it back to the default look if you end up not liking it.

You have limited choices as to how you can alter your armor and even what armor can be altered. Plus, it will cost a few runes. But, this is still a very welcome addition to help make your character feel fully your own in Elden Ring. Get out there and create your my stylish character to show off to the world.

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How to change your title in Diablo 4

How to change your character and armor appearance in Elden Ring | Digital Trends (3)

Despite creating a custom character, and even giving them a name, in Diablo 4, you are really only referred to as Wanderer during the game itself. Your name does appear to other players, however, as well as something called a Title. These are comprised of two words that add a little flavor and personality to you character. The thing is, even as you unlock more options as you play, the game doesn't give you much of a tutorial in how to customize it. Rather than walk around with your default Title for the entire game, spice things up by learning how to change your Title in Diablo 4,

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Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon follows up Elden Ring in August

How to change your character and armor appearance in Elden Ring | Digital Trends (4)

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed when we can expect Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubiconto release at the end of a new trailer. After getting a first look at some of the game's bombastic mecha fights, we learned that Armored Core VI will come out on August 25.
Before Demon's Soulsand Dark Souls became popular and increased FromSoftware's notoriety exponentially, Armored Core was the series the Japanese developer was best known for. This series of intense mecha shooters haven't seen a new entry since September 2013, though. That's why it was a nice surprise to see Armored Core VI announced at The Game Awardslast year. It not only revived a long-dormant series but provided a nice change of pace for FromSoftware after it had perfected the Souls formula with Elden Ring.
As for the gameplay trailer, it begins with a massive rocket making planetfall by the command of a "Handler Walter". After that, we see some environmental shots of many of the levels players will be able to explore before hearing that augmented human C4-621, presumably the player, has awakened. The trailer is a non-stop action fest after that, as we see mecha boosting around levels fighting each other with powerful gunfire, rockets, and other weaponry from the ground and air. It certainly looks nothing like Elden Ring, but that makes us all the more excited.
A press release following the trailer also revealed more information about the game's story. It takes place on a planet called Rubicon 3, where an energy source called Coral was discovered but ultimately caused a planet-wide catastrophe. Armored Core VI takes place almost fifty years after that and follows a mercenary in the middle of corporations and resistance groups fighting over what remains of Coral.
Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on August 25.

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Elden Ring’s first DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, is in development

How to change your character and armor appearance in Elden Ring | Digital Trends (5)

Yes, Elden Ringis finally getting DLC. After over a year of speculation since the critically acclaimed game's launch, Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is confirmed to be in development.
FromSoftware broke the news via its social media accounts for the game, simply affirming that Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree "is currently in development." No additional release window or story details were shared, but its Japanese website confirms the expansion will come to all of the same platforms as the base game, and the tweet does include one piece of concept art. In it, we see a darkened Erdtree in the distance as a mysterious girl on a horse rides toward it and some ruins. We don't know what any of this means just yet, but the key art appears to tease a darker tone and new character and reaffirm that Shadow of the Erdtree will take place in a massive open world.
Elden Ring was released on February 25, 2022, and it was met with critical acclaim and lots of Game of the Year awards (including Digital Trends' own) because of how FromSoftware adapted its classics Souls series formula into a game with a massive open world that rivaled The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As many previous FromSoftware games got DLC, fans were hoping that Elden Ring would get the same treatment.
Before now, we've mostly gotten small patches, with a Colosseum-adding update in December being the most notable. Although Shadow of the Erdtree doesn't have a release date, it's a relief for Elden Ring fans to now have some brand-new content to look forward to.
Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Shadow of the Erdtree does not have a release window yet.

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