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One of the three regions that together make up the expansive region of Liurnia of the Lakes in Elden Ring, East Liurnia is one of those areas. On this page, you will find an overview of the region, which details the primary dungeons, bosses, loot, and secrets that can be discovered in this area.

East Liurnia is the first of the areas that you are likely to encounter when travelling to this region from Limgrave. You can access this area by leaving Stormveil Castle through the back exit after you have defeated Godrick the Grafted, or you can avoid the castle entirely by following the cliff that is adjacent to the ruined bridge that is located to the northeast of the castle. It may be called East Liurnia, but in reality, the region encompasses a significant portion of the southern, eastern, and even a bit of the northern part of the Liurnia region. This is because it includes the primary eastern highway that heads north towards the Academy Town, the southern lakefront and swamp, and the northern passage known as Bellum Highway that leads to the Grand Lift of Dectus that will take you to the Altus Plateau. Although it is called East Liurnia (if you have the Dectus Medallion).

Since the Academy of Raya Lucaria is found in North Liurnia, East Liurnia does not have a Legacy Dungeon of its own. This is because East Liurnia is considered a sub-region. On the other hand, there are a large number of side quests, roaming bosses, and smaller dungeons to explore.

It is necessary for you to acquire three Map Fragments from the Steles that are situated in East Liurnia, North Liurnia, and West Liurnia in order to uncover the specifics and topography of the entire Liurnia region.

You can find the East Liurnia Map Fragment not too far north of the Liurnia Lakeshore Site of Grace. It is located in an area that is surrounded by wraiths that will try to ambush you from the ruins and trees that flank the main road that travels through the flooded zone.

East Liurnia Field Bosses and Invasions

Even though there isn’t a Legacy Dungeon in the East Liurnia region, there are a few World Bosses that can be found there, so keep an eye out for them.

Boss NameReward
Tibia MarinerDeathroot, Skeletal Bandit Ashes
Adan, Thief of Fire (Malefactor’s Evergaol)Flame of the Fell God Spell
Erdtree AvatarMagic-Shrouding Cracked Tear, Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear, Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear
Festering Finger Vyke(Invasion)Fingerprint Grape, Vyke’s War Spear
Night’s Cavalry (Night Time Only)Ash of War – Ice Spear
Bell Bearing Hunter (Night Time Only)Meat Peddlers Bell Bearing

East Liurnia Minor Dungeons

You can look up the locations of all of the minor dungeons that are spread across East Liurnia, as well as the names of the respective dungeon bosses and the unique reward that you receive for completing each one, right here. To read the walkthrough for navigating the dungeon and discovering all of its secrets, select a dungeon from the list below and click on it.

Dungeon NameDungeon BossMajor Rewards
Stillwater CaveCleanrot KnightSage Outfit, Winged Sword Insignia
Lakeside Crystal CaveBloodhound KnightArteria Leaf, Spear Talisman, Cerulean Amber Medallion
Cliffbottom CatacombsErdtree Burial WatchdogScythe, Rune Arc, Nox Mirrorhelm, Prattling Pate (Wonderful), Page Ashes, Kaiden Sellsword Ashes
Raya Lucaria Crystal TunnelCrystalianCrystal Knife, Shatter Earth Spell, Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing 1
Black Knife CatacombsCemetery Shade,
Black Knife Assassin
Rosus’ Axe, Spellproof Dried Liver, Rune Arc, Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes, Assassin’s Cerulean Knife, Black Knifeprint
Ruin-Strewn PrecipiceMamga Wrym MakarSmithing Stone 4s, Somber Smithing Stone 4s, Lost Ashes of War, Serpent God’s Curved Sword, Magma Wrym’s Scalesword, Dragon Heart, Access to Altus Plateau

East Liurnia Merchants and NPCs

As you travel throughout the land of Liurnia, you’ll run into a number of people who are friendly, or at least appear to be friendly, and you’ll have the opportunity to talk to them, as well as buy and sell with them to obtain one-of-a-kind items.

You’ll find a timid sorcerer named Thops looking for sanctuary at the Church of Irith, which is located close to the region’s primary entrance. He had the misfortune of being away from the Academy of Raya Lucaria when they closed their gates, but he will sell you a few basic sorceries in exchange for some Runes if you give them to him. He may also know how to get back in. You have the option of accepting his challenge to locate a second Academy Key and bring it to him.

Thops’ Sorceries
Glinstones Pebble (1,000 Runes)Glintstone Arc (1,500 Runes)Starlight (2,500 Runes)

At the Lake-facing Cliffs, you might run into a blind girl named Hyetta who has the ambition of one day becoming a Finger Maiden. Hyetta aspires to be a Finger Maiden. Irina’s questline in the Weeping Peninsula must be finished before you can see her, which is an interesting twist (and bears a striking resemblance). She is going to need some assistance in the form of Shabiri Grapes in order to walk in the light of grace. Should you choose to assist her, you will be required to collect a number of grapes so that you can assist her as she travels from the cliffs to the Purified Ruins, then to the Gate Town Bridge, and finally to the Bellum Church.

If you helped Boc the Demi-Human in Limgrave by getting him his Sewing Needle, you’ll find him at the Lake-facing Cliffs. He will offer his services as a seamster to alter some of your armour for free if you helped him get it back in Limgrave. After eventually teleporting across the bridge, he will go to the site of grace at the East Raya Lucaria Gate, which is located to the north of the Academy, and ask for a needle so that he can alter the clothing worn by demi-gods.

You can find the Nomadic Merchant (Lakeshore) resting by the Liurnia Lakeshore. He is one of two merchants that can be found in the East Liurnia region. The Nomadic Merchant (Lakeshore) offers a few notable wares, such as a Lantern, which can help you free your hands while you explore the dark caves in this region.

Nomadic Merchant’s Wares
Lantern (1,800 Runes)Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 11 (1,500 Runes)Estoc (3,000 Runes)Astrologer’s Staff (800 Runes)Arrow (20 Runes)
Bolt (40 Runes)Kite Shield (1,000 Runes)Astrologer Hood (1,000 Runes)Astrologer Robe (1,500 Runes)Astrologer Gloves (1,000 Runes)
Astrologer Trousers (1,000 Runes)

The Albinauric Latenna – Latenna the White At the first meeting, Latenna will refuse to cooperate with you, citing some strange people who came to get the location of a certain medallion from her. This meeting takes place in the Slumbering Wolf’s Shack, an area that can only be reached by clearing the Lakeside Crystal Cave. You won’t be able to communicate with Latenna until you find another Albinauric named Albus in the Village of the Albinaurics to the west and acquire one half of the secret medallion. Eventually, she will offer herself to you as a summonable Spirit if you are successful.

Jar-Bairn is a small town that can be found along the eastern cliffs of Liurnia, just south of the Carian Study Hall. Jarburg is another name for this town. A small living jar that is sitting on some steps in front of a house will talk to you about their dream of adventure. This living jar also has an associated quest that will advance much later in the game. All of the Living Jars that you will encounter in this area will not attack you.

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Along the eastern highway in Liurnia you can find the Church of Vows, where a giant turtle with a hat will dispense friendly advice and safeguard the church. Here, you can offer up Celestial Dew to get absolution, which will make any NPC you may have accidentally angered and turned hostile back to a friendly status. Miriel, Pastor of Vows – Along the eastern highway in Liurnia you can find the Miriel, Pastor of Vows. In addition to this, Miriel is able to instruct a select few spells, and you can provide them with any books or scrolls that you come across that contain either sorceries or incantations.

Miriel’s Sorceries and Incantations
Magic Glintblade (3,000 Runes)Carian Greatsword (10,000 Runes)Blessing’s Boon (4,000 Runes)

Another merchant located in East Liurnia, the Nomadic Merchant can be found on a lower path under the Bellum Church at the very north end of the area on the way to the Grand Lift. He offers his wares to those who are brave enough to travel all the way to this location.

Nomadic Merchant’s Wares
Rune Arc x3 (4,000 Runes)Immunizing White Cured Meat x3 (2,000 Runes)Invigorating White Cured Meat x3 (2,000 Runes)Clarifying White Cured Meat x3 (2,000 Runes)Bewitching Branch x5 (1,600 Runes)
Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 13 (2,000 Runes)Composite Bow (3,500 Runes)Arrow (20 Runes)Bolt (40 Runes)Rift Shield (1,800 Runes)
Blue Crest Heater Shield (1,500 Runes)

East Liurnia Points of Interest

You can find many interesting locations, enemy camps, and other points of interest in East Liurnia while travelling around the region. These are all things that you can learn about during your travels. Each location has something that is interesting enough to warrant exploration, despite the variety of foes and treasures that can be found there.

If you click on a location of interest, you will be taken to a section further down the page that provides a more in-depth explanation of that location, including the foes you will face and the secrets you can find.

Point of InterestEnemiesNotable Loot or NPCs
Church of IrithSkeletonsSorcerer Thops,
Sacred Tear, Academy Scroll
Liurnia Highway SouthTroll, Marionette Soldiers, Foot Soldiers, Raya Lucarian SoldiersTreespear, Golden Rune 6 x2 (shoot balloons)
Liurnia Lakeshore CampRaya Lucarian Soldiers, Foot SoldiersNomadic Merchant
Glnitstone Craftsman’s Cookbook 1
Western Fire Monk CampFire Monks, Fire AcolytesFire Monk’s Prayerbook, Dappled Cured Meat
Laskyar RuinsWraith Summoners, Centipede WraithGlintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook 2, Ritual Pot, Smithing Stone 3, Wraith Calling Bell, Sending Gate to Raya Lucaria
Purified RuinsRaya Lucarian Soldiers, Foot Soldiers, Attack DogsHyetta (second stop)
Cuckoo Glintstone x4, Two Fingers Heirloom, Shabiri Grape, Golden Rune 3, Sending Gate to Raya Lucaria
Liurnia Highway NorthRaya Lucarian Soldiers, Foot Soldiers, Noble Undead, Troll WarriorLucerne, Golden Rune 3, Golden Rune 6, Crystal Dart x5, Somber Smithing Stone 2 x2 (Teardrop Scarab)
Highway Lookout TowerNoble Undead, Noble Sorcerer, Raya Lucarian SorcererCarian Glintblade Staff, Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook 3, Golden Rune 4
JarburgLiving Jars, Giant Living JarsJar-Bairn
Smithing Stone 3, Cracked Pot x3, Ritual Pot x2
Artist’s ShackLeyndell KnightResurrection Painting, Dragon Cult Prayerbook, Smithing Stone 4
Eastern TablelandFire Acolytes, Fire Monks, Fire Slugs, Damaged GolemFlame, Cleanse Me Spell, Fire Spur Me Emote, Briars of Sin Spell, Smouldering Butterfly x8, Stonesword Key, Ainsel River Well Access
Carian Study HallCarian Hands, Noble Undead, Noble Sorcerers, Preceptor MiriamGolden Rune 3, Golden Rune 4, Magic Downpour Spell, Cerulean Seed Talisman
Church of VowsBell Bearing Hunter (Night time invasion)Miriel, Pastor of Vows
Meat Peddlers Bell Bearing, Gold Sewing Needle, Golden Tailoring Tools, Stormhawk Feather x5
Uld Palace RuinsAncestorsSpiralhorn Shield
Bellum ChurchRaya Lucarian Knights, Foot SoldiersNomadic Merchant, Hyetta (fourth stop)
Frenzied Flame Village and TowerFrenzied Commoners, Frenzied Rats, Giant Frenzy Rats, Frenzied Raya Lucarian Soldiers, Festering Finger VykeHowl of Shabiri Spell, Eye of Yelough, Frenzied Cookbook 1, Shabiri’s Woe, Frenzied Burst Spell (Teardrop Scarab), Fingerprint Grape, Vyke’s War Spear, Finger Maiden Attire, Sacred Tear
Converted Fringe TowerCarian Troll Warrior, Graven MageAsh of War – Giant Hunt, Gavel of Haima Spell, Cannon of Haima Spell
Grand Lift of DectusFoot Soldiers, Flame Chariot, Raya Lucarian Soldiers, Raya Lucarian KnightsGiant Mace, Rune Arc, Somber Smithing Stone 3 (Scarab), Dragonwound Grease

Church of Irith

From the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace, you should immediately come across this church as the first location you come across. You can get better prepared for Liurna by using the Sacred Tear that is located here. You can also find the non-player character Thops, who is a student at the Raya Lucaria Academy.

It will only cost you 10 Runes to unlock him as a merchant, and he will only sell a few low-level sorceries. Check out our guide to the Thops Questline for more information.

Liurnia Highway South

You will quickly arrive at the Liurnia Highway South Site of Grace if you leave the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace and head in the direction of the east. Proceed to the south of the main road here and open the abandoned caravan chest to retrieve the Treespear.

Liurnia Lakeshore Camp

Following the main path that leads from Church Irith, you will quickly come across a camp that is not very large and is occupied by Raya Lucarian Soldiers. There isn’t much to say about this location, other than the fact that the Noble here, when killed, will drop the Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook 1. You will be able to create Cuckoo Glintstones with the help of this cookbook.

Western Fire Monk Camp

Situated on a southern landmass of East Liurnia, this small enemy outpost contains enemies imbued with fire incantations. The Fire Monks and Fire Acolytes that roam the surrounding area can be avoided if you approach the camp from the lakes, but there are still a couple of Fire Monks and one Fire Acolyte guarding the inside.

There is a Fire Monk’s Prayerbook you can loot from a white corpse and a Fire Spur Me Gesture near the centre of the camp.

Laskyar Ruins

When you first enter the shallow waters of the Liurnia Lakes, you should find these ruins to be the first point of interest you come across. If you go in the direction indicated by the Site of Grace at the Liurnia Lake Shore, you will eventually come across the Site of Grace at the Laskyar Ruins.

As you approach the gazebo in the centre of these ruins, several Wraith Summoners and a Centipede Wraith will emerge from the ground below you. Be wary of the latter; even if you successfully block their quick attacks, you may find that your stamina is depleted anyway. Eliminate them so that you can safely loot the areas around you.

In the northern section of the ruins, you will find a dead body that contains a Ritual Pot that you can loot. You’ll find a set of stairs that lead down into an underground cellar if you go in that direction, slightly to the east of that. Unlock the door to the room, then search the chest to find the Wraith Calling Bell and take it with you.

You need to return to the gazebo in order to loot the Smithing Stone 3 that is located nearby. The Waygate that can be found inside will whisk you away to the Raya Lucaria Academy’s main lobby in an instant.

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Purified Ruins

Other ruins can be found on the eastern landmass of Liurnia, which can be found directly to the east of the Laskyar Ruins. The upper portion of the ruins, which is now used as a small outpost for Raya Lucarian Soldiers, has access to an underground room, which is located beneath the ruins.

Fighting these foes in such a confined space can leave you open to attacks from all directions, which is especially dangerous when you factor in the presence of a few guard dogs. The foes here do not pose a significant threat.

After you have eliminated all of them, proceed downward and retrieve the Shabriri’s Grape and the Two Fingers Heirloom from the chest that has been opened. The former is required in order to proceed with the Hyetta Questline.

Liurnia Highway North

Along this stretch of highway, Raya Lucarian Soldiers and Noble Undead are engaged in a never-ending battle. Take advantage of their fight to get your hands on the loot that is scattered around the area. It is imperative that you make your way to the right, close to a tent with wooden carts, and search for a dead body that is holding the Lucerne halberd.

As you approach the conflict’s centre, a Troll Warrior will materialise there to oppose you. You will have to deal with a smaller number of foes if you do not engage any enemies because the Royal Lucarian Soldiers will eliminate all of the Noble Undead if you do not.

Highway Lookout Tower

The Highway Lookout Tower can be reached by ascending and taking a left turn when you are facing the battlefield. As soon as you get close to the tower, a large number of Noble Undead will begin to spawn; these undead can be either melee or ranged attackers. If you choose to fight the undead below the tower, a Raya Lucarian Sorcerer will be waiting for you at the top of the tower and will shoot sorceries at you. It is recommended that you run past the enemies initially, eliminate the sorcerer above, and then clear the rest of the area afterward.


Jarbug is a fitting name for this remote community because it is home to the Living Jars. You can get to the Jarburg, which is situated below the bridge that leads from the Carian Study Hall to the Divine Tower of Liurnia, by descending the several protruding tombstones that are located on the side of the cliff to the south of the study hall.

Jarburg is a great place to gather Cracked Pots and Ritual Pots, in addition to the wide variety of plants and flowers that can be used in crafting. After you have finished the festival in Caelid’s Redmane Castle, Iron Fist Alexander will be waiting for you on the hilltop overlooking the village. For additional information, have a look at our Alexander, the Iron Fist Questline guide.

Artist’s Shack

The Artist’s Shack of Liurnia can be found at the very top of the hill that is located to the north of the Carian Study Hall and immediately after the Tibia Mariner field boss. The name “Resurrection” is given to the painting that is traditionally associated with this area. If you’re looking for more specific information, have a look at our guide to painting locations and solutions.

After being killed, the Knight you come across just before the shack will drop the Dragon Cult Prayerbook on the ground.

Eastern Tableland Camp

This outpost, which is almost exactly the same as the Western Fire Monk Camp, is occupied by Fire Monks, Fire Acolytes, and in addition, there are a few Fire Slugs located near the precipice of the camp. You can find a wealth of items pertaining to fire in this area, including an incantation titled “Fire, Cleanse Me,” which can be looted from one of the dead bodies located within the camp.

Make sure to visit the nearby Site of Grace, because if you go back down the hill and head left, you’ll quickly come across the entrance to the Ainsel River, which is guarded by a damaged Golem.

Carian Study Hall

If you leave the Ainsel River Well and travel in the opposite direction, you will soon come across a tower that contains a Site of Grace within it. You will have immediate access to the Carian Study Hall; however, the rest of this location, including its passageway to the Divine Tower of Liurnia, will remain inaccessible to you until you have obtained the Carian Inverted Statue.

You will need to finish the Ranni the Witch Questline up to a certain point in order to accomplish this goal. To find out more, have a look at our comprehensive guide to the questline.

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After you have finished doing that, the entire classroom will appear to be in the wrong direction. Run around the Magic Hands that are located in the lift room; you must do this in order to avoid being trapped in the congested space. When you enter the main area of the room, you will almost immediately see Preceptor Miriam appear.

Be wary of her long-range magic, particularly when she uses Loretta’s Greatbow. She may be able to deal two hits with this spell to you depending on your level.
Due to the fact that she will teleport higher up the tower as you get closer to fighting her before acquiring the Carian Inverted Statue, it can be difficult for melee builds to do so. Now that the tower is turned on its side, she will stand on the middle platform, giving you the opportunity to engage in combat with her from a closer range.
Be wary of the summons that she sends out from the four corners of the arena, as she is extremely vulnerable to bleeding damage. They have the ability to protect her from you, giving her the ability to cast her spells from a distance.
If you decide to engage in combat with her before making use of the Carian Inverted Statue, you can coerce her into coming down by taking the elevator located at the entrance to the Site of Grace and riding it up. While she is attempting to attack you, she will trip and fall down the hole.

Church of Vows

The Church of Vows, which is one of the most important points of interest in Elden Ring, gives you the ability to bring back to life dead NPCs that you have previously eliminated. When you first enter the church for the first time, you will be greeted by Miriel, the Pastor of Vows, a giant tortoise who acts as the steward of the sacred chamber.

Miriel is an NPC that can be used for sorcery and incantation, and she has the ability to take any of the numerous Prayerbooks that you acquire along your travels. Miriel will also educate you on a great deal of lore that is connected to the Lands Between in addition to this.

You can “atone” for your sins by speaking to the statue of Lady Rennala that is located at the northernmost end of the church. This will bring back to life any NPCs that you have killed and cause them to withdraw their hostility. However, in order to accomplish this, you will require the Celestial Dew. When you need to access this location, you should make sure to press the Site of Grace button that is located at the front of the church.

Uld Palace Ruins

The ruins of the Uld Palace can be found within the larger Mausoleum Compound, which can be found to the west of the Minor Erdtree in Liurnia. The region in which the Wandering Mausoleums roam is watched over by a number of Ancestors, particularly in the areas near the shallow water. When you leave the Ruined Labyrinth Site of Grace and head left, make sure to stop at the top of the small hill to retrieve the Spiralhorn Shield that is lying on top of a dead body there.

Be careful not to fall off that cliff, because there is a group of Ancestors hiding around the next corner, waiting to ambush you. After passing the first mausoleum, turn to the north to reach the Mausoleum Compound Site of Grace, which is located between the two statues. If you follow the sound of the bell, you should arrive at the second Wandering Mausoleum in short order.

Bellum Church

The Site of Grace here should point in the direction of Bellum Church if you have previously visited the East Raya Lucaria Gate. Although the Bellum Church Site of Grace’s only purpose is to direct you to the Dectus Grand Lift, it is also the path that leads to the most northeastern part of the Liurnia Lakes.

Follow the stairs to the bottom, and you’ll find a Nomadic Merchant waiting for you under a massive stone structure. If you do not have the Dectus Medallion in its finished form, you can still access the Altus Plateau through the Ravine-Veiled Village by following this path. The Ravine-Veiled Village serves as an alternative entrance.

Frenzied Flame Village and Tower

Turn right just before the entrance to the Dectus Grand Lift if you are travelling in the direction of the Bellum Church Site of Grace. This turn should be made after you have passed the encampment of the Raya Lucarian Soldiers. As you ascend the mountain pass, you should notice that your madness metre begins to rise sooner rather than later. This is because there are crazed commoners located above the tower.

It is important to pay attention to the metre and do your best to eliminate the Frenzied Rats as quickly as possible; otherwise, you will not only sustain significant damage but also be rendered immobile by the Madness effect for a short period of time. Your level of insanity shouldn’t increase if you make it to the top of the tower and wipe out the last few foes there.

After you have finished with the Frenzy-Flaming Tower, proceed to the south in the direction of the stone-walled village. If you want to avoid being cornered, you should try to take out the enemies inside one group at a time because they have all been driven insane by the Madness. Be sure to scavenge the Shabriri’s Woes Talisman from a dead body at the outskirts of the village, as well as the Frenzied’s Cookbook 1 from the interior of one of the houses.

Converted Fringe Tower

The Converted Fringe Tower can be found in the most north-eastern part of Liurnia, directly above the entrance to the Black Knife Catacombs. From the Frenzied Flame Village Outskirts Site of Grace, the most direct path to this location is to head in an easterly direction. You’ll find a Troll Knight standing in the middle of a field close to where you can access the tower; defeating him will allow you to obtain the Ash of War: Giant Hunt.

Proceed inside and read the message that says, “May erudition light the way!” which is located in front of the statue. This message provides a clue to the answer to the riddle that must be solved in order to reach the top of the tower. To dismantle the magical barrier, you will need to execute the Erudition Gesture while donning any of the Glinstone Crown headpieces, such as the Karolos Glinstone Crown, the Twinsage Glinstone Crown, or any other of the available options.

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You can obtain the gesture by delivering the second Academy Glinstone Key to Thops at the Church of Irith and receiving it as a reward from him in exchange for it. Find out where the key is hidden by consulting our in-depth guide to the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

Once you enter the tower, your way will be blocked by a massive orb inhabited by Graven Mages. These creatures will launch magical assaults against you. You can get rid of the giant angry ball by strafing around them or attacking them while you are strafing. Once you have done that, take the lift up to find a chest that contains two spells: the Gavel of Haima Sorcery and the Cannon of Haima Sorcery.

Grand Lift of Dectus

The Grand Lift of Dectus can be found at the end of the Bellum Highway in the far northeast corner of the map. However, in order to reach it, you will first need to clear out a large blockade of Raya Lucaria Soldiers, which is accompanied by three catapults and a large number of barricades. It is not always easy to run directly into the camp; therefore, you might want to try running along a high path that runs along the right and jumping down to the two catapults that are on the right.

Down here you’ll be able to summon a spirit to help – which may be useful before long, as a Raya Lucarian Knight on horseback guards the two catapult operators. Just beyond the catapults, on the east side, there are additional tents guarded by Foot Soldiers and a few Raya Lucarian Soldiers. Within one of the tents is a chest that contains a Great Mace. While you’re here, you can also check behind the tent to find a Cerulean Teardrop Scarab.

As you make your way into the blockade’s central road, you should be wary of a Flame Chariot that is being protected by another Raya Lucarian Knight. Have your Spirit Summon run interfernce and try to attack the Flame Chariot operator from behind as it rolls around, and use Torrent to race circles around it when possible.

The final catapult can be found on the most westerly side of the blockade, where there is also a Foot Soldier sentry who can sound the alarm to alert the others, including the lone remaining Raya Lucarian Knight who is not mounted on a horse. If you look around, you should be able to find a dead body that has three cuckoo glintstones on it, and if you check the ledge that’s below the cliff that’s nearby, you should be able to find a red teardrop scarab hiding on the wall of the ledge. You’ll find a body nearby with a Rune Arc that you can take, as well as a series of enormous tombstones on the cliff just to the south of here that will allow you to descend.

You can find Dragonwound Grease on the steps leading up to the Grand Lift, but you won’t be able to use the lift unless you have the Dectus Medallion first. The Grand Lift is located to the north of where you are now. You will need to find its two fragments hidden away in forts in both East Limgrave and Dragonbarrow in Northern Caelid in order to obtain it; the precise locations of these fragments can be found in this guide.

Be sure to check the small woods to the left of the lift before you leave. There, you should be able to find Scarab, which you can then pursue to obtain a Somber Smithing Stone 3.

As you make your way through this area, you might come across a few scarabs dashing off in different directions. Some of them will refill your flask of tears, while others can reward you with unique items, including the following:

Liurnia Highway North Scarab

  • Reward: Somber Smithing Stone 2 (x2)

This scarab can be difficult to find because it is hiding just beyond the Liurnia Highway North pass that is full of soldiers fighting. The scarab is hiding off to the right behind some rocks near the cliff walls. The pass is just past the pass that is full of soldiers.

Carian Study Hall Scarab

  • Reward: Somber Smithing Stone 2

The Carian Study Hall is located on the eastern outskirts of Liurnia, and it was constructed at the base of the Divine Tower of Liurnia. You can see a scarab just outside the entrance if you come from the lower path that goes to the north and approach the entrance from there.

Liurnia Ravine Scarab

  • Reward: Ash of War – Barbaric Roar

A long ravine can be found on the most northern part of the now-flooded lake. This ravine leads under Bellum Highway and up to the ruin-strewn precipice. You can find a scarab that is hiding in the back, but it is surrounded by vampire bats because it is so close to the end where the large falls area is.

Grand Lift of Dectus Scarab

  • Reward: Somber Smithing Stone 3

The Bellum Highway is located in the extreme northeast, on the other side of the bridge from Raya Lucaria. This highway leads to a grant lift that takes travellers up to Altus Plateau. You can find a small wooden area with a scarab and a large number of vampire bats if you look to the left of the stairway leading to the lift and then jump down to the lower level.

Frenzied Village Scarab

  • Reward: Frenzied Burst Spell

Over to the east of the Grand Lift of Dectus is a frenzied village that is guarded by a tower that inflicts madness. You will need to sprint to it between bursts and defeat the enemy at the top of the tower. After that, you will need to explore through the walled village and exit out the north side of the structure. A scarab can be found on one of the lower hills that are located at the top of the village; however, it is guarded by a large number of frantic creatures.

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How do you get to the secret area in Liurnia? ›

Located in Liurnia of the Lakes, this cool secret area can only be unlocked after obtaining the Carian Inverted Statue from Ranni.

Is East Limgrave optional? ›

Elden Ring's dungeons are optional areas — usually caves or tunnels — for you to explore. They usually have a valuable reward or valuable crafting materials inside. If you're looking for the Weeping Peninsula, which kind of seems like it's part of Limgrave, we've got a guide for just Weeping Peninsula dungeons here.

What is the first thing to do in Liurnia? ›

Church of Irith

This church should be the first location you run into from the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. There is a Sacred Tear here to prepare you for Liurna better. You can also find the NPC Thops, a student at the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

What level is east Liurnia? ›

Best Route & Boss Order In Elden Ring
AreaRecommended Weapon & Character Level
Raya Lucaria AcademyThe recommended level for this area is between 50 to 60. The recommended weapon level is +4 to +5.
Liurnia of the Lakes EastThe recommended level for this area is between 50 to 60. The recommended weapon level is +4 to +5.
23 more rows
Oct 14, 2022

What hidden path do you hit 50 times in Elden Ring? ›

Apparently there's at least one hidden path in the game that doesn't play by the rules – a secret which one player discovered by hitting a wall 50 times in a row. The wall in question is hidden in Volcano Manor.

Is there a secret passage in Liurnia of the Lakes? ›

There is a well-hidden passage through a cliffside that will take you from Limgrave to the game's next major Liurnia of the Lakes, allowing you to bypass Margit and continue leveling up, finding new gear, and otherwise becoming more prepared for fighting him and tackling Stormveil Castle.

Who is the easiest boss in Limgrave? ›

1) Margit, The Fell Omen

Margit is one of the first major bosses in Elden Ring, provided players are following the core narrative of the same. Margit might look menacing, but he is very easy. The first thing that players need to do is obtain their summons from Ranni, the Witch in Limgrave.

What level should I be to finish Limgrave? ›

Area Level Recommendation
AreaLevelUpgrade (Somber)
Limgrave West1 to 15+0-1 (+0)
Limgrave East10 to 15+2 ( +1)
Stormhill10 to 15+1-2 (+0-1)
Stormveil Castle30 to 40+3-4 (+1-2)
May 17, 2022

Is there a boss in Liurnia? ›

In Liurnia of the Lakes, there are a total of three Crystalians fought over two boss encounters. One such encounter can be found inside Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel just northwest of the Church of Vows.

What is the notable loot in Liurnia of the Lakes? ›

Notable Loot in Liurnia Lakes

Golden Seeds - Academy Gate Town, Raya Lucaria Academy. Sacred Tears - Church of Irith, Bellum Church, Church of Inhibition. Memory Stones - Converted Tower, Tetsu's Rise, Red Wolf of Radagon. Crystal Tears - South-West Minor Erdtree, North-East Minor Erdtree.

Should you go to Caelid before Liurnia? ›

Although, Alexander's quest goes from Limgrave to CAELID then Liurnia. But level wise, you're really supposed to go to Liurnia first, Caelid is tough. There's also a couple of extra dialogue / events you can get for Radahn concerning Ranni's quest which you get in Liurnia.

What level should be to fight Godrick? ›

Godrick the Grafted: Overview
NameRecommended LevelRunes
Godrick the Grafted3015,000 Runes
1 more row
Mar 18, 2022

What level should you be to fight Radahn? ›

Elden Ring Radahn boss battle

You should be at least level 70 before fighting Radahn, ideally with a powerful weapon suited to your chosen build, such as the Moonveil Katana, or strong spells with good range, including Comet.

What is the max level in Elden Ring? ›

To level up in Elden Ring, you must spend runes to purchase stat points. Each of the eight stats caps at 99, so the absolute maximum level in Elden Ring is 713.

Did the 50 hit wall get patched? ›

This wall in Volcano Manor didn't appear to go anywhere exciting though, causing players to speculate if it was just an odd glitch, something FromSoftware has now effectively confirmed after the latest 1.04 patch turned it into a regular wall with no illusionary properties.

Did they patch the 50 hit wall in Elden Ring? ›

Pour one out for the hundreds of Tarnished who threw hands with a wall. It turns out that Elden Ring's illusory wall that takes 50 hits to break was a bug all along, not an intended feature. Even by FromSoftware standards, that's a little much, and it looks like the studio agrees.

Are there hidden paths you have to hit multiple times in Elden Ring? ›

FromSoftware's latest souls-like title, Elden Ring has a secret wall that only opens after striking it 50 times. A Reddit user named “teristam” was able to discover it after following a message left by another player in-game.

What should I not miss in Liurnia of the Lakes? ›

In one of the most beautiful areas of Elden Ring, Liurnia Of The Lakes has many locations worth checking out.
Elden Ring: 14 Best Locations In Liurnia Of The Lakes
  • 7 Four Belfries.
  • 8 Divine Tower Of Liurnia. ...
  • 9 Academy Gate Town. ...
  • 10 Caria Manor. ...
  • 11 Church Of Vows. ...
  • 12 Frenzied Flame Village. ...
  • 13 Lakeside Crystal Cave. ...
  • 14 Jarburg. ...
Jun 6, 2022

What does Varre give you? ›

Once you have collected Maiden's Blood using one of these methods, return to Varre at the Rose Church. During the conversation, you'll be asked to offer your finger. Doing so gives you the Bloody Finger item. Speak to him again and you'll receive a Pureblood Knight's Medal.

Can you get to Liurnia without beating godrick? ›

Eventually, you will reach an area beyond Stormveil Castle called “Liurnia of the Lakes.” This is the next region of Elden Ring and was previously only accessible if you beat Margit and Godrick. Now that you've skipped those bosses, though, you can explore everything the magical land has to offer.

Is Radahn the easiest boss? ›

3 Starscourge Radahn

Instantly becoming one of the most effortless encounters in the game. He can still pose a threat if you meet him early enough, but that's almost every boss in this game, which is why we can confidently say that he's amongst the easiest bosses in Elden Ring.

Is Tree Sentinel the easiest boss? ›

The Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring is the game's first boss, but not an easy one - or the first one you should actually fight. Jump to: Elden Ring Tree Sentinel boss fight guide.

Do you fight miquella? ›

Since players never fight Miquella, it makes sense why his Great Rune is never used, but it seems as though there was once a version of the game in which Miquella had a greater presence. Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

What is the 2nd hardest boss in Elden Ring? ›

2. Beast Clergyman/Maliketh The Black Blade. The Beast Clergyman part of this boss fight is tough enough to be worthy of a lower spot on this list, but it's insulting to call the fight against Maliketh anything less than one of the hardest fights in Elden Ring.

What level should I be to fight Melina Elden Ring? ›

This isn't a fight you should go into without the right items, armor, or build. We don't recommend facing her until you're at least level 120. Ideally, you'll want to be closer to level 150. In addition, your weapons and equipment should all be upgraded to max level before you fight her.

What level should you be before going to Caelid? ›

Players are free to enter Caelid at whatever level they choose. However, the recommended levels are around 60-70. This ensures that the content will be challenging and limit the frustration of repeatedly dying. Players should also have decent weapons with several upgrades and good protective armor.

Is malenia an optional boss? ›

This boss is optional, as players do not need to defeat it in order to advance in Elden Ring. Malenia is a difficult end-game boss and players may have difficulty avoiding damage from her Waterfowl Dance move in particular. Her poise is low, however, which players should make use of to interrupt some of her attacks.

Is there a great rune in Liurnia? ›

Great Rune of the Unborn

Rennala is located in Liurnia, at the Raya Lucaria Academy, which is located in the center of the lake. The Great Rune of the Unborn is different from the others, as it cannot be equipped and does not need to be reactivated.

Where should I head after Liurnia? ›

After taking care of Liurnia, players are free to head to Caelid, the area to the east of Limgrave. Fans can reach Caelid by following the path that runs along the north side of Limgrave, or by taking the teleporting chest beneath Limgrave's Dragonburnt Ruins to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

What is the best melee weapon in Liurnia? ›

The best magic melee weapon is Sword of Night and Flame, which can inflict both magic and fire damage. It does however require an equally significant amount of intelligence and faith. You'll find it in Caria Manor in northwest of Liurnia, which is on the way to the start of the Ranni quest.

Where is the best armor in Liurnia? ›

You can find the entire Carian Knight Set in Raya Lucaria Academy in the centre of Liurnia of the Lakes. From the Church of the Cuckoo Site of Grace, proceed through the graveyard until you reach the large gates. Then head immediately right around the edge of the gates, and drop down onto the platform just below.

What is the best Elden Ring weapon in Liurnia? ›

Best Elden Ring Int/Faith weapon: Sword of Night and Flame

The Sword of Night and Flame is located within a stone tower you have to jump onto from the walkways of Caria Manor, which is located in northern Liurnia of the Lakes. The weapon will be in a chest.

Why is Caelid so much harder? ›

The reason why it's seen as being so hard when compared to other areas is partly due to the fact that it's easy to stumble into early in the game. It's just east of the starting area, so players who aren't careful may find themselves facing off against the undead hordes of Caelid much sooner than they should.

Is Rennala an optional boss? ›

Rennala is an optional boss, and doesn't need to be defeated in order to advance in Elden Ring. However, she is a shardbearer, and two of the four available shardbearers must be defeated before entering Leyndell, Royal Capital. In addition, she must be defeated to achieve a certain ending.

What boss should I face after Godrick? ›

In summary, the main bosses in order are: One Great Rune carrier. A second Great Rune carrier (out of the four that follows *): Margit The Fell Omen then Godrick the Grafted (Stormveil Castle)

Who is harder Margit or Godrick? ›

What's worse is that it turns out Margit is significantly tougher than the next major boss you'll fight in Elden Ring: Godrick the Grafted.

What status is Godrick weak to? ›

Godrick's Weaknesses

He is particularly weak to Bleed damage, which is typically best used on fast weapons to build up the hidden Bleed meter much faster. He is also weak to Poison damage, and can be poisoned for consistent damage in this already-lengthy fight.

Is godrick the grafted harder than Margit? ›

However, beating Godrick is actually much easier than Margit, as long as you use all the tools at your disposal.

What race is Radahn? ›

Although he is part of the Caria Royal Family, Radahn did not master Gravity Magic at the Raya Lucaria Academy. Instead, he was taught the ins and outs of this form of magic by an Alabaster Lord, who belongs to an ancient race of beings with skin made out of stone.

Who should I summon for Radahn? ›

Okina is a great summon to take threat away from the player. Due to his aggressive fighting style, coupled with the fast nature of his attacks, he often gets the attention of Radahn, giving the player valuable time to heal or set up power attacks.

Can you cheese Radahn? ›

It turns out you can actually cheese the boss fight with Elden Ring's mighty General Radahn. At least, you can cheese it once you get his health whittled down to 50 percent, which is admittedly still a task in its own right.

When should I stop leveling Elden Ring? ›

It's advisable to stop leveling Mind at 40 points due to diminishing returns. This is unless you really need more for your build, then you can take it to 55 or 60 before the caps start to kick in. From Software A Warrior class surveys Elden Ring's open world.

How many runes does it take to get to level 713? ›

The highest level players can get in Elden Ring is 713, and that means players will need to farm well over 1 billion runes.

How many runes does it take to get to level 100 Elden Ring? ›

Level Rune Cost Calculation in Elden Ring

This would require 1,692,566,842 Runes in total.

How do I get into the Academy of Liurnia? ›

Finding the Glintstone Key to enter the Raya Lucaria Academy:
  1. Head to the small land spots on the lake within Liurnia, west of the Academy.
  2. This area will be made immediately obvious by the massive sleeping dragon that guards the area.
  3. Players do not need to engage the dragon and can bypass the enemy entirely.
Apr 28, 2022

Why is Rennala chest locked? ›

The chest is locked until you progress through Ranni's questline. In order to open the chest beside Rennala in the Grand Library, you must progress through Ranni's questline.

Is Raya Lucaria optional? ›

Keep in mind that although the location contains two bosses; the Red Wolf of Radagon and the Shardbearer Rennala Queen of the Full Moon, it's still considered an optional area. Updated on July 20, 2022, by Nahda Nabiilah: Raya Lucaria Academy is one of the most important Legacy Dungeons in Elden Ring.

Which of the 4 Belfries should I open? ›

Even though all the Four Belfries portals in Elden Ring take players somewhere interesting, if approached for the first time with only one Imbued Sword Key, the Chapel of Anticipation Belfrey portal is the one players should pick.

Can you skip Margit? ›

If you absolutely cannot beat Margit in your current state, you do have the option to skip the fight. To do so, head from the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace and make your way north under the broken bridge overhead.

How many imbued sword keys are there? ›

Once players have access to all three Imbued Sword Keys, they can open every gate available in The Four Belfries.

How do I get another Imbued Sword Key? ›

Where to find Imbued Sword Key in Elden Ring
  1. One is found in a chest at The Four Belfries. ...
  2. It can be looted off a corpse found on the east side of the Raya Lucaria Academy rooftops. [ ...
  3. One is found in Sellia, Town of Sorcery in a small building in the northeast section of town.
May 30, 2022

How do I get to land above Albinaurics? ›

Note that the plateau above the village is only accessible by following Ranni the Witch Questline. Keep going up until you find the village's Site of Grace, located near an abandoned shack by the well with the spectral NPC.


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