15 Meanings When You Dream About Money (2023)

Money-related dreams are common if you’re too deep into finances in your waking life. But in dreams, money isn’t only associated with your financial affairs but also with spiritual advancements and creative energy. The good news is – overall, money a dream is a good one.

But as with any other dream, precise interpretations aren’t possible unless you go into the nitty-gritty details of the dream. Here are 15 money dream scenarios and their meanings.

15 Meanings When You Dream About Money (1)

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  • what does it mean to dream about money
    • 1. Dreaming About Seeing Coins:
    • 2. Dreaming About Seeing Paper Money:
    • 3. Dreaming About Finding Money:
    • 4. Dreaming About Losing Money:
    • 5. Dreaming About Picking Up Money From the Ground:
    • 6. Dreaming About Counting Money:
    • 7. Dreaming About Receiving Money:
    • 8. Dreaming About Lending Someone Your Money:
    • 9. Dreaming About Stealing Money:
    • 10. Dreaming About Eating Money:
    • 11. Dreaming About Shredding Money:
    • 12. Dreaming About Being Rich:
    • 13. Dreaming About Paying For Something:
    • 14. Dreaming About Winning Money:
    • 15. Dreaming About Being Robbed:
  • Summary

what does it mean to dream about money

1. Dreaming About Seeing Coins:

Dreaming about coins often indicates fabulous financial opportunities. You might soon be blessed with opportunities from which you can make a profit. Especially if the dreams are about gold coins, it represents wealth, good luck, and fortune. A lot of wonderful surprises are on your way.

Silver coins in dreams, while representing wealth and good luck, also mean spiritual advancements.

On the other hand, this dream also indicates negative energy between you and your loved ones. Trivial disagreements or conflicts might occur. Nevertheless, remember that these are avoidable if you’re mindful and gentle.

2. Dreaming About Seeing Paper Money:

Paper money in dreams represents great opportunities in your career and finances in your waking life. However, it can also be a warning for you to manage your money more wisely.

Likewise, it can also mean that you’ll get help from someone to figure out problems that have been bothering you for so long. This dream can also mean you’ll allow yourself to have adventures and make good memories in your life. You’re likely to see and experience amazing things soon.

3. Dreaming About Finding Money:

Finding money dreams are fantastic. It represents the power, wealth, and material gain you’re soon going to achieve in your waking life. Finding money in a dream also indicates the possibility of you excelling in your career and professional life.

This dream also signals that you’re likely to realize your self-worth and become more confident in your life. If in the dream you found a lot of money, this also means that you’re probably looking for true connections and love in your waking life.

4. Dreaming About Losing Money:

Dreams, where you lose money aren’t great. This means that great problems in your life worry you, but you feel powerless to solve them. It might be financial instability, and you might be feeling out of control when it comes to managing your finances.

Losing money in dreams can also signal a loss of partnership, friendship, relationship, or something you value in your waking life. However, instead of panicking, you must introspect and think smart before anything bad happens.

5. Dreaming About Picking Up Money From the Ground:

Dreams about picking money one after another signal that things will eventually start to work out for you. Your career might be taking a smooth path, or you might be hitting milestones in your job and relationships.

This dream is also a reminder for you to become more grounded and humble in life. No matter how affluent and successful you become, there’s power in being grateful for your roots. Also, you must be mindful that your words and actions don’t hurt anybody.

6. Dreaming About Counting Money:

Was it a big pile of cash you were counting in your dreams or a small bundle where you were afraid to fall short of money? If the situation was the former one, you’re on your way to becoming rich and successful. You’re likely to encounter excellent opportunities in the near future.

On the other hand, if the pile was small and your feelings were scared and desperate in the dream, this dream probably represents the ongoing financial instability in your life. You’re going through a rough time but remember that happiness comes in waves, and you just have to bear a little and keep pushing harder.

7. Dreaming About Receiving Money:

Receiving money in dreams is a positive omen. It represents power, your self-worth, and inner confidence. If you’re unaware of the person who’s giving you money, it means that the universe will soon give you abundant blessings and opportunities.

Likewise, receiving wealth in terms of gold in the dream means that you’re likely to be successful in whatever you’re planning to achieve in life. And, receiving coins in the dream means that you need to count your blessings and be grateful in life.

8. Dreaming About Lending Someone Your Money:

If you dreamt of yourself lending to someone, it means that you’re concerned for them. You’re their well-wisher and want them to be happy and successful. In fact, you’re even ready to help them and invest your time, energy, and affection into them just to see them excel.

It might be a confused friend seeking advice in making career and life decisions. Or someone in your family who’s going through a lot lately in life. On the other hand, if you’ve lent someone something in real life, this dream can also simply be a reminder that they owe you.

9. Dreaming About Stealing Money:

Dreams, where you steal money, can have a lot of interpretations, and the most important fact that must be considered is how did you feel and what actions you took after stealing the money.

If you felt anxious and started running in the dream, it means that you’re worried about your future, and you may need help to reach your goals. If you felt strong and powerful, this is a sign that you need to step up and take bold actions in your waking life.

Likewise, if you felt that the money you stole belonged to you and you did the right thing, this dream suggests that you’re probably hurt by betrayal from someone close to you. And finally, if you got caught while stealing, you feel guilty for your actions in the past.

10. Dreaming About Eating Money:

Were you too harsh on yourself lately? Or, you might be feeling worthless and powerless. If you saw a dream about eating money, all that negative energy towards yourself is about to change.

This dream indicates that you’re ready to realize your worth and unleash your full potential. Soon, you’ll change your toxic mindset towards yourself and start giving yourself more time, energy, and worth

11. Dreaming About Shredding Money:

Dreams about shredding money often indicate the financial downfall in your waking life. This is the time you start becoming more conscious about your expenditures. Work multiple jobs to pay off your loans and start making smart financial decisions.

On the brighter side, this dream also signals renewal and fertility. So, if you were waiting for the right time to cut off bad habits and redo your life, this is the perfect time for your to start.

12. Dreaming About Being Rich:

First of all, dreams about being rich can simply represent your inner desire to acquire wealth and materialistic needs and wants in your waking life.

Likewise, this dream tells you that you’re a confident person and are incredibly proud of what you’ve achieved to date in your life. You’re aware of your worth and the roles you play in others’ lives.

13. Dreaming About Paying For Something:

Paying your close ones in the dream means that you’re guilty of not showering them with enough love and attention and would do so now if you get the opportunity. If you dream of yourself paying alone, it means that you’re helping out someone in need even though you’re not well off.

Paying bills in the dream probably means you’ve forgotten to pay it in real life. Or, it can also indicate unexpected financial expenditures.

And if you dream of someone else paying your bills or debts, it means that you’re someone who ignores a problem and wait for somebody else to clean your mess. It is time you become more responsible and aware of your actions and finances.

14. Dreaming About Winning Money:

Dreams about winning money generally occur to those who have partaken in a game or a competition and are desperate to win or to those who are optimistic and confident in real life. If you are the latter one, it means that you are a happy-go-lucky person.

This dream also means that success is around the corner and all you have to do is keep a little faith in yourself and your diligence.

15. Dreaming About Being Robbed:

While a dream about being robbed is a nightmare, it doesn’t mean you’ll get robbed in real life. However, the interpretation of this dream is not a positive one. This dream signals that you’re probably facing a financial risk in your real life.

You’re likely to make unhealthy financial choices and professional decisions which might lead you towards failure. So, be mindful of your finances, cut off unnecessary expenses, and think multiple times before you take any financial or work-related actions.


So, what was the scenario of your money dream? Did you lose it, find it, or did you dream of somebody giving it to you?

We hope your dream scenario is listed in the list. Even if it’s not, feel free to share the details down below. We’re all ears!

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15 Meanings When You Dream About Money (2)


What does it mean to dream of having enough money? ›

Broadly speaking, dreaming about receiving money could indicate a strong sense of self-worth. It could reflect that you're in a place where you're feeling confident and ready to receive gifts or recognition—be they monetary or more symbolic (i.e. a new relationship or job opportunity).

What does it mean when you dream about money bills? ›

It could signal that you feel out of control of your finances, according to Her Money, or it could also represent a general worry that things in your life are beyond your control.

What number is paper money in a dream? ›

Paper money1617
85 more rows
Mar 23, 2023

What happens when you dream about spending money? ›

Spending Money In A Dream

The dream of spending money is the desire to spend money for something you want. If you dream about spending money, you may feel frustrated because you cannot afford what you really want. This dream may also mean that you are trying to impress someone else.

What does money represent spiritually? ›

We placed money squarely in the spiritual realm because money represents a token of participation in the economy. We learned that money is both God's way of rewarding us for serving his other children and of motivating us to do so.

What's the number for money? ›

The 4 best numbers for manifesting money are 444, 666, 888 and 808. These numbers hold a powerful message from your angels that abundance is on its way! But, how can you use this message to attract more money?

What does paper money mean? ›

What Is Paper Money? Paper money is a country's official, paper currency that is circulated for the transactions involved in acquiring goods and services. The printing of paper money is typically regulated by a country's central bank or treasury in order to keep the flow of funds in line with monetary policy.

What does a $2 dollar bill mean spiritually? ›

The $2 bill was often thought to be bad luck, as “deuce” was a name for the devil. Recipients would tear off one corner, believing it would negate the bad luck of the bill. This caused many of the bills to be taken out of circulation as mutilated currency.

What does it mean to dream about cash and coins? ›

When you dream about coins, it might just be a sign that you are on a lucky streak, or that you are about to make some good gains. Dreams about coins might also just be about the thrill of staking a claim for all the gain. Symbolically, coins represent trying your luck in life and pursuing the things that you want.

What does it mean when you dream holding a lot of money? ›

As mentioned above, money in a dream is symbolic to self-confidence, self-worth, wealth, power and prosperity. Hence, when you dream about finding money in your dream, it literally translates to the richness you're feeling in terms of your pursuits for wisdom, spirituality, love or abstract knowledge.

What does it mean when you dream about not having enough money? ›

This sort of theme may suggest it is time to reassess your financial health. “If you dream of losing money, it may be a reflection of how you currently feel about your financial situation in daily life. You may be experiencing some financial setbacks right now,” says Bjorklund.

What does it mean if you find money? ›

Found money refers to money that has been rediscovered after being forgotten about or abandoned by the rightful owner. Bank accounts, retirement funds that remained with a previous employer and old bonds are examples of unclaimed funds that become found money after being reunited with their rightful owners.

What does it mean to dream about finding money on the floor? ›

Finding money on the ground in a dream is a sign that your financial situation could improve. If you've been stressed out about whether or not things will work out in your career, good news might be on its way! Keep working hard and stay positive. You might be days away from getting a well-deserved lucky break.


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